Dec 18, 2013

GOOD NEWS: माल भाड़े से रेलवे की तिजोरी में आए 59 हजार करोड़ रुपए

नई दिल्ली: चालू वित्तवर्ष में अप्रैल से नवंबर के दौरान रेलवे को माल भाड़े से 59,069.73 करोड़ रुपये की कमाई हुई, जो पिछले साल की समान अवधि से 7.91 फीसदी अधिक है।

पिछले साल की इसी अवधि के दौरान रेलवे को माल भाड़े से कुल 53,923.37 करोड़ रुपये की कमाई हुई थी। आलोच्य अवधि के दौरान रेलवे ने कुल 67.758 करोड़ टन माल की ढुलाई की, जबकि पिछले साल की इसी अवधि के दौरान रेलवे ने कुल 64.701 करोड़ टन माल की ढुलाई की थी। समीक्षाधीन अवधि के दौरान रेलवे की माल ढुलाई में 4.72 फीसदी की बढ़ोतरी दर्ज की गई।

रेल मंत्रालय के आंकड़ों के अनुसार नवंबर, 2013 के दौरान रेलवे को माल ढुलाई से कुल 7880.44 करोड़ रुपये की आय हुई। इसमें से 3293.18 करोड़ रुपये की कमाई 3.991 करोड़ टन कोयला ढुलाई से मिला। इसके बाद लौह अयस्क निर्यात से रेलवे को 874.23 करोड़ रुपये की कमाई हुई।

लवे ने इस अवधि के दौरान इस्पात संयंत्रों और अन्य घरेलू उपयोग के लिए कुल 1.058 करोड़ टन लौह अयस्क की ढुलाई की।

Fog disrupts train schedules in north India

NEW DELHI: Dense fog disrupted train movement in north India for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, with around 50 Delhi-bound trains, including Rajdhanis, running behind schedule. 

Timings of two trains leaving from Delhi this morning were rescheduled, a Northern Railway spokesperson said. 

Close to 50 Delhi-bound trains were running four to seven hours behind schedule because of poor visibility, the spokesperson said. 

The official also said most of the trains running late were from eastern states, including Rajdhanis from Howrah, Sealdah, Bhubaneshwar and Ranchi. 

All these trains were running two to four hours behind schedule and departure of these trains was likely to be rescheduled, he said. 

Indian Railways has already cancelled a few trains to ensure better management of traffic movement during the foggy weather.

Source - TOI

SC Railway Bags Two National Awards for Energy Conservation

The South Central Railway bagged two all-India level National Energy Conservation Awards-2013, instituted by the Union ministry of power.

The first prize was for Guntakal Pumping Station in general category sector and Certificate of Merit for Divisional Railway Manager’s office, Vijayawada in office buildings sector during National Energy Conservation Awards-2013 in recognition of its achievements in the area of energy conservation, a SCR release said here on Tuesday.

President Pranab Mukherjee presented these awards to SCR general manager PK Srivastava at a ceremony held in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Guntakal pumping station has reduced energy consumption by 17.2 percent (from 12.7 lakh units to 10.5 lakh units) as compared to last year. The reduction has been possible by identification of inefficient pumps, over rated pumps and replacing the same with star rated energy efficient pumps along with provision of timers and Automatic Power Factor Conversion (APFC) panels etc.

DRM’s office in Vijayawada has reduced energy consumption in 2012-13 by 21.5 percent (from 12 lakh units to 9.5 lakh units) as compared to last year. This has been possible due to provision of T-5 fittings, star rated fans and AC units, solar light pipe system, solar street lights, occupancy sensors etc. SCR had consistently been receiving the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) awards at the national-level in the recent years.

Drive to Check Trespassing on Railway Tracks

The SCR has launched a drive to curb trespassing of railway tracks particularly on MMTS sections in the twin cities. An awareness campaign has also been taken up to educate the public on the risks of trespassing and the punishment it entails. During a special drive conducted by the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Secunderabad division in MMTS section on Tuesday against trespassing, 137 persons were apprehended under Section 147 of Railways Act, 1989 (Trespass and refusal to desist from trespass). Ten persons were booked under Section 155 Railways Act (entering into compartment reserved or resisting entry into a compartment not reserved). Anyone found trespassing the railway track will be liable for prosecution under Section 147 of the Railways Act, 1989, which entails punishment with imprisonment for six months or with fine of up to `1,000 or both.

