Dec 11, 2013

नागपुर की डायमंड क्रॉसिंग रेलवे लाइन

Nagpur Jn (NGP) नागपुर: आपने कई रेलवे टे्रक्स देखी होंगी जो आज हम आपको दिखाने जा रहे हैं वो एक दम अलग है जो शायद ही आपने कभी देखी हो नागपुर मे एक रेलवे टे्रक ऎसा है जो बिल्कुल डायमंड की तरह ही दिखाई देता है।

भारत के केंद्र बिदु के रूप में पहचान रखने वाले महाराष्ट्र के नागपुर शहर में भारतीय रेल का एकमात्र डायमंड क्रॉसिंग है। यह पूर्व, पश्चिम,उत्तर, दक्षिण जाने वाली ट्रेनो को क्रॉस करता है। ये बताया जाता है कि पहले नागपुर में दो डायमंड रेवले क्रॉसिंग थे, लेकिन परिचालन में दिक्कत के चलते पिछले साल एक डायमंड क्रॉसिंग हटा दिया था।

बताया जाता है कि मध्य रेल्वे के जनसम्पर्क अधिकारी का ये कहना है कि परिचालन और टे्रनों के सुगम आवागमन के लिए डायमंड क्रॉसिंग उपयोगी नहीं हैं। इससे कई पेरशानियां भी आती हैं। लेकिन ये देश का एकमात्र और ऎतिहासिक क्रॉसिंग होने कारण समस्याओं के बावजूद रेलवे ने इस क्रॉसिंग को बनाए रखने का निर्णय किया है।

How secure are the Railway Stations – The broad daylight murder of a girl at Secunderabad Railway Station exposes a Lax Security System

Secunderabad (SC): The gruesome broad daylight murder of a seven-year-old girl at the Secunderabad Railway Station on Tuesday has once again brought to light the lax security at the station. While the Integrated Security System project was in place three years ago, except for surveillance cameras and metal detectors, baggage scanners, under-vehicle scanners and portable baggage scanners are yet to be installed at the station.

Slow implementation

Sadly, the full-scale implementation of the security system proposed at Tirupati, Hyderabad and Secunderabad by the Railway Board at a cost of Rs.6 crore has been slow. As a result, only door frame metal detectors and surveillance cameras are active at Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Tirupati and Hyderabad stations.

As regards the Secunderabad Railway Station, there were plans to install two baggage scanners at the main entrance and another in the Bhoiguda side, besides a few portable scanners.

Also, vehicle scanners were proposed on the way to the main portico. Though measures were initiated for installing baggage and under-vehicle scanners by September 2011, they got delayed. The deadline was later extended to December 31, 2011, but that, too, was also not met.

Incidentally, close to 1.50 lakh passengers travel to different destinations from the Secunderabad Railway Station everyday.

Similar is the situation at the Hyderabad Railway Station.

Besides scanners, there were plans to procure one mobile baggage scanner for random check of luggage. “Mere deployment of security personnel is not sufficient, and the authorities need to beef up security both in trains and stations using advanced safety equipment,” observed J.S.T. Sayi, a regular traveller in Satahavana, Intercity, Machilipatnam Express trains from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. “Even the personnel guarding metal detectors at stations entrance check baggage perfunctorily,” he added.

In place in a month

When contacted, an SCR spokesperson claimed that the total implementation of the security system would be completed within a month.


‘Psychopathic’ youth knifes 7 year old Girl to death at Secunderabad Railway Station

Girl had come to Secunderabad railway station with her grandmother to board a train
A seven-year-old girl was killed after a youngster indiscriminately attacked her with a knife on platform No.10 at the Secunderabad railway station on Tuesday, even as other passengers watched in horror.

T. Priyadarshini, a class one student and a resident of Gangaputra Colony in Parsigutta and her paternal grandmother, Sattemma, had come to the railway station to go to their relative’s house in Sholapur to attend a marriage. The girl’s father, Srinivas, accompanied them to the station to help them board the Rajkot Express. Even as Srinivas went to buy tickets at a nearby counter, the attacker, a 21-year-old degree student K.Karan Kumar, reportedly suffering from physiological disorders, suddenly sprung on the girl, caught hold of her hands and started attacking her with a knife.

