Mar 19, 2014

City Inches Forward to Set up Unified Transport Facility

Now, Kochi can form the Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority with Central Government assistance under the Urban Transport funds.

Mayor Tony Chammany has got the intimation from the Union Ministry of Urban Development informing the civic body that the city has been included in the list of cities where UMTAs will be constituted.

“With this, we will get the service of experts for constituting an UMTA for Kochi. The corporation has been focussing on steps to be initiated for improving urban transportation in the city. “We have also sought the services of a nodal officer for further proceedings in this regard. A meeting of stakeholders will also be convened soon,” Mayor Tony Chammany said.

As per the guidelines, the UMTA will act as an umbrella body that regulates the overall performance of the public transport system and it will ensure that the city has a comprehensive public transport system. Such bodies would design networks and routes, assess demand, contract services, monitor performance and manage common facilities like bus stations and terminals. It would have representation from all major operators and stakeholders.

The Central Government had suggested that UMTA might be constituted in million-plus cities to coordinate various modes of transportation. On the basis of this suggestion a special session was organised by the corporation and the details were submitted before the authorities concerned.

Following this, experts entrusted by the Ministry of Urban Transport had visited the city and held a meeting on unified transport facility and related subjects in June 2013 in which the District Collector, representatives of the Kochi Metro Rail Limited and Vyttila Mobility Hub Society, the Police, the Motor Vehicles Department and other stakeholders were present.

An application urging the Ministry to constitute UMTA for Kochi was forwarded by the corporation on October 2, 2013. The expert panel also took a stand in favour of Kochi.
Source-new indian express

ट्रेनों में नहीं है स्क्वायड, लुट रहे यात्री

जागरण संवाददाता, बरेली : सुरक्षित रेल सफर के लिए विभाग की घोषणाएं हकीकत से जुदा हैं। जंक्शन से गुजरने वाली 39 ट्रेनें पुलिस स्क्वायड के बिना दौड़ रही हैं। स्टेशनों पर जीआरपी-आरपीएफ थाने तो हैं, मगर इनमें फोर्स की काफी समय से दिक्कत चल रही है। इसी कारण ट्रेनों में लूट-चोरी की घटनाओं में लगातार इजाफा हो रहा है।

बरेली जंक्शन से नई दिल्ली-लखनऊ, हावड़ा-जम्मूतवी, वाराणसी-देहरादून, गोरखपुर, फैजाबाद, कानपुर और अलीगढ़ समेत कई रेलखंड की लगभग दो सौ से अधिक ट्रेनें प्रतिदिन गुजरती है। मगर इसके बाद भी जंक्शन और ट्रेनों में सुरक्षा के पुख्ता इंतजाम नहीं हैं। इसी कारण आठ फरवरी को कर्मभूमि एक्सप्रेस और पंद्रह मार्च को नौ पोरबंदर एक्सप्रेस में लूटपाट हुई थी। इन दोनों ही ट्रेनों में पुलिस स्क्वायड न होने की बात सामने आई थी। रेलखंड की ट्रेनों में जीआरपी-आरपीएफ का स्क्वायड लगता है। इसमें जीआरपी स्क्वायड वाली ट्रेनों में लूटपाट की घटनाएं कम हुई हैं, आरपीएफ स्क्वायड वाली ट्रेनों में कई घटनाएं हो चुकीं है।

गोरखपुर से मुकदमा ट्रांसफर

बरेली: गोरखपुर जीआरपी प्रभारी आरके शर्मा ने बताया कि पोरबंदर एक्सप्रेस में हुई लूट का मुकदमा बरेली जीआरपी को ट्रांसफर कर दिया है। यह एसपी गोरखपुर के माध्यम से मुरादाबाद होकर बरेली पहुंचेगा, तो वहीं जंक्शन जीआरपी प्रभारी अयूब हसन ने मुकदमा मिलने के बाद ही जांच पड़ताल करने की बात कही थी। शुक्रवार को पोरबंदर से मोतिहारी जाने वाली 19269 पोरबंदर एक्सप्रेस में असिस्टेंट बैंक मैनेजर रोली श्रीवास्तव ने लूटपाट का आरोप लगाया था।

Traffic Wardens Keep off Roads

Nearly 80 traffic wardens employed for Metro Rail works stayed away from duty on the Edappally-Kalamassery stretch on Tuesday protesting against the non-payment of wages for the past one month.

As many as 73 traffic wardens who have been employed by L&T, the firm which has taken up the Metro Rail-related work on the Edappally-Kalamassery stretch, gathered outside the office of the private agency which has been entrusted with the task of paying them, at Edappally Toll Junction.

According to Rasheed Thanath, president, Traffic Wardens Society, the traffic wardens were not being paid for over a month.”