HS Nanded-Bikaner Special Trains

SCR will run two special trains between HS Nanded and Bikaner to clear extra rush of passengers. HS Nanded-Bikaner special train will depart from Nanded at 08.00 hrs on December 24 and arrive in Bikaner at 23.45 hrs on the next day. In the return direction, it will depart from Bikaner at 20.40 hrs on December 26 and arrive in HS Nanded at 12.45 hrs the second day.
Source - new indian express

Suburban Railway Dreams Crumble

General Manager of the Southern Railways Rakesh Misra visiting the Old Railway Station premises in Kochi on Tuesday| K Rajesh Kumar

Kochi: It’s a dampener for the suburban dreams of Kochiites. General Manager of the Southern Railways Rakesh Misra said that the project to renovate the Old Railway Station, near the High Court premises, was not feasible after his visit to the station along with other railway officials here on Tuesday.

“Prima facie, it appears that the proposed project of renovating the station will not materialise, as the land for two-lane traffic near the railway level-cross (in Pachalam) is insufficient. The route is extremely narrow near the level-cross.

If two-lane traffic has to be developed, land has to be acquired in Pachalam, since the Railways does not have any land in the area. Shunting of trains will also be difficult, as there is no shunting neck available. Hence movement of 24-coach trains will be difficult. “I don’t see the project happening in the immediate future. I also wonder whether the project can ever kick off,” Rajesh Misra told reporters after inspecting the station. He also visited the Pachalam junction where the rail tracks originating from the Old Railway Station lead to Edappally. The tracks were recently lifted prior to the General Manager’s much-hyped visit.

He added that the Railways would require at least `10,000 crore for the renovation of the station, a figure opposed to the `1,000 crore estimated by Thiruvananthapuram Divisional Railway Manager Rajesh Agarwal earlier.

“When I received the proposal from the Thiruvananthapuram Division stating that it was important to revive the railway station of historical significance, as Lord Mountbatten as well as Mahatma Gandhi had alighted at the spot, I was quite positive about the project. However, after visiting the site, I don’t think it will be feasible,” Rakesh Misra said.

Referring to the place as a ‘burden’ land, he said that even though the Railways had enough land at the Old railway station, the dearth of railway land at Pachalam which was an impediment for the development of the station.

When asked whether the project could be revived if there was sufficient money, the GM said that anything is theoretically possible with money. However, he stated that a lot of land near the railway level-crossing was required for two-lane traffic. “I don’t know how practical it would be,” he said.

He added that the presence of the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary near the Old Railway Station was another impediment for the development of the station as it would require environmental clearance.

‘Backing of Centre a Must’

Kochi: Union Minister of State for Food and Civil Supplies K V Thomas and MLA Hibi Eden were conspicuous by their absence at the Old Railway Station during the Southern Railways General Manager’s visit to the station.

Responding to this, Hibi Eden MLA said that they were not invited for the inspection programme as it was a technical visit planned by the Railways. “We were not officially informed about the visit. He also rubbished General Manager Rakesh Misra’s claims that the cost for renovation of the project would be about `10,000. However, he said the project can’t be made a reality at the state level alone. It should be given a boost at the Central level,” Hibi said.

Vested Interests Cited

Kochi: Speaking on the General Manager’s negative stand on developing the Old Railway Station, CITU leader M M Lawrence said that real estate mafia may be behind the move of the Railways.

He cited the Port Trust deal as an example and said that there could be vested interests behind the move.

“Union Minister K V Thomas as well as Hibi Eden MLA have an important part to play to bring this issue to the fore. They should play an active role in raising it before the state government. MLA Hibi Eden should present the development of the station in the Assembly and the state government should take it up. The public should come forward and claim their right,” M M Lawrence said. He said that there were many developmental projects proclaimed as unfeasible have become a reality. The station can be revived if agitations are staged. The project will not only benefit Kochi but also the state, he said. Minister K V Thomas was not available for comment.
Source - new indian express

Commodity-Wise Freight Revenue by Railways Goes up by 7.91 Per Cent During April-November 2013

The Railways have generated Rs. 59069.73 crore of revenue earnings from commodity-wise freight traffic during 1st April to 30th November 2013 as compared to Rs. 53923.37 crore during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 7.91 per cent. Railways carried 677.58 million tonnes of commodity-wise freight traffic during April-November 2013 as compared to 647.01 million tonnes carried during the corresponding period last year, registering an increase of 4.72 per cent. 

Out of the total earnings of Rs. 7880.44 crore from commodity-wise freight traffic during the month of November 2013, Rs. 3293.18 crore came from transportation of 39.91 million tonnes of coal, followed by Rs. 874.23 crore from 10.58 million tonnes of iron ore for exports, steel plants and for other domestic user, Rs. 684.25 crore from 8.26 million tonnes of cement, Rs. 575.88 crore from 3.71 million tonnes of foodgrains, Rs. 478.98 crore from 3.48 million tonnes of petroleum oil and lubricant (POL), Rs. 484.82 crore from 3.23 million tonnes of Pig iron and finished steel from steel plants and other points, Rs. 489.75 crore from 4.39 million tonnes of fertilizers, Rs. 139.91 crore from 1.36 million tonnes of raw material for steel plants except iron ore, Rs. 327.95 crore from 3.37 million tonnes by container service and Rs. 531.49 crore from 6.02 million tonnes of other goods. 

source - PIB

Kochi Metro Rail Project Reviewed

The member of Planning Commission and Economic and Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, Saumitra Chaudhuri, on Monday visited the Kochi Metro alignment area and reviewed the progress of the project.