Other passengers on the platform took a few seconds to realise what the youngster was up to and tried to stop him. But brandishing his knife menacingly and holding on to the girl, who was now screaming, Kumar threatened to kill them, while many ran helter-skelter towards the Bhoiguda entrance. Utter confusion prevailed on the platform with several passengers screaming for help and others trying to catch the attacker. On receiving a message, the Railway police and the Railway Protection Force rushed to the platform.

After seeing the policemen, he pushed the girl aside and tried to run away, but a constable lunged onto him, snatched the knife first and caught hold of him. Irate passengers then bashed him up. The police immediately rushed the girl to the nearby Gandhi Hospital. However, the doctors declared her dead on arrival. Priyadarshini was the elder daughter of Srinivas and Sonu.

According to police, Kumar, hailing from Chittoor district, boarded a train at Arakkonam on the Andhra-Tamil Nadu border and came to Vijayawada. He then boarded another train to Secunderabad in the morning. Since then he was said to be loitering on the station premises. At around 2.25 p.m., he saw the girl along with her grandmother on the platform and attacked her. Secunderabad Railway Sub-Inspector P. Mahesh said the accused did not have any previous enmity with the girl’s family.

“We suspect that he was suffering from psychological disorders,” the SI said ruling out Kumar’s possible role in other attacks executed by a psycho elsewhere in the State. “We are verifying the footage in the surveillance cameras installed on the station premises. It could be helpful for us to collect more evidence against the accused. Two knives were seized from him,” the SI explained. The accused is currently in the custody of the railway police.


Pakistan wants to learn about profitability from Indian Railways

Lahore: A delegation of Pakistan Railways officials will soon visit India to gain from the “knowledge and experiences” of the profitable Indian Rail system, Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique said today.

Pakistan is also ready to offer its road and rail routes to all regional countries, including India, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Central Asian states, he said.

The Pakistan Railways delegation would visit India to learn from the experiences of the Indian system, which had been turned into a profitable entity while Pakistan was yet to achieve this goal due to lack of resources, he said.

Pakistan Railways is also searching for a foreign partner to invest in improving infrastructure.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a regional conference on strengthening transport connectivity, he said the opening of the Khokhrapar-Monabao link for trade with India was being examined.

Opening up trade routes to India was in Pakistan’s favour as nations that buried centuries-old feuds had developed a lot, he said.

“But we are still lagging 200 years behind the developed world. Therefore, we have to shun orthodox thinking to move forward on all fronts,” Rafique said.

The government wants to establish a transnational trade corridor and economic zone. It is focussing on national and regional connectivity with China, India, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe and work on Gwadar Port is progressing expeditiously, Rafique said.


Delhi Police wants 2,000 personnel for Metro security, seeks MHA nod

Delhi: Stating that the deployment of the Delhi Police across Metro stations in the capital was inadequate, Delhi Police’s Railways department has written to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), seeking a ten-fold increase in deployment. Police said this way, there will be more visibility of security personnel and that it would have a positive effect on lowering incidents of crime.

According to police, there is a deployment of only 200 personnel across the 130 Metro stations in the city. A letter to the MHA by Delhi Police has sought 2,000 personnel for Metro stations. Police sources said the department has also sought an increase in women staff deployed at the stations. The strength of women police personnel deployed at the Metro stations is 30. The department has sought a strength of 130 women personnel.

Sources said the proposal made a few months ago, has been pending with the MHA. Sources said several meetings have been held, but the sanction is yet to be given. Police sources said as soon as the sanction is given, fresh recruitment of personnel may be considered.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is responsible for security at Metro stations.

A senior police officer said, “The CISF is responsible for

securing Metro stations across the city. However, they are mainly posted at the entrances to the stations. While the CISF is specially trained in anti-terror and anti-hijack measures, the Delhi Police is primarily responsible for prevention and detection of crime. Since police personnel are trained in this, their deployment at such critical locations is important.”

