Feb 21, 2014

Clarification - Retirement Age to 62 Years For Central Government Employee

It may sound ridiculous as number of times articles regarding this topic has published in different websites and newspapers. But as per our sources and media reports, centre finally decided to hike retirement age to 62 years. The process has received PM's nod and awating cabinet approval which is likely to be obtained in the next meeting.

The newly set up seventh CPC has recommended this hike in an interim report which got Govt. approval.

As per information available with us, this move will not benefit those who are going to be superannuated in this month or those who are already in extension.

Source - http://employeenewscenter.blogspot.in/2014/02/clarification-retirement-age-to-62.html#.UwcZd2KSwYk

Railway Cops hunt for man who stole Escalator Plates at Kalyan

Kalyan Jn (KYN): Teams from three agencies are looking for the miscreant who made away with the plates worth Rs 1.3 lakh from inside the Kalyan railway station.

Three police agencies are looking for a miscreant who stole the floor plates from the newly installed escalator at the Kalyan railway station.

Embarrassed railway officials have taken the matter so seriously that Central Railway’s top security boss AK Singh on Wednesday chaired a high-level meeting of Railway Protection Force officers, demanding an explanation for the incident and asking them to find the culprit at the earliest.

Apart from the RPF team, teams of the railway police’s own Crime Intelligence Branch and Kalyan city police are also investigating the case.

“A case has been registered under Section 3 of Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act,” said Alok Bohra, senior divisional security commissioner. “The estimated cost is around Rs 1.3 lakh. We have formed teams under Assistant Security Commissioner-Mulund and staff from Kalyan RPF and have also alerted the city police from Kalyan. We will nab the offender and make the recovery soon.”

Early morning on February 4, station officials noticed that the metal floor plate of the escalator on platform number one was missing. Officials, who were convinced that the theft must have occurred between 2 am and 4 am when there is no one on the platforms, alerted the RPF.

RPF sources said their informers told them they saw a man hanging around the spot, trying to loosen the plates on two occasions. The plates are firmly embedded to the ground, but are not fastened with bolts.

“The plates come off with a firm push if you insert a metal rod in the gap,” said an RPF officer. “The accused seems to have loosened the plates in two different attempts. He then seems to have come back and carried the plates away.”

Railway officials had to shut down the escalator for a day before new plates were installed. A CR official said the incident has raised concerns as the railway is in the process of installing escalators in all suburban railway stations. “That someone can so easily make off with the plates has become a huge concern for us,” said an officer.

RPF officials, who said the escalator fell out of their CCTV coverage area, have asked railway officials to install collapsible gates around the place for added safety.

Kalyan station, which sees 2.5 lakh commuters daily, will soon get a second escalator on the other end of the same platform. Dadar, Thane, Kalyan and Dombivli are the other stations that have escalators, which are functional between 6 am and 10 pm. For the first few weeks, officials had stationed two minders for each escalator, which has since come down to one.

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GRP firing mishap: Inquiry committee constituted on the death of Head Constable

Nagpur (NGP): Government Railway Police (GRP) have constituted an inquiry committee to probe into the firing mishap which claimed life of a head constable at the Ajni headquarters on Wednesday. The GRP have also asked its personnel to participate in a refresher session on how to deal with firearms.

Head constable Rajesh Bagdikar had sustained a bullet injury in his stomach after constable Eknath Lahutkar accidentally fired from a 9mm pistol. The Ajni police had booked Lahutkar for causing death of Bagdikar due to negligence. Lahutkar too was injured as the bullet had pierced through his left palm.

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IRCTC launches E-wallet scheme to make the payment process faster

New Delhi: An E-wallet scheme has been launched by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a public sector undertaking of the Ministry of Railways, to make the payment process fast and to reduce transaction failures due to bank payment related problems.

Under this scheme, users can deposit money in advance with IRCTC which can be used as a payment option along with other payment options available on the IRCTC website for paying money at the time of booking tickets. This scheme is available for PAN verified users only.

Names of all passengers booked on a fully waitlisted e-ticket are dropped at the time of preparation of reservation charts and fare is refunded automatically.

There is no difference between e-tickets booked through E-wallet scheme or those booked through other payment options available on the website, www.irctc.co.in.

This was stated by the Minister of State for Railways, Mr Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.

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Mumbai Suburban Railway needs INR 52000 Crore to keep running

Mumbai: The world’s densest Mumbai Suburban system the one in which 7.5 million Mumbaikars travel cattle class every day requirements approximately INR 52,000 crore till 2031 to sustain itself and make your commute slightly less horrendous than what it is today.

