Mar 3, 2014

Goa Chamber of Commerce wants Govt to include Metro Rail in Budget

Panaji: The Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry urged the state government to establish a mass rapid transit system like a ‘metro network’ of fast trains to improve connectivity and decongest the highways.

In a pre-budget memorandum to the chief minister, the industrial body recommended an overhead metro system to connect the business and commercial centers of the state-a route from Mapusa to Cortalim via Panaji, with lines also connecting Dabolim airport, Vasco and Margao, extending from Mopa in the north to Canacona in the south. “An efficient metro service between Mapusa and Margao will possibly help in keeping a large number of buses and private cars off the road, resulting in lesser number of accidents on these routes,” the document stated.

Calling for the government to immediately address the chaotic traffic situation along the highways, GCCI also pusheed for urgent conversion of NH4 and NH17/NH17-A/NH17-B into 6-lane highways. The memorandum also acknowledges the holistic master plan for Panaji city, and calls for its speedy execution, along with similar plans for Margao, Mapusa, Vasco and Ponda. With regards to the parking space crunch in all major towns, GCCI has also appealed to the government to construct and operate, through public-private partnerships, multi-level parking lots at multiple locations.

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Alstom’s Chennai facility to tap Metro Rail market of Sri Lanka, Pakistan

Bangalore (SBC): Alstom aims to make Chennai its export hub to tap the metro-rail market in other subcontinent countries, including Sri Lanka and Pakistan, even as the French industrial bellwether enlists two bankers for running its transport vertical initial public offer this summer.

The transport vertical of Alstom is also keen on partnering Indian Railways by forming “strategic partnership”, if New Delhi opens up maintenance functions of railway lines to private players, according to a senior company executive. “The current volumes produced are very small but going forward, that is (making Chennai Metro facility an export hub) definitely a part of the plan,” said Henri Poupart-Lafarge, President, Alstom Transport.

For this reason, the company looks to ramp up its workforce by 50% in the coming 12 months, from 750 workers to 1200.

Alstom Transport currently has one contract with Chennai Metro Rail and has invested over 30 million in its India operations, including a metro coach facility and a manufacturing facility at Coimbatore for signalling equipment. Poupart-Lafarge declines to talk about future investments but says India would play a “key role” in its Asian Pacific operations. “For now the market for metros is very small (including in Sri Lanka and Pakistan). But as the market opens up, we will surely be looking at exports (from Chennai),” Poupart-Lafarge told ET in an interview.

The Chennai plant of the Paris-based company was set up after Alstom won an 243 million (Rs 2,073 crore) contract in 2010 under which the company is to make 42 train sets by the year 2015 for Chennai Metro Rail. During the weekend, Alstom said that it delivered two train sets as part of the contract.

Experts maintain that Alstom Transport’s optimism is justified as the market for metro rail going to soon enter “boom times”, with at least 15 cities in the process of submitting metro rail projects to Central Government.

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Junagadh Road railway station inaugurated

Junagadh Road: The much awaited Junagarh road railway station in Kalahandi district and extension of Bhubaneswar-Bhawanipatna Express up to Junagarh road was inaugurated by Minister of State for Railways Adhir Ranjan Chaudhury by tele conferencing in the presence of Kalahandi MP Bhakta Charan Das at a function held today in the Junagarh railway station.

Bhakta Charan Das flagged off the express train to Bhubaneswar from Junagarh.

With this the 54.33 km long Lanjigarh Road to Junagarh railway line has been put to service.

The engineering survey of this project has been done in the year 1991 with an estimation of Rs 100 Crores. However it took nearly 22 years with revised cost of Rs 234 Crores. Incidentally the Bhawanipatna railway station and Bhubaneswar-Bhawanipatna Express train was inaugurated on 11 August 2012 and work for the rest of the track stretch up to Junagarh was in progress.

Addressing a public meeting Bhakta Charan Das said completion of Lanjigarh Road- Junagarh Rail line was one of his dream projects. He told Junagarh will be a big railway hub in the upcoming days.

