Dec 21, 2013

RARE GLIMPSE of China’s Railway across the “Roof of the World” from Beijing to Lhasa

Since the founding of the Republic of China by Dr.Sun Yat-sun in 1911, it has been China’s dream to have a national railway system connecting all provinces of the nation. Tibet became the last province to remain unconnected owing to great and insurmountable obstacles. Since the 1950s, among the many challenges faced by Chinese Railway planners, the following were the most significant:
Formidable mountain barriers
Unstable permafrost & swampy wetlands
A Fragile Ecosystem

How do you think Chinese build a railway across these mountains to China’s most remote province, Tibet?

Kunlun Mountain Range: This is the legendary “Mother of Thousands of Mountains.” American writer Paul Theroux once prophesied that this “formidable mountain range that divides Tibet from the rest of China would guarantee that a train to Lhasa – which China has dreamed of since the 1950s – will never be built.” About 85 percent of the entire rail track is located in the “Forbidden Zone.“ This is also known as the “Death Zone” because of thin air, harsh and unpredictable weather, fierce sandstorms and high UV radiation. Annual average temp is minus zero. Temp drops to as low as -45 degree C. Average altitude of rail track here is 13,500 feet above sea level. The highest point is 16,700 feet making it the world’s most elevated track. When constructing the Fenghuo Mountain Tunnel – 16,000 ft above seal level – workers had to be equipped with oxygen cylinders. An oxygen-producing station to “feed” the tunnel was built. Seventeen such stations were built along the railway line equipped with high-pressure oxygen cabins for workers to recover. There were 17,000 ft-high mountains to climb, 12 kilometre-wide valleys to bridge, hundreds of kilometres of perennial ice and slush that could never support tracks and trains. How could anyone tunnel through rock at -40C, or lay rails when the least exertion sends you gasping for oxygen in the thin air?

Unstable Permafrost: There is a total of 550 km of permafrost along the rail route. Permafrost is soft and wet soil in summer, hard and expanding in winter – a nightmare for all railroad engineers. The most viable solution is the building of stone embankments for the railroad foundation. In some places, engineers bury ventilation pipes in the ground to allow cold air to circulate underneath the rail-bed. In other spots, a pipe called a thermosiphon is sunk 15 feet into the ground and filled at the bottom with ammonia. The ammonia becomes gas at low temperatures, giving off a vapour that draws heat from the bottom of the tube and flushes it out the top. Building a bridge over the permafrost. This has the least impact on the area, but is also the most expensive. E.g., The 11.7km Qingshuihe Bridge is the world-longest bridge built on permafrost. A round-the-clock monitoring system has been installed to keep tab on the temperature change along the 550 km permafrost stretch of the route.

Environmental protection of Fragile Ecosystem: Some RMB 2.54 billion was invested by Chinese authorities in the environmental protection in the project. Protection of the ecological environment has been an essential concern in the design. The routes were selected so that they would keep away fro m the major habitats of wild animals. E.g, the original route was abandoned because it passed through the reserves of black-necked cranes. While in some other places like the section cutting through the Hohxil, Qumar and Soga nature reserves, the planners minimized disturbance to the nature reserves for endangered Tibetan antelope and wild ass by building 25 passageways for wild animals based on their migration habit. Reducing adverse impact on ecological environment to the minimum during rail construction. All the train cars are installed with environment-friendly toilets, wastewater deposit tanks and garbage treatment facilities to protect the environment along the route.

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22 Special Trains to bring supporters to Modi rally

BJP has booked 22 special long-distance trains to bring together people from all over the state and from neighbouring states to attend the event on Sunday

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pulled out all the stops to ensure people show up for the rally led by its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. As a result, citizens can expect crowded railway stations this Sunday, when the rally will be held at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC).

Nearly 45,000 supporters of Modi and the BJP are expected to attend the rally from different parts of Maharashtra, and also from neighbouring states. In order to ensure smooth travelto Mumbai for them, the BJP has booked 22 special long-distance trains.

In all, the railways have arranged for 44 special trains between December 21 and December 23. People from all over Maharashtra will be coming into the city for the rally and both Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) would be operating extra trains.

Supporters from neighbouring states will have to come to connecting stations in Maharashtra (see box for details) and then change over to the special trains being run by CR and WR. “We have been asked to run special trains from different places of Maharashtra and get them to Mumbai,” said a WR official.