The INR 52,000-crore estimate is expenditure on projects between 2011 and 2031. The bad news: the mega projects envisaged under this, also known as the Mumbai Urban Transport Project phase 3, should have started in 2011. Unfortunately, 4 years down the line, the MUTP-III is still trapped in the files of the railway ministry. Neither the babus running the ministry nor the state government has shown even a cursory interest in freeing it for your benefit.

A railway official said, “It is the worst phase for the railways currently. Projects under MUTP-I are over, some MUTP-II projects have started. But it is the third phase, which will take the city’s suburban system to the next level.”

The railways cites item 3.3 (g) of the Indian Railway Vision 2020, which former railway minister Mamata Bannerjee had placed before Parliament in 2010. It says “partnership with state authorities will be necessary for the development of suburban rail systems”.

A senior railway official said, the word ‘partnership’ is what is causing the problem, say officials. “For the railways it means ‘finances’ whereas for the government it means providing all the ‘support’, a loose word, needed to build a rail line something that we officially call the ‘State Support Agreement.”

The result: projects that should have begun by now if they were to make commuters’ lives a bit easy by the end of this decade have collapsed.

The INR 10,000-crore Virar-Vasai-Diva-Panvel suburban line is an example. While the railways wants it to be built on the back of taxes levied by local area bodies through which the rail route would go, the government is still to bite the bullet.

The INR 20,000-crore Oval Maidan-Churchgate-Virar elevated corridor plan has collapsed. Only it needs to be officially announced that the project’s been scrapped. Other projects like the CST-Panvel and CST-Kalyan elevated corridors too might go the same way.

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Railways’ require INR 2000 Crore to upgrade/replace Old Tracks to carry more Cargo

New Delhi: The Railways’ move to upgrade its network to carry more cargo is expected to create additional capacity of about 15-16 million tonne a year, without investing in more wagons.

At present, about 35,000 route km that cover about 70 per cent of rail lines engaged in carrying freight allow for higher carrying capacity, according to a Railway Ministry source.

“Through this proposal, freight users will pay the same charges per tonne. But, they can move more cargo per train. Also, for the Railways, the load per wagon will increase only by about two tonnes, as these routes currently permit two tonne less loads per wagon,” said an official.

However, the move will require an incremental investment of about Rs.2,000 crore to replace old tracks and upgrades, said another Railway Ministry official.

Wagons can carry a load of pre-defined capacity plus nine tonnes, with a leeway to load one more tonne without any overload penalty across the entire railway network, according to the interim budget. In the Indian Railways network, the average load carried per wagon is about 62 tonne, though some wagons carry up to 67 tonne .

A capacity creation of 15 million tonne will account for about 30 per cent of the 50 million tonne incremental loading that the railways aim to move in the next fiscal. In 2014-15, the railways has set a target to move 1,101 million tonne of cargo. To carry higher load per wagon, the Railways needs to invest in wagons, improving the rail tracks and bridges.

Incidentally, the pace of wagon acquisition has slowed in the last few years with each wagon being able to carry higher load at one end, and the loading growth slowing down on the back of an economic slowdown.

Market Borrowings

This is also reflected in the lower amounts market borrowings proposed for the next year — ₹12,800 crore from about ₹14,000 crore — for procuring rolling stock including wagons, locomotives and coaches. However, railway officials maintain that they will revise the borrowing target upwards if required.

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IRFC Overseas Bond issue subscribed six times

Mumbai: Indian Railway Finance Corporation has raised $500 million or about Rs.3,100 crore through privately placed bonds with institutional investors in US, Europe and Asia. They are offering a coupon of 3.917% for five-year maturity.

“The issue was fully subscribed on Wednesday itself,” a senior IRFC official told on conditions of anonymity. “We will buy currency hedge over a period of time but not today itself. Rupee should be more stable after the general election. We stand to gain in case of any rupee appreciation.”

Bonds can be traded in the secondary market and will be listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. The coupon has been derived at after adding 245 basis points over and above the five-year US Treasury bill which was trading at about 1.47%.

The company has headroom to raise $1,000 million or 1 billion under the external commercial borrowing route as mandated by the government. Earlier in December, 2013; the company had raised $400 million. These bonds do not have any call or put option. IRFC will repay its liability at a fixed rate in bullet mode that is in one-shot at the end of five years.