The Metro has six interchange stations — Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate, Central Secretariat, Inderlok, New Delhi and Kirti Nagar.

“While incidents of pick-pocketing and molestation are high in these areas, there is requirement of extra staff. If a passenger comes with a complaint, the Delhi Police will be in a better position to handle the case, considering their training. With increased cases of terror threats and crimes, there needs to be adequate presence of the police at these critical institutions,” the officer said.

Newsline had on Monday reported that the Delhi Police had sought setting up of police booths in 17 Metro stations, including the six inter-change stations.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Railways) Sanjay Bhatia had said, “We wrote to the DMRC recently, requesting them to set up police booths at 17 stations. The DMRC has accepted the proposal and begun designing the booths, which will become operational soon.”

Police had said the assistance booths near the stations will help passengers register cases immediately without having to travel far to reach a police station.

“The advantage of the police assistance booths will be that if a passenger approaches the police with a complaint at a booth, the FIR will be registered then and there. Police visibility will also increase and this may have a positive effect on lowering incidents of crime” an officer had told Newsline on Monday.


Railways earnings up by 13.40%

New Delhi: Railways have earned Rs.89,339.64 crore during Apr-Nov 2013 as compared to Rs.78,871.47 crore a year earlier

Railways have earned Rs.89,339.64 crore during April-November as compared to Rs.78,871.47 crore during the same period last year, registering a jump of 13.27%.

The total goods earnings have gone up from Rs.54,482.80 crore during 1 April and 30 November 2012 to Rs.60,150.41 crore during the corresponding period this year, an increase of 10.40%.

The passenger earnings during the eight months period of the current fiscal were Rs.24,523.69 crore compared to Rs.20,423.28 crore during the same period last financial year, a growth of 20.08%.

The earnings from other coaching amounted to Rs.2,515.81 crore during April-November 2013 compared to Rs.2,061.53 crore during the same period last year, an increase of 22.04%.

The total number of passengers booked during April-November 2013 were 5662.38 million. While in the same period last year it was 5695.10 million, showing a decrease of 0.57%.

In the suburban sector, the number of passengers booked during April-November 2013 were 3027.88 million compared to 2958.80 million in the same period last year, an increase of 2.33%.

The number of passengers also witnessed decline in the non-suburban sector during this period. There were total 2,634.50 million passengers booked during the period this year as against 2,736.30 million last year, showing a decrease of 3.72%


Railways laps up IITians’ map for Local Network

Mumbai: Days after students of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) came up with a visually appealing railway map, the Indian Railways has asked the institute whether it can use the map for representational purpose.

“We have requested the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT-B to use the map for representational purpose as a token of appreciation for their novel initiative,” said Atul Rane, public relations officer, Central Railway.

“We have approached the IIT-B team to acquire the design for the railway’s official internal communication,” he added.

Over 40 lakh commuters use Mumbai’s local services every day. To ease commuters’ woes, the Central Railway is mulling installing signages across stations – a concept similar to tourist-friendly directions installed at Delhi and Paris metro stations.

“We are thinking over the proposal to introduce signage boards and foldable maps,” said Rane.

Also, the Central Railway authorities studied the map’s draft version in detail and have pointed out errors to the IIT-B team. “The terminal station codes for Asangaon, Wadala Road, Panvel,

Chembur and Mankhurd stations were erroneous. For example, the terminal station code for Asangaon is ‘AN’ whereas the draft version displays ‘AS.’ We have written to the IDC team so that it can be corrected in the final version of the map which they could share with the Central Railway,” Rane told.

Mandar Rane, associate professor at IDC, IIT-B, said he was happy to share the map design with the Central Railway.

“With efforts of the railway authorities, the dream of putting up life size sign boards of the map can be realised. When we can have vending machines at the airports and televisions displaying advertisements in buses, why not have maps installed at stations,” said Mandar.