CR will be running 12 trains, while WR will be operating 10 trains on December 21 and get Modi followers for the rally on Sunday morning.

Sources in CR said that the BJP had booked these trains by making full payment as per existing tariffs via the IRCTC. The trains will cover important stations like Thane, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Dadar and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) on CR, and Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central on WR. People would then be transported by local trains or buses to BKC.

According to officials, each train has 18 coaches (1AC, 2AC and 3AC), as well as sleeper coaches. Each train will have a capacity to carry 2,000-2,200 passengers but overcrowding is quite likely.

A senior CR official clarified, “There won’t be any rescheduling of existing trains entering Mumbai.” Railway authorities will have these trains run between 10 pm and 6 am and follow the same pattern while taking them back to their respective locations on Sunday night after the rally.

These are being operated as any other holiday special trains that are usually seen during summer, Diwali or Christmas vacations.

Official speak: “If the schedule of other trains would have been affected, then railways wouldn’t have given permission. Also, we are in touch with the local police and other authorities to ensure smooth transportation from railway stations for our supporters,” said Ashish Shelar, chief of BJP’s Mumbai unit.

Connecting people: The BJP has called upon people from Solapur, Latur, Amravati, Parli, Dhamangaon, Aurangabad, Bhusawal, Nasik, Nagpur, Balharshah Junction and other places in the state. Both CR and WR will operate special trains, connecting other special trains run by other railway zones in the neighbouring states. This means that if people are coming from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh, they will alight at the above stations and board these special trains run by CR and WR.

12 Number of trains being run by CR for the event
10 Number of trains being run by WR for the event
44 Number of trains being run by Indian Railways for the event

CR trains
>> 4 trains up to Dadar
>> 3 trains each till CST, LTT
>> 2 trains will go up to Thane

WR trains
>> 4 trains up to Mumbai Central
>> 4 trains up to Bandra Terminus
>> 2 trains will go up to Dadar
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Prestigious India Pride Award for IRCON

New Delhi (NDLS): Yet, in another significant achievement, IRCON International Limited, the country’s largest construction, Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) of Ministry of Railways, has been awarded the prestigious India Pride Awards for Excellence in Central PSUs in India Image Enhancement. The Award was received by Shri Mohan Tiwari, CMD, IRCON, from Dr. M.M.Pallam Raju, Union Minister for Human Resources Development at a function in the capital. Shri Jagdambika Pal, Chairman, Committee on Public Undertakings, Lok Sabha, was among the other dignitaries to grace the occasion. The Award was instituted by Dainik Bhaskar group in 2009 to honour the PSUs in their areas of excellence.

IRCON had achieved a PBT of more than Rs.1000 crore in the fiscal 2012-13. During the last five years, the Company has achieved phenomenal growth and has recorded a compounded annual growth rate of 44.61% in terms of PBT with five-fold increase in foreign share of business. The Company has earned total foreign exchange of Rs.2117 crore in the last five years. IRCON has so far completed over 100 projects in more than 20 countries.

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Railways roll out Premium Trains

New Delhi (NDLS): For the first time, railways will experiment with dynamic fares on the pattern of airlines by operating AC special trains between Delhi and Mumbai from 24 December with costlier tickets to en cash the peak demand during festive season of Christmas and New Year. The advance reservation period will be shorter, that is a maximum of 15 days, and the fare shall be equal to or higher than the Rajdhani Tatkal fare. The fare is also likely to increase depending on the demand intensity.

There will be four trips from 24 December, 2013 till 2 Januray, 2014 of the premium AC special trains on the busy New Delhi-Mumbai sector, said a senior Railway Ministry official, adding “the tickets will be sold at higher rate than the existing rate as per the dynamic pricing policy.”

The premier AC special trains will have only AC-2 and AC-3 classes with Rajdhani-like facility, including catering.

The dynamic fares are prevalent in airfares and it is first time that railways have decided to run trains on the pattern of air fares.

The advance reservation period for this train will be 15 days only and the fare shall be equal to or higher than the Rajdhani Tatkal fare to begin with.

“The fare is also likely to increase depending on the demand intensity,” said the official.

“In Onward Journey, we will be running four trips on 24th, 27th, 30th December and 2nd January ex New Delhi at 14.:50 Hrs, and in Return Journey there will be three trips on 26th, 29th December and 1st January ex Mumbai Central at 16:00 Hrs, on experimental basis,” he said.