Three rating companies namely Moody’s, S&P and Fitch have rated the issuance with Baa3, BBB- and BBB- grades respectively. These offshore bonds are called Regulation S where they may not be necessarily offered and sold within US.

ANZ, Barclays, Deutsche Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland are some of the investment bankers for the issue and were the book running lead managers. Listing of the bonds will be on Singapore’s SGX exchange. Majority of subscription has come from fund managers while banks and insurance players too have invested.

“The issue evinced good amount of interest among investors. We received an order book for $3 billion. We rejected the rest above the issue limit,” said an investment banker who did not wish to be identified.

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Railway Board floats participatory model document: Member Engineering

New Delhi: Railway Board have circulated a document on a participatory model and revived the concept of non-governmental railways means the stakeholders can have their own lines, said Subodh Jain, Member – Engineering, Railway Board.

“Today, Indian Railways don’t have the structured technology mission and structured programme, we need to bring down the unit cost of transportation system. Also, we are working in the field of locomotive that will come in next two years- the model called locomotive high powered fuel efficient,” said Jain.

While addressing the conference Jain highlighted current constraints included capacity constraints due to under investment in Infrastructure, unable to capture growth in transport demand, cross subsidization of passenger traffic and perhaps only system functioning without subsidy and results in freight traffic moving to road which causes the inefficient use of energy, higher environmental cost, higher ratio of freight cost to GDP.

To bring down the unit cost of transportation includes modern rolling stock, higher speed & higher axle loads, mechanised maintenance practices, Jain added.

For improvement in passenger train’s speed & comfort, improved the signalling, improved rolling stock and increased safety, reduction of level crossings, Instrumentation of track and vehicles and train protection and warning system (TPWS), added Jain.

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Newly sanctioned Chamarajanagar-Bangalore passenger train to run from March

Chamarajanagar (CMNR): Commuters traveling on Mysore-Bangalore route have reasons to cheer. An additional train to operate between Chamarajnagar and Bangalore has been sanctioned in the supplementary budget. What’s more, the new train which might be operationalised next month . The train to Varanasi will not be on the tracks before the end of this financial year and the Mysore division of the South Western Railway could start its operation in July.

Chamarajnagar MP R Dhruvanarayan, who had requested the minister to introduce Chamarajnagar-Bangalore train, has his way as the new train was approved during a discussion on rail budget in Rajya Sabha. Dhruvanarayan is seeking early morning train to connect Chamarajnagar to the IT city to help the commuters from the border district. The MP said he has asked the railway officials to operate the new train during morning hours.

Sources told that the newly sanctioned train can be operationalised within few weeks as the Mysore division has to make local arrangements. The existing trains operating between Mysore and Bangalore can be utilized to start the operations between Chamarajnagar and Bangalore by extending them, they explained pointing at the extension of Mysore-Tirupathi train to Chamarajnagar some time back. “However, we need additional coaches to operate the Mysore-Varanasi train. The Railway Board sanctions the additional coaches periodically,” they stated.

The new training between Chamarajnagar and Bangalore will assist the travelers on Mysore- Bangalore route adding to the traffic. Over 50,000 passengers are traveling on Mysore-Bangalore line with some 30,000 passengers taking outbound trains from the city towards Bangalore. The number of outbound passengers from Mysore has doubled in five years owing to number of trains and their frequency. The railway ministry has also sanctioned direct train from Chikmagalur to Bangalore following request by Udupi-Chikmagalur MP Jayaprakash Hegde. This train is also likely to be operationalised from March.

Chamarajnagar-Bangalore line

Meanwhile, the works to build direct link between Bangalore and Chamarajnagar is likely to start next week. The state government, which has agreed to share the cost of the project, is expected to clear it at Thursday’s cabinet meeting, sources stated. Though Kharge was expected to launch the works this week, the state government’s delay to clear the grants has delayed it. As the calendar of events for the Lok Sabha polls is expected to be announced in second week of March, the MP is planning to get the groundwork this month end, sources stated.

Works will be launched to build 142 kms new railway line connecting Kollegal, Malavalli and Kanakapura. This is the Phase I of the 260 kms Bangalore-Satyamangalam line. A year back, the Karnataka government pledged to share the cost after which the project was announced in the rail budget on February 26, 2013. This follows completion of the survey for the new line in 2006. It was estimated to cost Rs 1,100 crore, which is now expected to cost Rs 2,000 crore.

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Out of Railways, Declaration of about 7,200 kms State Roads as new National Highways

The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for declaration of about 7,200 kms of State Roads as new National Highways (NHs).