He told survey of Junagarh-Nawarangpur track has been done. It is contemplated to link Khariar-Junagarh, Kantabanji-Junagarh and Vijayanagaram via Kasipur-Junagarh in future.

The General Managaer of East Coast Railways Rajib Bishnoi said the Lanjigarh Road-Junagarh Rail line will go a long way in helping the region in agriculture and industrial growth.

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Stock Market associated with Railway industry in focus; trading higher

Kernex Microsystems, Kalindee Rail, Titagarh Wagons, Texmaco Rail and Hind Rectifiers are up by 7-17% on BSE

Stocks of companies associated with the railways are trading higher by up to 17% in noon deals on media reports that the government is likely to take up new norms for liberalising the foreign direct investment (FDI) regime in railways.

Kernex Microsystems (India), Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers), Titagarh Wagons, Texmaco Rail and Engineering and Hind Rectifiers are up 7-17% on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

“The Union Cabinet should be taking up the matter in its next meeting or the one after. All issues raised by the Home Ministry on security aspects have been addressed,” a Business Line report suggest quoting a senior official of the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP).

The DIPP has proposed 100% FDI through automatic route in the cash-strapped railways sector. It has been proposed that foreign investment be allowed in suburban corridor, high-speed train systems and dedicated freight line projects implemented in the PPP (public private partnership) mode.

But, FDI will not be allowed in areas related to train operations and safety.

Among the individual stocks, Kernex Microsystems (India) has surged nearly 17% at Rs.33.80 on BSE. Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) and Titagarh Wagons are up 10% each at Rs.56.20m and Rs.103 respectively, while Texmaco Rail and Engineering up 7.4% at Rs.41.95.

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Deadly 26/11 type of attack in China blamed on Muslim Uighur Separatists

Kun Ming, China: A mass-terrorism spree in a southwestern Chinese city that killed at least 29 people was carried out by assailants from the northwestern region of Xinjiang, which is home to the Uighur ethnic minority, according to China’s official news service, Xinhua. Knife-wielding attackers, dressed in black clothes, stormed the railway station of provincial capital Kunming shortly after 9 p.m. on March 1, slaughtering those who could not flee fast enough. More than 130 were also wounded, said Xinhua. Photos circulating on social media showed images of smears of blood and scattered luggage from terrified railway passengers. Xinhua described the assault as an “organized, premeditated, violent terrorist attack.” The state news service said that five of the at least 10 attackers had been shot dead by security forces.

The horrific event is now being dubbed China’s 3-01, as in March 1, in an echo of what other terrorist attacks in the U.S. and Britain were called. Chinese have flocked to social-media platforms to express shock at the carnage, in which children and elderly were targeted by the assailants. In an article headlined, “Nothing justified civilian slaughter in China’s ’9-11,’” the Global Times, a Beijing daily, wrote: “A nationwide outrage has been stirred. Justice needs to be done and terrorists should be punished with iron fists.”

If Uighurs did carry out the attack, the Kunming bloodshed marks a chilling escalation in a struggle for autonomy and even separation from the Chinese state. Members of a Turkic ethnic minority who look very different from China’s Han majority, Uighurs are concentrated in the arid region of Xinjiang, which borders Central Asia. While the Tibetan campaign for autonomy gets more international attention, Muslim Uighurs have also agitated against what they say are decades of institutionalized repression, such as limits on worship and career opportunities.

That resistance movement may be radicalizing. Over the past year, violent clashes between Uighurs and Chinese security forces have proliferated, with at least 100 people killed. But it is hard to determine the catalyst for some of these deadly incidents. Chinese state media say Muslim terrorists orchestrated attacks on police stations and other symbols of the state. Meanwhile, Uighur exile groups claim security forces have indiscriminately opened fire, using a purported war on separatist jihadis to execute innocent civilians.