There will be no commercial stoppages en route for this train. The trains shall originate and terminate at New Delhi and Mumbai Central stations. There will be only two classes of travel accommodation, viz AC-3 Tier and AC-2 Tier. Catering shall be provided on-board and catering charges shall be part of tariff. As the train is designed to clear the last minute peak time demand and has no stoppages enroute, no concession shall be applicable to this train. No waitlisted tickets shall be issued. There will be no refund except when the train is cancelled on railway account due to unforeseen circumstances or due to severe disturbances affecting operations. The booking shall be available only through internet, that is IRCTC’s portal and not through the counters at reservation centres. The passengers are required to carry the prescribed original photo identity card which is used at the time of booking. 

The booking for the AC special trains shall be available only through the IRCTC’s portal and not through the counters at reservation centres.

The trains will be monitored closely by Zonal Railways for ensuring adherence to schedule.

The fares applicable for each day/transaction shall be indicated at the time of booking on the IRCTC’s e-ticketing website. Catering shall be provided on-board and catering charges shall be part of the tariff like the premier service of Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

The official added that as the trains are designed to clear the last minute peak time demand, they will have no stoppages en route.
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Kochi Metro: Next Director Board to take up RITES report

Kochi: A board of directors meet of the Kochi Metro Rail will be convened “at the earliest” to take up the “preliminary report” of RITES for discussion and approval, it was decided at a high-level meet attended by DMRC Principal Advisor E Sreedharan here on Wednesday.

The RITES report submitted on Tuesday recommended, among other things, extension of the Metro to Tripunithura in the first phase itself and estimated the cost at Rs 200 crore.

Sreedharan held discussions with the KMRL MD Elias George and RITES officials on various aspects of the report on Wednesday, especially on the route proposed for the second phase expansion.

Approval of the Union and State governments and that of the KMRL director board is mandatory before including the Pettah-Tripunithura extension in Phase 1 itself.

The RITES, in its report, had warned against further delay citing that only 59 per cent commuters depended on public transport in Kochi at present compared to 70 per cent 12 years ago.

The figure is likely to drop to 50 per cent unless mass rapid transport systems like Metro and monorail are introduced at the earliest.
Talks Begin to Fix Land Value

Discussions have begun for fixing the value of land to be acquired for the second phase of metro rail stations to be constructed as part of the Kochi Metro rail project. A meeting, headed by District Collector P.I.Sheik Pareeth, was held on Thursday to discuss the land value fixed by the district-level purchase committee (DLPC). The DLPC is entrusted with the responsibility to fix the value of land to be acquired for setting up of metro rail stations. Stations at Pathadipalom, Maharaja’s College and Palarivattom are the second phase stations.Metro Deputy Collector and Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) officials attended the meeting. As much as 0.6055-ha land will be acquired for the station at Pathadipalom, 0.28844 ha for Maharaja’s College and 0.1775 ha for Palarivattom. According to the officials, discussions on land acquisition for metro rail stations will be completed within a week and the district administration will strive to hand over the land to the KMRL very soon. Land for the first phase of metro stations has already been handed over to the KMRL. In the first phase, metro stations will come up at Muttom, Ambattukavu, Edappally, Changampuzha park, Thykoodom and Cusat. The KMRL has already handed over the land for the extension of Banerjee Road, MG Road and South Railway Station Road. The widening work at Banerjee Road is going on in full swing. Also, land acquired at North RoB and Muttom metro yard has been handed over to the DMRC. Land acquisition for second- phase metro stations is part of the final phase of land acquisition projects of the district administration. Once the district administration concludes talks with landowners, immediate steps to hand over 80 per cent of the money for the acquired land will be initiated. The district administration will then submit the rest of the money for the approval of the state-level purchase committee and once they receive the approval, the rest of the money will be handed over to the landowners.

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IL&FS Engg & Construction Co receives LoA from DFCCIL for construction of Ganjkhwaja Flyover

Ganj Khawaja (GAQ), Mughalsarai Division, ECR: IL&FS Engineering and Construction Co Ltd:Says in joint venture with GPT Infraprojects Limited has received a Letter of Award (LoA) from Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL). Says letter of award is for the work of design and construction of rail flyover near Ganjkhwaja in Uttar Pradesh and formation in embankments/cuttings including blanketing, bridges (major, minor & RUBs), supply and spreading of ballast.Says also for other related infrastructural works for double track electrified railway line in different stretches between Dehri-on-Sone & Mughalsarai section of Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh on design build lump sum basis.Says the total value of this project is 1.4465 bln indian rupees, which is to be completed in 30 months.