Keeping in view the estimated allocations likely to be made available for development of non-National Highways Development Project NHs based on the previous years' trends, it is anticipated that there would be adequate funds available for taking up improvement works on these new NHs. There would also be adequate funds available for taking up improvement of the remaining existing NH Network of 21,271 kms, not covered under any programmes / schemes so far.

Expansion of the NH network is a continuous process and declaration of a new NH is taken up from time to time, depending upon requirement of connectivity, inter-se priority and availability of funds.


NHs are the main artery and serve as a backbone of the road network. District Headquarters being an important origination/destination for people as well as goods are expected to have good accessibility. All District Headquarters now will have better connectivity to the NH network and this will bring overall development to the entire nation.

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KCCI demands tax relief to traders hit by Kochi Metro works

Kochi: The Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has said that the state government should give relief to the business establishments affected by the construction of the Kochi Metro Rail by waiving them various taxes, electricity and water fares.

E P George, chairman of the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said on Wednesday that the entire business community supported the demand raised by the CPM Ernakulam district committee in this regard.

Hundreds of establishments functioning on either sides of the stretch from Aluva to Pettah, where the Metro Rail work was in progress, were in deep trouble as business has plunged owing to the construction activities and the low volume of passenger traffic, the CPM district committee had stated the other day. It said the Corporation, the municipalities of Aluva and Kalamassery and the Choornikkara panchayat should extend relief to the businessmen in trade licence charge, land tax and other taxes with retrospective effect, the statement said.

The contractors are not obeying the traffic regulations on either side of the road. It sought the immediate intervention of district administration, the state government and the local self-government bodies.

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Gujarat put MEGA on fast track – issues tender to appoint General Engineering Consultants

Ahmedabad (ADI): The Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Limited has floated a global tender to appoint General Engineering Consultant (GEC) for implementation of phase-1 of the project.

The expected cost of for the project would be around Rs.400 crore, which will be used for design review, system integration, assisting in procurement, construction supervision, project management, contract administration, interface management and assistance in testing and commissioning of various systems.

The Phase-1 includes North South Corridor (Motera to APMC) and East West Corridor (Thaltej Gam to Vastral) in Ahmedabad of Gandhinagar – Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project.

“The appointment of GEC will enable MEGA to rope in subject expertise from domestic as well as global metro rail industry, which will be helpful to MEGA to put the Metro Rail Project on the fast track,” an official statement said on Thursday.

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More than 20000 People killed on Railway tracks in 2013

New Delhi: Nearly 20,000 people were killed on rail tracks across the country in 2013, Lok Sabha was informed today.

While 19,997 persons died on tracks, 1,63,645 were prosecuted for trespassing last year, Minister of State for Railways Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said in a written reply.

Railways realised Rs.3.64 crores as fines from people for trespassing on rail lines.

Chowdhury said railways have decided to eliminate all unmanned level crossings gradullay by closing some of the crossings and by constructing road over bridges (ROB) and road under bridges (RUB).

He said passengers awareness programmes are being organised about the fatalities of crossing rail tracks.

He also said regular announcements are made through public address systems at important railway stations urging the passengers to use foot-over bridges and to avoid crossing the railway tracks.

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Coal blocks lying idle due to lack of Rail link for coal evacuation

ET Manufaturing Summit

State-miner Coal India (CIL) has three to four fully developed large-size coal blocks ready for production lying idle for lack of railway linkages for coal evacuation.

The news, given by a representative of the thermal power sector hit by fuel shortages, comes in the backdrop of coal block de-allocations being undertaken by the coal ministry. “Recently, the Coal India chairman told me that they have 3-4 large-size coal blocks that have been fully developed and are ready to produce, but they have no linkage with the railways for evacuation of coal,” Lajpat Srivastav, CEO Hindustan Power Projects, said here Thursday at the ET Power Focus Summit.

Warning that the country was looking at coal shortage to the tune of 160-170 million tonnes beyond 2015-16, Srivastav said: “A high-powered committee was supposed to be looking into the coal evacuation issue.”

A high-level inter-ministerial committee was constituted during the second quarter by the Prime Minister’s Office to consider faster implementation of critical railway projects in potential coalfields.

The coal ministry said at the time that three critical rail links were being fast-tracked to ensure transportation of coal from CIL mines in Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The projects are likely to be completed by the end of 2017.