As per the agreement, the wardens have to be paid `11, 500 every month. However, they have been getting only `8,000. The remaining amount is being taken by the traffic police who regulate the wardens,” Rasheed alleged. 

A tussle broke out between the private agency staff and the traffic wardens on Tuesday. The issue was resolved after the intervention of Kalamassery Sub-Inspector Poulose.

“We held a meeting between the agency MD and the traffic wardens and the salaries were disbursed,” Poulose said.

He added that the failure of L&T in transferring the money to a private agency had led to the delay in disbursing salaries.

Anna Salai-Sundar Road Jn Turns Risky after Traffic Changes

The changes in traffic pattern due to the ongoing Metro Rail construction work at the Anna Salai and Sundar Road Junction (in front of Kamarajar Arangam) has turned it into a risky spot for motorists.

The junction becomes chaotic when vehicles coming from Sundar Road join Anna Salai. Vehicles from Sundar Road which are heading towards Guindy must make their way along with those that are proceeding towards the Gemini Bridge on Anna Salai.

However, there is no sign board to caution motorists about the potential risk or even a speed breaker to slow them down at this busy spot. Many motorists on Anna Salai are often caught unawares by the vehicles suddenly emerging from Sundar Road and taking a turn just ahead of them.

Siva Kumar, a college lecturer who recently shifted to the city, was one of those motorists who had a close shave on this risky stretch. “I was riding on Anna Salai at quite a speed, as it was almost empty in the afternoon. I was about to take the Gemini Bridge and kept concentrating on vehicles moving across the bridge. I never expected that a vehicle would emerge from a small road on the side and take a turn in the middle of the road. I almost rammed my bike into the car,” he said.

Similarly, motorists coming from Sundar Road too cannot anticipate the vehicles approaching the junction from the Anna Salai due to the curve.

When queried, a senior police official said that vehicles from Sundar Road had been allowed to take Anna Salai only because of the Metro Rail work.

“Earlier, Sundar Road was a one-way and vehicles were not allowed to take it to reach Anna Salai. The current traffic arrangement is an ad hoc step due to the Metro work. To prevent such collisions, we are deploying a constable on the spot during peak hours. But due to staff shortage, we cannot deploy men there round the clock,” the official added.
Source-new indian express

Sangma grandson makes debut with leader by his side

SHILLONG: Congress flagged off its campaign in Meghalaya on Tuesday with AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi introducing the party's candidate for the Tura Lok Sabha seat, Daryl William Momin, at an election rally at Resubelpara in North Garo Hills.

Striking an instant rapport with the huge gathering, he began his speech by greeting people in the local dialect. "Namenga ma", asked Rahul, which translates to "how are you?"

Highlighting Congress's plan to connect Meghalaya with the rest of the country through road, rail and air, he made mention of the state's ongoing and completed projects, including the NH-62 (Rongjeng, Songsak-Williamnagar) project, the rail link at Mendipathar and Resubelpara, the Shillong bypass and the direct road between Tura and Shillong.

"Congress has initiated welfare programmes and development projects in Meghalaya. Our party has prioritized education and empowerment of youth and women," he said.

Rahul talked about the different policies of the state government and how they could be harnessed for greater benefit. On the empowerment of women, Gandhi said, "Policies to ensure financial inclusion of women have been undertaken by the party. Congress has ensured reservation of women in Parliament and assembly".

Maintaining that 14 crore people have already benefitted from UPA's NREGA and the National Food Security Bill, 2013, he said, "We will continue to work for people. We will transform 70 crore lives."

"Congress has given people the Right to Information act. However, the opposition keeps targeting us. Our party has taken the initiative to introduce six anti-corruption bills, but the opposition did not allow them a smooth passage," he said, making his party's stand on the issue of corruption clear.

Referring to Arunachal student Nido Tania's killing in New Delhi, Rahul said, "Nido was killed because of ignorance. Congress stands by every single Indian and works for their equal space in the country. People of the Garo hills and Meghalaya should feel at home anywhere in the country".
Source-times of india

Arunachal villagers trek for three days to see Rahul Gandhi’s rally

Gichik Tatuk (L) trekked three days from his village near the China border to the rally. Rahul meets people in the crowd. Dasarath Deka

Gichik Tatuk walked three days from his village Tali, bordering China, and then caught a jeep from Yangte to Ziro to see Indira Gandhi’s abang-ja, or grandson, address an election rally on Tuesday.