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Bhopal Double-decker to lower fare, likely to change timetable

Bhopal Jn (BPL): The divisional railway users’ consultative committee (DRUCC) has recommended reduction in fare and change in timings of the Indore-Bhopal AC double decker train. The committee that met here on Wednesday also recommended for introducing pantry car in the double decker and Shaan-e-Bhopal trains.

The Bhopal railway division would forward these recommendations to the Railway Board for approval.

At the meeting, DRM Rajiv Chaudhary informed that platform height of 10 stations was being raised while length of platform in 19 stations under the division were being increased.

The members were informed that under rail budget 2013-14, 15 new trains had been introduced which would pass through the division. Frequency of four trains have been increased. Of the 15, five have started operations while the rest will commence in 2014.

The meeting was attended by senior DCM Brijendra Kumar who informed about passenger amenities in the division. As per information, the division has earned Rs 294.47 crore in the current financial year from passenger fares and Rs 478.63 crore from freight. Similarly, 1,77,812 cases of ticketless travel was reported during the checking drive and the division earned Rs 7.23 crore as fine. The total earning of the division till November is Rs 814.82 crore, up by 3.12% since last financial year. In the beginning of the programme, scouts and guides felicitated the members of the DRUCC. Following are few of the demands:
  • Vindhyachal Express should run from Bhopal at 7 pm
  • Extend Bhopal-Bilaspur passenger train to Habibganj
  • Add coaches in case of high waiting lists of passengers
  • Decrease the stoppage and fares of Double Decker
  • Build toilets in Bhopal-Bina MEMU Train
  • Extend Habibganj-Jabalpur Intercity to Bhopal
  • Make Jhansi-Bandra Express a daily train
  • Introduce pantry car in Patalkot Express
  • Finish Karond under bridge work soon
  • Extend Bhopal-Indore passenger to Habibganj
  • Make changes in the coaches of Bhopal Express
  • Extend Bhopal-Lucknow Garib Rath Express to Habibganj
  • Halt at Habibganj station for Kerala Express
  • Make Gwalior-Bhopal Intercity Express a daily train
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Golden Rock Workshop on power-saving mode

Ponmalai Golden Rock (GOC), Tiruchchirapali Division SR: Golden Rock Railway Workshop has put in place energy conservation measures to reduce power consumption, Chief Workshop Manager Mr.P.Mahesh said on Thursday.

Mr. Mahesh said energy-saving devices had been procured for welding plants and lightings besides replacing IC lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs. He was speaking at the valediction of the energy conservation week observed at the workshop. Mr. Mahesh said production had gone up resulting in more power consumption, adding that the consumption had gone up by four lakh units during 2012-13 compared to the previous fiscal. The workshop had paid over Rs. 5 crore as energy charges in 2012-13 fiscal. I. Kamalakannan, additional general manager (maintenance and services), BHEL, Tiruchi, released pamphlets containing energy conservation tips.

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Ipswich to screen “The Railway Man” before release

Queensland: IPSWICH’S newest cinema is to stage an advance charity screening of the anticipated film “The Railway Man” starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

The wartime drama has a special link to Ipswich, with some scenes from the movie filmed at the Ipswich Railway Workshops.

Based on a remarkable autobiography, the film tells the true story of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who was tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labour camp during World War 2.

The film’s producer Chris Brown, who is based in Queensland, said it was always important for him to try and bring film productions to his home state.

He said the Ipswich Rail Workshops had been the perfect space to film The Railway Man’s climactic scenes.

Mr Brown said filming at the location could not have worked without the support of Ipswich City Council, property owner Bob Ell and the community.

In light of its local connection, Limelight Cinemas CEO Ross Entwistle said he had arranged an advanced screening of the film at his newly opened movie theatre at Riverlink.

The screening will raise money for the Ipswich Mayor’s Community Fund and take place four days before The Railway Man’s national release.

The event will take place this Sunday at 4pm. Tickets cost $10.
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How Concor left private firms behind even in a slowdown

Discounts and a flexible tariff policy have helped the Container Corporation (Concor) of India in tiding over the economic slowdown despite competition from private container train operators. The public sector undertaking of Indian Railways has registered an increase of around 15 per cent in its income in the first six months this financial year. That growth is complemented by around 10 per cent increase in volumes.

