Jun 17, 2012

Lost your train ticket ? Duplicate ticket with PNR number

Are you often worried about the loss of train ticket..!

Don’t be panic, you can get a duplicate train ticket on paying some amount of charges(Clerkage charges per passenger-Rs.20) on your ticket. But you can’t get any refund on your ticket.

First thing you need to do is to inform railway reservation office about the loss of ticket to prevent fraudulent refunds on your ticket.

Please look in to the below conditions.
If the lost ticket is a PRS(Passenger Reservation System) counter ticket, visit any nearest computerized reservation counter and contact the Chief Reservation Supervisor(CRS) and inform him that you have lost your ticket. Here you need to show your ID Proof.He will issue a new ticket with PNR Number (duplicate ticket) only if your ticket is confirmed or in RAC.
Anyhow if the lost ticket is an E-ticket booked through IRCTC website, you can take your ticket print as many you want by simply login to the irctc.co.in website. Once you login , go to booked history page and by using PNR number , you can take printout of your ticket.

Charges for issue of duplicate ticket before chart preparation:

if your ticket is confirmed or in RAC
25% of total fare will be deducted as charges in case if your journey is up to 500km.
10% of total fare in case if your journey is more than 500km subject to a minimum of 25% of total fare.
For Rajdhani, Shatabdi Express trains 25% of total fare will be deducted as charges irrespective of distance as they have separate fare structure.

This 10% or 25% of fare collected will be refunded from the counters at destination stations after completion of your journey.

Charges for issue of duplicate ticket after chart preparation:
50% of total fare will be deducted as charges.
No duplicate ticket will be issued in case of lost RAC tickets.
No duplicate ticket is issued against Wait List lost/torn/mutilated tickets.

If your lost train ticket is found, and if you submit this original ticket along with the duplicate before the departure of the train,you will get the amount refunded on your duplicate ticket after deduction of 5% of the charges paid subject to a min. of Rs. 20/-.

If your ticket is torn or destroyed,and it was a Confirmed one or RAC, if you submit it after the preparation of chart ,a duplicate ticket will be issued on collection of 25% of the fare.

If your ticket is torn or destroyed ticket,and it was a Confirmed one or RAC, if you submit it before chart preparation,charges are same as applicable for issue of duplicate ticket in case of the lost/misplaced ticket and duplicate ticket is issued if the reason is genuine and it is verified based on the particulars available on the ticket.

If your ticket is torn or misplaced or destroyed in the train, and if you have paid excess charges in train,then submit an application to the Railway Administration for refund of the charges.After making necessary enquiry, the Chief Commercial Manager of Zonal Railway will provide refund of total charge after discarding the cancellation charge at 50% on a single journey ticket per passenger provided that no one has taken refund earlier on the original ticket.

So, I suggest you e-tickets are the best option these days because even if you have lost the train ticket, no need to worry, you can easily get another copy immediately.




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