Coal India Chairman S. Narsing Rao has said that the three coalfields require only about 300 km of rail connectivity to provide at least 300 million tonnes of additional coal production per year.
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Prize Distribution Ceremony of Sports Meet Organized by RWWCO

As part of its annual activities the Railway Women’s Welfare Central Organization (RWWCO) organized a Sports Meet for the children of staff and officers working in Railway Board, RITES, IRCON, COFMOW, CRIS, IRWO, CONCOR, DFCCIL, RVNL, etc. last week at the Karnail Singh Stadium, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi. The event was inaugurated by Smt. Kanta Kumar, President, RWWCO and nearly 250 children participated in the events. Shri Arunendra Kumar, Chairman, Railway Board was the Chief Guest and gave away certificates, prizes & souvenirs to winning children. 

RWWCO is the apex body of the chain of women’s welfare organisations spread over all Indian Railways engaged in the task of welfare of railwaymen and their families through various need-based socio/welfare activities. The organization started its activities in 1962 after Indo-China War, and while the primary concern of the Organisation is the welfare of Railway employees and their families, it has always risen to the call of the society and the nation- be it environmental awareness, family welfare drives, disturbances on the borders or the natural calamities. It is one of the fore-runner voluntary Organisations in the country today.

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डीजल इंजनों में सी.एन.जी. का प्रयोग Use of CNG by Railways in Diesel Engines

रेल राज्‍य मंत्री श्री अधीर रंजन चौधरी ने आज लोकसभा में पूछे गए एक प्रश्‍न के लि‍खि‍त उत्‍तर में जानकारी दी कि‍ रेलवे ने सीएनजी से आंशि‍क तौर पर डेमू डीजल इंजन चलाने के लि‍ए एक कि‍ट का परीक्षण कि‍या है। इस प्रकार की एक डेमू डीपीसी वि‍कसि‍त की गई है और इसे शकूरबस्‍ती डीजल शेड में चलाया जा रहा है। 

सीएनजी इंजन वाली एक डेमू डीपीसी पहले ही वाणि‍ज्‍यि‍क सेवा में है। 

सीएनजी और डीजल चालि‍त इंजनों में प्रति‍100 कि‍मी. लागत भि‍न्‍नता का अनुपात अर्थात एक डीपीसी में 100% डीजल परि‍चालन की तुलना में 20% डीजल प्रति‍स्‍थापन के साथ सीएनजी के इस्‍तेमाल से इस समय लगभग 13.4% की बचत होती है। 

Railways have tested a kit for partial running of DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) engines on CNG. One such DEMU DPC has been developed and running at Shakurbasti diesel shed. One DEMU DPC is already in commercial service with CNG engine. 

The ratio of cost variation between CNG and diesel run engines per 100 kms i.e. saving in using CNG with 20 per cent diesel substitution as compared to 100 per cent diesel operations in a DPC at present is 13.4 per cent approximately. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.
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ई-श्रेणी वाले रेलवे स्‍टेशनों के लि‍ए बुकिंग क्‍लर्क Station Ticket Booking Sewaks at ‘E’ Category Railway Staitons

ई-श्रेणी वाले रेलवे स्‍टेशनों के लि‍ए बुकिंग क्‍लर्क
रेल राज्‍य मंत्री श्री अधीर रंजन चौधरी ने आज लोकसभा में पूछे गए एक प्रश्‍न के लि‍खि‍त उत्‍तर में जानकारी दी कि‍ वर्ष 2011-12 के लि‍ए यात्री आय पर आधारि‍त वर्गीकरण के अनुसार, ‘ई’ श्रेणी के स्‍टेशनों की संख्‍या 4158 है। फि‍लहाल, ‘ई’ श्रेणी के स्‍टेशनों पर स्‍टेशन मास्‍टर/सहायक स्‍टेशन मास्‍टर/बुकिंग क्‍लर्कों के माध्‍यम से टि‍कटें बेची जा रही है। 
स्‍टशन प्रबंधकों/सहायक स्‍टेशन प्रबंधकों को गाड़ी संचालन पर बेहतर ध्‍यान केंद्रि‍त करने और टि‍कट पाने के लि‍ए यात्रि‍यों को सुवि‍धा भी देने की दृष्‍टि‍से, पायलट परि‍योजना के रूप में केवल एक वर्ष के लि‍ए ‘ई’ श्रेणी के स्‍टेशनों पर स्‍टेशन टि‍कट बुकिंग सेवकों एसटीबीएस) की नि‍युक्‍ति‍करने का निर्णय लि‍या गया है। स्‍टेशन टि‍कट बुकिंग सेवकों (एसटीबीएस) को ‘ई’ श्रेणी के पहचाने गए उन स्‍टेशनों पर नि‍युक्‍त कि‍या जाएगा जहां पर कोई भी उम्‍मीदवार स्‍टेशन टि‍कट बुकिंग सेवक (एसटीबीएस) के रूप में उपयुक्‍त नहीं पाया जाता हो और यदि‍संबंधि‍त रेलवे इस प्रकार के स्‍टेशनों पर टि‍कट एजेंटों की नि‍युक्‍ति‍की आवश्‍यकता महसूस करती हो। 
With a view to facilitate Station Managers/Assistant Station Managers to concentrate better on train operations and also to facilitate passengers to get tickets, it has been decided to appoint Station Ticket Booking Sewaks (STBS) at ‘E’ category station as a pilot project for one year only. Station Ticket Booking Sewaks (STBS) shall be appointed at those identified ‘E’ category stations where no suitable candidate is found as Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Seqk (JTBS) and the Railway concerned feels the necessity for appointment of ticketing agents at such stations. 