“Our primary aim is to give the people and Mumbai a user-friendly rail map. We are interested in reaching out to a maximum number of people through a distribution model,” he added.

He said that IDC is coming up with solutions to make a commuter’s life easier. “The reader can download the map in Hindi and English versions from the website. We are working on uploading a Gujarati version and also adding travel-time information between stations,” said Mandar.

The team is also ideating to develop smart phone applications and merchandise for tourists.

“Travelling by locals is an amazing experience for a foreign tourist and the map coupled with apps will reduce their anxiety. We are open to collaborate with application developers, merchandise companies and sponsors for the same,” he added.

Easing commuters’ travel problems
The need to create a comprehensive map was felt by the students after observing that there was a lack of commuter-friendly signages at stations. The colour-coded map — designed by first-year masters in visual communication students, Jaikishan Patel and Snehal Patil — comprises routes that link western, central, harbour and trans-harbour station. The first-of-its-kind initiative, is especially designed for the colour-blind.

'Stark' difference in rail service in Wales and Scotland

Train services in Wales are lagging behind others in the UK and could be improved by devolving responsibility, says a report.

The study for the Campaign for Better Transport shows services are used less and have lower passenger satisfaction.

The Welsh government said it cannot comment on research it has not seen.

It comes as details of a £24m upgrade in rail stations at Rhyl, Aberystwyth, Pontypridd, Port Talbot Parkway and Ystrad Mynach was revealed.

The comparison between Scotland and Wales is stark, with devolved management of services in Scotland delivering significantly better results than the equivalent in Wales”Matt LoveringCredo director

Stephen Joseph, the chief executive of the transport charity said the devolved Scottish rail service faired better than the one in Wales which is managed by Whitehall.

"There is definitely room for improvement and a case for the Welsh government to make the case for much more control over the Welsh railway... and managing it much more itself," he told BBC Radio Wales.

Earlier this year it emerged the Department for Transport has been in discussion with the Welsh government to assess the feasibility of devolving responsibilities for the rail franchise held until 2018 by Arriva Trains Wales.

The report for the Campaign for Better Transport said in Wales, "rail has not established itself as a leading mode of travel", adding that along with the north east and the east of England the nation had the "greatest opportunities to improve rail services".

The research compares regional rail performance across investment, growth and passenger satisfaction.

Meanwhile, more details of investment in the five Welsh rail stations, including £17m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), have been revealed by Transport Minister Edwina Hart.

'Pleasant experience'

The money will be used to improve customer facilities, access, capacity and park and ride spaces.

The report found networks in London, the north west and the west Midlands performed better while Wales, the north east and the east of England were at the other end of the scale.

Consultants Credo looked at areas like how many people used services, their quality, and how accessible they were.

Credo director Matt Lovering said: "The comparison between Scotland and Wales is stark, with devolved management of services in Scotland delivering significantly better results than the equivalent in Wales."

Trains are a vital service for many people to access jobs and services”Edwina HartTransport Minister

A spokesperson for the Rail Delivery Group, which speaks for the industry, said: "While there is always room for improvement, rail passengers are travelling on services that are unrecognisably better when compared to 15 years ago.

"Passenger satisfaction is at a near record high with 500 million more journeys each year being rated 'good' or 'satisfactory' according to the independent passenger watchdog."

Speaking in Port Talbot about the investment there and at four other Welsh stations, Mrs Hart said:

"I think when you see the station you can understand what refurbishment it needs, better disabled access and better parking," said Mrs Hart.

"It's a station that is used quite a lot by people from west Wales who come down to Port Talbot Parkway and then get on the train and get on with their business," said the transport minister Edwina Hart.

She said extra park and ride spaces were an important part of the strategy to reduce reliance on the car for people to get to work or go shopping.

The Welsh government is contributing £5.1m with £700,000 from Network Rail, and £400,000 from Arriva Trains Wales.

Neath Port Talbot council is paying £500,000 towards the Port Talbot Parkway scheme with steel for the project donated by Tata.





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