Divergent accounts also attach themselves to the 2009 riots, which convulsed Xinjiang’s provincial capital Urumqi. Members of various ethnic groups died in China’s worst ethnic violence in decades. State media say around 200 died, mostly Han, who were targeted by vengeful Uighur mobs. International human-rights groups say the ensuing security crackdown resulted in the extrajudicial killings of Uighurs and that Han gangs terrorized the city as well.

What’s clear is that violence appears to be metastasizing beyond Xinjiang’s borders. Last October, a car plowed through crowds in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, China’s symbolic heart, killing two tourists. Chinese police said the occupants of the vehicle, who also died in what was described as a suicide attack, were a Uighur man, his wife and his mother. China’s security czar said that the crash was the work of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and state media reported that separatist banners were found inside the SUV. (Some exiled Uighurs wondered how radical paraphernalia could be discovered in a burned-out vehicle.)

The Uighur narrative tells of an ancient land called East Turkestan, part of which they say was briefly independent last century before Chinese troops marched in. Kashgar, the fabled Silk Road oasis in western Xinjiang, is closer to Istanbul than to Beijing. Parts of Xinjiang are still home to camel caravans and bazaars selling apricots and fragrant spices. Yet Xinjiang must officially hew to a Beijing time zone, one of many impositions by the state that rankle Uighurs. A flood of migrants from China’s Han ethnic majority, many working for state-own natural-resource companies or military-linked firms, has remade the ethnic makeup of Xinjiang. Official statistics show that Uighurs are now a minority in their own homeland, making up some 45% of the population.

The Chinese government counters that they have helped to raise living standards in Xinjiang, which is blessed with significant energy reserves. Kashgar, for instance, is being refashioned from a warren of mud-brick buildings into a Chinese city with high-rises and gleaming shopping malls. Uighurs, like other ethnic minorities, are exempt from China’s one-child policy, earning them the envy of some Han. Terrorist attacks will certainly not add sympathy to any separatist cause.

China’s President Xi Jinping has responded to the Saturday violence in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, with resolve. “Severely punish in accordance with the law the violent terrorists and resolutely crack down on those who have been swollen with arrogance,” he said, according to Xinhua. “Understand the serious and complex nation of combating terrorism. Go all out to maintain social stability.” Although the terrorist attack was generating intense interest on Chinese social media, state censors were rapidly deleting posts on the subject. On Wednesday, an annual meeting of China’s legislature is set to begin in Beijing, the biggest political event of the year. Security, one imagines, will be extraordinarily tight.
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Ministry Of Finance 
(Department of Expenditure) 
New Delhi, the 28th February,2014

No.1/1/2013-E.III(A)— The Government of India have decided to appoint the Seventh Central Pay Commission comprising the following :-

1. Chairman Justice Shri Ashok kumar Mathur 
2. Member Shri Vivek Rae 
3. Member Dr. Rathin Roy 
4. Secretary Smt. Meena Agarwal

2. The terms of reference of the commission will be as follows :-

a) To examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible regarding the principles that should govern the emoluments structure including pay, allowances and other facilities/benefits, in cash or kind, having regard to rationalization and simplification therein as well as the specialized needs of various Departments, agencies and services, in respect of the following categories of employees:-

i. Central Government employees-industrial and non-industrial; 
ii. Personnel belonging to the All India Services; 
iii. Personnel of the Union Territories; 
iv. Officers and employees of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department; 
v. Members of regulatory bodies (excluding the Reserve Bank of India) set up under Acts of Parliament; and 
vi. Officers and employees of the Supreme Court.

b) To examine, review, evolve and recommend changes that are desirable and feasible regarding principles that should govern the emoluments structure, concessions and facilities/benefits, in cash or kind, as well as retirement benefits of personnel belonging to the Defence Forces, having regard to historical and traditional parities, with due emphasis on aspects unique to these personnel.