After visiting the office of the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL), he said that the Kochi Metro Rail, once commissioned, would become a one stop solution for all urban transit problems of the State eventually as KMRL has the potential, knowledge and experience in the relevant area.

After reviewing the progress of the project, Chaudhuri expressed his satisfaction regarding the pace the work. He also expressed happiness about the concept of ‘Metro Township’ and ‘Metro Village’, which will fetch buoyancy for the project. Chaudhuri also discussed various aspects of the project, including loans and funds, with Elias George, the managing director of KMRL. He also appreciated the authorities for taking faster steps to acquire the land.
Source - new indian express

SCR completes electrification of two major sections on Mumbai route

Hyderabad, Dec 15 (INN): The South Central Railway has completed the electrification works on two major sections situated on Mumbai route.

They are ' 310 kms long Renigunta to Guntakal section on Chennai ' Mumbai route; and 161 kms long Lingampalli to Wadi section on Secunderabad - Mumbai route. The energization of the last legs in these sections this week marks a giant step forward in the progressive electrification of all major routes on SCR. 

The electrification of Renigunta ' Guntakal Section was sanctioned in FY 2004-05. Works started from Renigunta and the track between Renigunta and Muddanur (180 kms) was gradually electrified in various phases during the period 2008-12. Subsequently, works have been taken up in the remaining stretch from Muddanur to Guntakal (130 kms). The last leg on this route, a 30 kms long Gooty ' Guntakal section, has been charged on 5th December, enabling running of goods trains on electric traction seamlessly from Chennai/Krishnapatnam ports to Guntakal. At present, 50 goods trains are being run on an average per day in this section. Complete electrification on this section will give boost to the freight traffic, especially to the movement of the commodities - coal, iron ore and cement via this route. 

While the works on Renigunta to Nandaluru section (87 kms) were executed by Railway Electrification unit Chennai, the works from Nandaluru to Guntakal (223 kms) were taken up by M/s.Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL). Express/passenger trains will also be run directly up to Guntakal on this route after getting clearance from the Commissioner of Railway Safety, who is likely to inspect the Muddanur ' Guntakal section in January, 2014. The total expenditure on this challenging electrification project, spread over 310 route kms (736 track kms) is around Rs 392 crs.

Several infrastructural units like - 22 switching stations; 5 maintenance depots and 5 Traction substations form part of this project. 

Similarly, the Lingampalli ' Wadi section electrification project over 161 route kms (411 track kms) was sanctioned in FY 2006-07. The works commenced from Lingampalli and progressed in a phased manner towards Wadi. The electrification works on Lingampalli ' Vikarabad section (50 kms) and Vikarabad ' Tandur section (41 kms) have gradually been completed in phases during the period from January, 2010 to March, 2011. The electrification of the remaining stretch from Tandur to Wadi (70 kms) has also been completed recently. The goods lines in the Wadi yard have been energized on 11th December, 2013, which will facilitate running of goods trains on electric traction continuously from Secunderabad to Wadi. Currently, around 25 goods trains are being operated per day in this route. Provision of electric traction on the entire route offers immense scope for improvement of freight traffic, mainly of the movement of commodities ' coal, cement and clinker in this sector.

The electrification of passenger lines at Wadi station is likely to be completed in January, 2014. Express/passenger trains will be run with electric engines in Secunderabad ' Wadi section after clearance from CRS, which is likely to be in March, 2014. This prestigious project has been executed by the Railway Electrification unit, Secunderabad, at a cost of around Rs 204 crore.

At present, the South Central Railway has got 41% of its route kms electrified i.e. 2375 route kms, out of a total of 5810 route kms. In addition, electrification works on another major section from Guntakal to Wadi are under active progress and works on Guntur to Guntakal route will also be taken up shortly. 

Running the trains on electric traction yields several operational and economic benefits. An extended network of electrified Railway lines will enable seamless running of trains over long distances without any need for loco change from electric to diesel and vice-versa. It reduces the travel time benefiting the passengers and freight customers. Due to lesser detentions, average speed of the goods trains and passenger trains increases, which in turn improves availability of crew. Electric traction offers pollution-free transportation and considerable fuel economy, which is socio-economically beneficial.

SCR General Manager PK Srivastava complemented the team of SCR's officers for the commendable achievement of electrifying the two major sections as mentioned above. He advised the officials to speed up the progress of electrification on other sanctioned routes also so as to derive the optimal operational benefit.
Source - telugu people





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