“I heard him talk about building roads to the farthest corners of our state. Had I got closer to him, I would have told him to come to my village, which has no road and no electricity even today,” said Gichik, who reached Rahul Gandhi’s rally wearing the traditional bopa (headgear) of cane, bear fur, a squirrel’s tail and a hornbill’s beak. He is also the gaon burha (village headman) of Tali. The village of about 600 people lies in the remote Kurung Kumey district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Several others in the 4,000-strong crowd, which included about 200 gaon burhas, have trekked across mountains, some for a day, some like Gichik for three days, in the absence of roads. “My village is just 7 km from Ziro town, but about 4 km is a pucca footpath where cars cannot ply,” said Hage Manu, 60, the woman gaon burha of Michi. Pura Sara, 80, of Higa trekked about 4 km to the nearest road-head, while Nani Oma, another woman gaon burha, walked about 3 km.

Rahul Gandhi in Arunachal Pradesh.

Road connectivity has long been a problem in the state, with Chief Minister Nabam Tuki repeatedly telling the Centre to connect every village on the 1,080-km China border before all villagers move out to urban centres for lack of basic amenities.

Rahul, who spoke for just 16 minutes in the Subansiri Stadium, focused on connectivity: roads, railway, air. He said it was the UPA that sanctioned a Rs 10,000-crore package in 2008, its most important project component being the 1,400-km Trans-Arunachal Highway, a two-lane road that would pass through every district.

“It is only with better connectivity that Arunachal Pradesh can march forward. We are also focusing on hydro-electric power, with this state having a potential to meet the entire country’s power demand,” Rahul said.

He recalled how his grandmother granted union territory status to Arunachal Pradesh in 1972, and how his father upgraded it to a state in 1987. “That was a great step Rajiv Gandhi took. But what I believe is the inherent strength Arunachal has is of its history, ecology, nature. We also believe in protecting its environment, its language, its culture,” he said.

Congress candidate Padi Richo too referred to Rahul’s family’s connection with the state. “The name of this town may sound like Zero. But this place has been in the heart of Congress leaders since the days of Jawaharlal Nehru,” he said. “Panditji came here way back in 1953 along with Indira. In 1957, Indira came here as I&B minister to inaugurate a drinking water project in Hari and Hong villages near here; in 1972 she came again; in 1987, Rajiv Gandhi came to inaugurate the Ranganadi hydel project.” He said his father had welcomed Nehru, his elder brother had welcomed Indira, and he was lucky to be welcoming Rahul.

Chief minister Nabam Tuki said Ziro is the zero point from where one measures the earth. “Ziro in the Apatani language means the epicenter of the earth. This is a place with zero-problem. You can see that in the smiling faces of the people,” Tuki said.

Transnet awards contract for 1064 locomotives

Transnet, South Africa’s state owned freight transport and logistics company, on March 17th 2014 awarded USD 4.7 billion in contracts for 1,064 locomotives to 4 global original equipment manufacturers, General Electric South Africa Technologies, CNR Rolling Stock South Africa Private Limited, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive and Bombardier Transportation South Africa. The acquisition is the largest-ever locomotive supply contract in South Africa’s history and the single-biggest investment initiative by a South African corporation.

The majority of the locomotives will be deployed in Transnet’s Freight Rail GFB division, which does not include the company’s dedicated heavy haul lines for iron ore and coal. Transnet said it expects Freight Rail, which accounts for roughly 50% of the company’s revenue and capital expenditure requirements, to grow its volumes to 350 million tonne from the current 207 million tonne. Just over 60% of the growth is expected to come from GFB.

Transnet Electric Locomotive:The locomotive acquisition is divided among the four builders as follows: GE will produce 233 Evolution Series GE ES40ACi diesel electric locomotives for the Transnet Freight Rail network. This is in addition to the 143 locomotives that Transnet has ordered from GE since 2010. CNR Rolling Stock South Africa will supply 232 diesel-electric locomotives. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive and Bombardier Transportation South Africa will supply 599 electric locomotives.

The company said that “In line with South Africa’s commitment to boost its manufacturing capacity, all the locomotives except 70 will be built at plants in Koedoespoort, Pretoria, and Durban operated by Transnet Engineering, Transnet’s engineering, manufacturing, and rolling stock maintenance division. Transnet Engineering’s role in the agreement has been defined to ensure that it transforms into an OEM over time. Transnet Engineering will share approximately 16% of the total build program, about one-third of which will be outsourced to local emerging engineering and manufacturing firms. This will enable it to create export capability for locomotives and related products, as well as drivie South Africa’s regional integration objectives. In total, the localization elements are expected to contribute over US$8.4 billion to the South African economy.”

The contracts have stringent local content, skills development and training commitments as dictated by the Supplier Development Programme, a government initiative led by the Ministry of Public Enterprises, whose main goal is to localize the production of imported machinery and equipment.