c) To work out the framework for an emoluments structure linked with the need to attract the most suitable talent to Government service, promote efficiency, accountability and responsibility in the work culture, and foster excellence in the public governance system to respond to complex challenges of modern administration and rapid political, social, economic and technological changes, with due regard to expectations of stakeholders, and to recommend appropriate training and capacity building through a competency based framework.

d) To examine the existing schemes of payment of bonus, keeping in view, among other things, its bearing upon performance and productivity and make recommendations on the general principles, financial parameters and conditions for an appropriate incentive scheme to reward excellence in productivity, performance and integrity.

e) To review the variety of existing allowances presently available to employees in addition to pay and suggest their rationalization and simplification, with a view to ensuring that the pay structure is so designed as to take these into account.

f) To examine the principles which should govern the structure of pension and other retirement benefits, including revision of pension in the case of employees who have retired prior to the date of effect of these recommendations, keeping in view that retirement benefits of all Central Government employees appointed on and after 01.01.2004 are covered by the New Pension Scheme (NPS).

g) To make recommendations on the above, keeping in view: 
i. the economic conditions in the country and need for fiscal prudence; 
ii. the need to ensure that adequate resources are available for developmental expenditures and welfare measures; 
iii. the likely impact of the recommendations on the finances of the State Governments, which usually adopt the recommendations with some modifications; 
iv. the prevailing emolument structure and retirement benefits available to employees of Central Public Sector Undertakings; and 
v. the best global practices and their adaptability and relevance in Indian conditions. 
h) To recommend the date of effect of its recommendations on all the above.

3. The Commission will devise its own procedure and may appoint such advisors, Institutional Consultants and Experts, as it necessary for any particular purpose. It may call for such information and take such evidence, as it may consider necessary. Ministries and Departments of Government of India shall furnish such information and documents and other assistance as may be required by the commission. The government of India trusts the State Governments, Service Associations and other concerned will extend to the Commission their fullest cooperation and assistance

4. The Commission will have Headquarters in Delhi

5. The Commission will make its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution. It may consider, if necessary, sending interim reports on any of the matters as and when the recommendations are finalised.


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Railmen step up demand for POH workshop at Vijayawada

Vijayawada (BZA): The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh appeared to infuse a sense of urgency among the staff of South Central Railway’s electric loco shed (ELS) here to have a periodic overhaul (POH) workshop established in Vijayawada in view of its importance from the railways’ perspective.

The South Central Railway (SCR) zone has three electric loco sheds at Vijayawada, Secunderabad and Kazipet but not even a single POH workshop.

As a consequence, locomotives which require complete overhauling are sent to the POH workshops at Chittaranjan, Kanchrapara (near Barrackpore in West Bengal), Perambur and a very few other such facilities in the country. Keeping logistics and expenditure in view, the ELS branch of SCR Mazdoor Union (SCRMU) has been demanding that a POH workshop should be set up in Vijayawada.

It might be far-fetched at the moment to expect Railway Board to concede the demand anytime soon but Vijayawada certainly has a distinct advantage in the form of enough land, water and skilled manpower.

The local ELS can conduct only minor and intermediate overhauls of locomotives whereas a POH has to be done at larger intervals of a few lakh kilometres of running.

SCRMU ELS branch Chairman S. Ranga Rao and secretary R. Bhupendra, who led a delegation that submitted a memorandum to SCR General Manager P.K. Srivastava during his visit on Saturday, told that the electric loco sheds at Vijayawada, Secunderabad and Kazipet were carrying repairs to nearly 500 locomotives of different types but the absence of a POH workshop in the State was a major problem.

Besides, the ELS at Vijayawada is facing difficulty in conducting repairs to locomotives with sanctioned staff of only 960 against Railway Board yardstick of 1,120. It is at present handling 200 locomotives.