Concor seniors attribute the growth to the support offered to international trade through rebates and discounts, which led to an increase in export-import traffic. Hinterland connectivity and higher efficiency due to state-of-the-art technology gave it an upper hand over the private players.

“Since we depend primarily on the general economic activity, the recovery of our traffic is also linked to the expectations of recovery in overall economic and trade scenario. With the positive financial signs this year, things would be much better from next year,” said Anil K Gupta, managing director (MD).

The compounded annual growth rate of Concor was 6.2 per cent in the 11th Five-Year Plan (2007-12), owing to the slowdown and increased competition, against 12 per cent seen in the 10 years till 2008.

P Alli Rani, director (finance), says Concor recovered because of a focused approach. “We coaxed our customers by offering discounts and rebates. It meant lesser profit for everybody. We provided services at reasonable cost even when the inflation was soaring. It was in a way giving away a share of your profit for boosting trade.”

Concor’s share has risen to 78 per cent this year in container train business, an increase of four per cent year-on-year. Both import-export traffic and domestic operations have taken a hit during the slowdown.

Abhay Agarwal, partner and advisory, EY, said the global economy was reviving and, hence, overall export figures were encouraging in the past six months.

Vishwas Udgirkar, senior director, Deloitte, India, said though Concor had an advantage over private companies with better hinterland connectivity, it would need to keep investing in setting up new terminals as demand grows.

The company realises the challenge of growing demand. It plans to set up multi-modal logistics parks and 15 terminals across the country (Tamil Nadu, Dehradun in Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Punjab), at an investment of Rs 6000 crore in the 12th plan period (2012-17), up from Rs 1,930 crore invested in the 11th Plan for five new terminals. In the next financial year, Concor plans to invest Rs 1,000 crore for new logistics parks, compared to Rs 900 crore invested in the past financial year.

Since public-private partnerships in the infrastructure sector have proved tough, the company plans to execute these initiatives through joint ventures. The company is expecting to raise about Rs 500 crore of the Rs 6,000 crore.

MD Gupta said the most crucial aspect after the recovery would be to catch up with the growing traffic. He said it was for this reason that Concor was aggressively investing in new terminals.

Concor also plans to set up terminals in the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor planned along the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.

Gupta said: “The slowdown has also brought some important lessons for us. Currently, about 25 per cent of our total income come from domestic trade and the rest from export-import traffic. We are looking forward to expand in the domestic trade. One of our focus is expansion in the hinterland connectivity.”
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A day in the life of a trackman with Indian Railways

12-hr shift with 18-kg weight, and constant risk of getting killed. But even as 13 lakh Railway employees like him contemplate a strike, trackman Bhola says the fact that he can be replaced anytime weighs him down

One would have thought that trudging along a railway track each day, with trains whizzing past, and carrying heavy equipment would have taken its toll after 34 years of service. But for Bhola Pal, 51, hard work is a part of life. Without it, he says, "I wouldn't know what to do."

A trackman with the Railways since the age of 17, Bhola insists that people only use his first name as that is how he registered himself when he came to Delhi from Unnao in 1989, searching for a job.

Bhola's two-bedroom home is in a Railway compound near Mandawali Chander Vihar station. Built in 1972, it is where 25 families of trackmen, mates and keymen live, with an attractive plus: lot of space for children to play.

Trackmen used to be known as gangmen till the Railway Union changed it because of the negative connotations attached to the word 'gang'. They work all day — be it under the scorching sun or in numbing cold — to ensure that trains run smoothly, getting paid Rs 15,000-18,000 a month.

A recent Indian Express report found that "a railway employee dies in the line of duty on four days out of five, making his job statistically far more dangerous than that of security forces in some of India's most violent combat zones". An average 300 railwaymen have been killed in accidents every year over the past four-five years. Most were run over by trains as they patrolled the tracks. Their safety was in the news recently after four trackmen were mowed down in Mumbai on Diwali.

The duties of trackmen include laying, repairing, maintaining, cleaning tracks, checking on track ballast, upkeep of safety equipment, ensuring tracks are not blocked, checking for cracks, and looking for damages in fishplates.

Says Divisional Railway Manager A K Sachan, "If an employee meets with an accident while on duty, he is compensated. If he dies, his dependent gets a job."