As per categorization based on the passenger earnings for the year 2011-12, the number of ‘E’ category stations is 4158. At present, tickets at ‘E’ category stations are being sold through Station Masters/Assistant Station Masters/Booking Clerks. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

रेलवे स्‍टेशनों पर एस्‍केलेटर/लि‍फ्ट Provision of Escalators at Railway Stations

रेल राज्‍य मंत्री श्री अधीर रंजन चौधरी ने आज लोकसभा में पूछे गए एक प्रश्‍न के लि‍खि‍त उत्‍तर में बताया कि‍ ए1, ए, एवं सी कोटि‍के स्‍टेशनों और पर्यटन महत्‍व के स्‍टेशनों पर वांछनीय सुवि‍धाओं के रूप में एस्‍केलेटरों की व्‍यवस्‍था के लि‍ए नीति‍वि‍षयक दि‍शा-निर्देश मौजूद हैं और धनराशि‍की उपलब्‍धता के मद्देनजर इनकी व्‍यवस्‍था करने की योजना है। अभी तक, 71 रेलवे स्‍टेशनों पर 186 एस्‍केलेटरों और मेट्रो रेलवे कोलकाता और चैन्ने के उपनगरीय खंडों सहि‍त 44 स्‍टेशनों पर 101 लि‍फ्टों की व्‍यवस्‍था कर दी गई है। इसके अति‍रि‍क्‍त, रेलवे स्‍टेशनों के लि‍ए 471 अधि‍क एस्‍केलेटरों और 400 लि‍फ्टों के लि‍ए स्‍वीकृति‍मौजूद है। रेलवे स्‍टेशन जहां एस्‍केलेटर और लि‍फ्टों को मुहैया कराया गया है और मुहैया कराए जाने की योजना है। 

उन्‍होंने बताया कि‍2013-14 के दौरान योजना शीर्ष-यात्री सुवि‍धाओं के तहत 895 करोड़ रु. आबंटि‍त कि‍ए गए हैं और एस्‍केलेटर मुहैया कराए जाने के लि‍ए नि‍धि‍यां आवश्‍कता के अनुसार आबंटि‍त की जाती हैं। महत्‍वपूर्ण स्‍टेशनों पर एस्‍केलेटर मुहैया कराना एक सतत प्रक्रि‍या है और इसे आवश्‍यकता, निर्माण कार्यों की पारस्‍परि‍क प्राथमि‍कता और नि‍धि‍यों की उपलब्‍धता के अनुसार पूरा कि‍या जाता है। एस्‍केलेटरों का रख-रखाव सामान्‍यत: वार्षि‍क अनुरक्षण ठेके (एएमसी) के माध्‍यम से कि‍या जाता है।

Policy guidelines exists for provision of escalators at ‘A 1’, ‘A’ & ‘C’ category stations and stations of tourist importance as desirable amenities and these are planned subject to availability of fund. So far, 186 escalators at 71 railway stations and 101 lifts at 44 railway stations including Metro Railway, Kolkata and suburban sections of Chennai have been provided. Further, sanction exists for 471 more escalators and 400 lifts for railway stations. Rs. 895 crore has been allocated under plan Head-Passenger Amenities during 2013-14 & funds to provide escalators are allocated as per the requirement. 

Provision of escalators at important stations is a continuous process and is done as per need, inter-se priority of works and availability of fund. 

The escalators are generally maintained through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.
Source - PIB





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