Another problem at ELS worth mentioning is the wear and tear of electrical overhead traction cranes some of which outlived their utility span of 30 years. Safety of staff working with them is a matter of concern.
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Railways launch ‘SMS Gateway’ to push PNR Status Alerts to Railway Passengers

New Delhi: Indian Railways launched yet another scheme of offering SMS alerts on the status of PNR through the newly deployed ‘SMS Gateway’ services. This will enable passengers to get SMS alerts on the status of reserved tickets. The ‘SMS Gateway’ which was deployed by Centre for Railway information Systems (CRIS), an organization under the Ministry of Railways, and was launched by the Minister of State for Railways Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury here today on the occasion of a seminar on the theme “Role of IT in Rail Services – Present and Future”. The seminar was organised by the Centre for Transportation Research and Management (CTRAM), an autonomous body of the Ministry of Railways. Present on occasion the were Arunendra Kumar, Chairman, Railway Board, D.P.Pande, Member Traffic, Kul Bhushan, Member Electrical and Alok Johri, Member Mechanical, of Railway Board.

The ‘SMS Gateway’ project will be used to send SMS alerts to passengers in case of status change in the PRS tickets, as compared to the initial booking status (For example W/L to RAC, RAC to CNF, W/L to CNF). SMS alerts prior to chart preparation will be sent once a day, in case of status change only, beginning from 5 days before the journey date. The SMS alerts after chart preparation (which is normally done 3-4 hours before train departure), will convey the actual Berth No., Coach No. and RAC No. for those passengers whose final Charting status has changed as compared to the initial booked status. In case of any ticket upgradation or seat re-allotment also SMS alerts will be sent.

It is estimated that a large of SMS alerts will be sent on daily basis (approx. 4 lakh), hence the system will be made ONLINE in phases. Initially, the system would be configured for sending post chart alerts in a few selective Rajdhani trains, followed by other Mail Express trains. Subsequently the pre chart alerts will be enabled.

This facility will greatly reduce the last minute enquiry rush on the PRS websites and Call Centre as well as reduce the4 crowding near the pasted Chart locations on the Railway Platforms. This service will be provided free of cost to the users. This will enhance the image of Indian Railways.

Taking the things forward, CRIS took up the project for setting up of SMS Gateway of sending alerts to passengers, sanctioned by the Railways Board. Till now passengers can find about their PNR status through website enquiries or Call Centre (139) or IVRS or SMS enquiry. Railways decided to proactively send the SMS alerts to passengers at no extra charges to them.

During the development of the application for sending SMS alerts, considerable challenges were faced, to ensure that there is no adverse impact in the normal functioning of the backend main PRS system (CONCERT), which is one of the largest ticketing applications in the world. M/s Mahindra Comiva and Velti System, India were the technical partners of CRIS for making this project a success.
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Kirloskar Electric supplies 500 kVA, 750 volts undercarriage mounted powerpack to Railways

Mumbai: Kirloskar Electric has successfully developed & supply 500 kVA undercarriage mounted power pack comprising a specially designed Kirloskar Electric 500 kVA, 750 Volts Alternator coupled with a renowned engine & mounted to the undercarriage through 2 tier specially designed & manufactured brackets along with anti vibration mounts to Indian Railways. The supplies are against the prestigious order Kirloskar had received from Indian Railways during November-December 2013 for supply of 500kVa, 750 Volts Diesel Generating sets of Rs.416 lakh from Indian Railways for execution on a turnkey basis for design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning to be used in the power cars of Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duranto trains.

The set is ideally designed to give satisfactory performance even under most arduous conditions, which are normally encountered in train movements. The power pack is mounted on Sleeper cum Luggage Rake Power Car (SLRPC) of mail/express trains.

Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is a leading Electrical equipments Manufacturing Company was incorporated in the year 1946. Kirloskar Electric is a pioneer in several ways in the field of Electric industry and has got accreditation for developing and introducing many Electrical Products such as AC Motors, Alternators, DC Motors for the first time in India. Kirloskar Electric has developed products for many critical applications such as Nuclear, Thermal, Steel and other Turnkey projects. Yet again, Kirloskar Electric is the first company in manufacturing 750 volts undercarriage mounted power pack, which has been supplied to Indian Railways.
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