The dangers and hazards of his job don't seem to perturb Bhola. "My fate is in the hands of god."

He wakes up at 5 am each day. A devotee of Hanuman, he prays morning and evening. At 51, he is already a grandfather of a four-year-old, and lives with three of his four children, all of whom were educated at a government school in Shakarpur. Ramu (28) is a tailor and is married to Ramu Baba, with whom he has a daughter; Sangeeta (24) married last month, and Ram Sumer (21) is currently on a visit to Unnao. The apple of his eye, though, is his 13-year-old daughter Seelu. He sees a reflection of his wife Kamala, who passed away four years ago, in her.

After his prayers, Bhola takes a bath, "only with cold water". His daughter-in-law cooks the meals, and after a breakfast of roti-sabzi, Bhola leaves for work. His first stop is the equipment shed which is in the compound itself. The weight of the equipment he carries is around 18 kg and includes a crowbar, beater, rake blast and hammer.

A ballot for a country-wide by the All India Railway Federation is scheduled on December 20-21, and a Charter of Demands has been framed. The demands include filling of vacancies, a hike in salary, and implementation of a joint committee on problems of trackmen.

Bhola has no great expectations of things changing. He's a man with not many interests beyond work and family. He rarely watches television and considers it to be his daughter-in-law's domain, hasn't seen a movie in years, and only listens to devotional music. He says that it doesn't matter who he votes for either, because the sarkar is always the same.

Posted along the same 6 km stretch (12 km up and down) since he first began, he says that he knows it like "the back of my hand". Trackmen rarely get transferred, he adds. His duty lasts from 8 am to 6 pm and he gets a two-hour lunch break. The 25-member gang are mostly old friends, except a few who are in their 20s.

Bhola has no ambition to become a keyman, which is a post higher. "It's a lot more responsibility. If there is an accident because the rail had split and not been repaired, the keyman gets reprimanded first," he says.

"Most trackmen are as disciplined as the men in the Army," says chief senior section engineer Pradeep Kumar Sharma.

"Imandari se naukri karni chahiye (One should work in all honesty)," Bhola adds. "Because though the Railways would not be able to function without us, we can always be replaced."

Getting home by 6.30 pm, Bhola sleeps by 9.30 pm after eating a simple dinner. His favourite food is gobi, daal and chawal.

Asked how he sleeps with the roar of engines rattling along the track every few minutes, he laughs, "I've got used to it, but it's the new trackmen who have a tough time."

SOURCE - Indian express

Premium Air-Conditioned Special Trains on the Delhi-Mumbai Sector to Clear X-Mas/New Year Rush

With a view to meeting the peak demand for travel on the eve of Christmas/New Year, Indian Railways proposes to operate a few trips of premium Air-conditioned special trains on the busy New Delhi-Mumbai sector between 24th December 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014.
            The advance reservation period will be shorter, that is a maximum of 15 days, and the fare shall be equal to or higher than the Rajdhani Tatkal fare. The fare is also likely to increase depending on the demand intensity.
            The premium A/C special trains no. 22913/22914 shall operate on an experimental basis on the following dates to being with:

Ex-New Delhi
Ex-Mumbai Central
24th Dec 2013            
26th Dec 2013
27th Dec 2013
29th Dec 2013
30th Dec 2013
01st Jan 2013
02nd Jan 2013

The booking shall commence on 21st December 2013.
            The timings of the train will be as under:
DepNew Delhi
Dep: Mumbai Central
Arr: Mumbai Central
Arr. New Delhi
There will be no commercial stoppages enroute for this train. The trains shall originate and terminate at New Delhi and Mumbai Central stations. There will be only two classes of travel accommodation, viz AC-3 Tier and AC-2 Tier. Catering shall be provided on-board and catering charges shall be part of tariff. As the train is designed to clear the last minute peak time demand and has no stoppages enroute, no concession shall be applicable to this train. No waitlisted tickets shall be issued. There will be no refund except when the train is cancelled on railway account due to unforeseen circumstances or due to severe disturbances affecting operations. The booking shall be available only through internet, that is IRCTC’s portal and not through the counters at reservation centres. The passengers are required to carry the prescribed original photo identity card which is used at the time of booking. The fares applicable for each day/transaction shall be indicated at the time of booking on the IRCTC’s e-ticketing website.
            The trains will be monitored closely by Zonal Railways for ensuring adherence to schedule.
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