Transnet said that the 4 suppliers have complied with and exceeded the minimum local content criteria for rolling stock of 60% for electric locomotives and 55% for diesel locomotives. Mr Brian Molefe, CEO of Transnet Group, said that “Once all these locomotives are delivered, Transnet would have met all the rolling stock requirements needed to successfully execute our Market Demand Strategy, our record-breaking US$28.7 billion infrastructure investment program. The contracts “mark a significant milestone in our company’s history together with substantial socio-economic benefits for South Africa. The drive to modernize our fleet is intended to improve locomotive reliability and availability. This will improve customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to our crucial goal of road to rail migration of cargo in line with government’s objectives, and transform the South African rail industry by growing existing small businesses and creating new ones. We are going to create and preserve approximately 30 000 jobs.”

The core components of GE’s 233 ES40ACi locomotives, including the engines, will be made in the US, with final assembly occurring at a facility in South Africa. Mr Tim Schweikert, President and CEO of General Electric South Africa, said that “This technology will help Transnet lower fuel and maintenance costs over the long run. GE South Africa Technologies is honored to be awarded the opportunity to partner with Transnet in revitalizing South Africa's rail sector. Over the past 5 years, GE South Africa Technologies has delivered more than 115,000 hours of training, more than 35% manufacturing of local content, social upliftment in communities and technology transfer.”

Transnet’s contract awards followed a public tender process overseen by its Board of Directors through a subcommittee of independent directors. In addition, Transnet Internal Audit monitored the bid evaluations to ensure that the process complied with South Africa’s Public Finance Management Act.

The bid evaluation process had six stages involving Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Supplier Development; technical ability and commercial. The latter included pricing, total cost of ownership and contractual terms and compliance to the supply agreement.

The final locomotive is expected to roll off the production line within 3 and a half years. Mr Molefe said that “In other words, at the program’s peak, we will be producing 480 locomotives per year at 48 per month.” Commenting on the rationale for splitting the work among four suppliers, He said that “Ability to stick to an extremely tight delivery schedule was one of the key considerations in assessment of the bids. It is our view that no single supplier would have the capacity or resources to deliver within the timelines we had envisaged.”
Source -railwayage

The much-needed thrid line between Kalyan-Kasara finally on track

Giving commuters on Kalyan-Kasara route—one of country's most congested rail routes—the much-needed relief, the plan to lay a third line between these two stations is finally on its way to becoming a reality.
Central Railway has allotted Rs 35 crore to build seven major bridges on this route as part of the project. The construction of these bridges and remodelling of a road-overbridge between Thakurli and Kalyan is the most important facet of this project. Once they are done, the plan for the third line on this 67-km stretch can easily be executed.

The Kalyan-Kasara route has a huge number of suburban trains competing with a host of long-distance trains moving towards Nashik and from there onto the north and eastern parts of the country. This is in addition to the 20-odd freight trains that consume space and time on the twin lines.

As per CR records, 147 suburban trains ply these routes—34 to Kasara, 39 to Aasangaon and 74 to Titwala. "The passenger load to Titwala, Asangaon and Kasara is growing phenomenally. There is a lot of construction going on in that area and the need for a third line was felt at least a decade ago. But it's better late than never," said a senior CR official.
In addition to this, 71 long-distance trains going to places in UP and Bihar, the north-east and Kolkata use the 49 paths—departure slots—every day on these lines. "Thus it's a very congested route. A third line will reduce the load on these two lines," said the official.

The project has been delayed due to dilly-dallying on the part of the railway ministry. The ministry, as some officials put it, has not been able to fathom the growth in population and the resultant passenger density in the metropolitan regions surrounding Mumbai.

CR first proposed the third line in 2009. The estimated cost then was around Rs 252 crore. Now it will require more that Rs 600 crore to complete it.
"The idea is to build the bridges and modify the road-overbridge in the next 30 months, and then as funds come in, to start work on the rail line. If all goes according to plan, the third line should be up and running in the next three to four years," said the official.

Trains on Kalyan-Kasara route:
Suburban – 147
* To Kasara – 34
* To Asangaon – 39
* To Titwala – 74
* Departures – 49
* Destinations – 71.

Indian railways pins hopes on govt sector

With its ambitious public private partnership (PPP) initiatives still to attract investors, the Railways is now hoping that joint projects with states and public sector undertakings will help it meet its private investment plan.

The Railways has set a target of Rs 6,005-crore investment from the private sector---under its existing PPP model--in its annual plan for the next fiscal.

“Several states have come forward to invest in constructing rail links and other infrastructure projects. Some PSUs such as Coal India are also expected to invest in the first and last-mile rail connectivity projects. Then, there are port companies which have to set up port linkages,” finance commissioner (railways) Rajendra Kashyap said.

For the Railways, getting investment through PPP has been a tough task and the flow of private investment other than the first and last-mile connectivity projects have been dismal.

“We are trying to re-model the PPP plans that are also attuned to the interest of states and PSUs. This would go parallel with our initiative to attract the private sector in certain railway projects such as loco factories,” Railway Board chairman Arunendra Kumar had told FE after the presentation of the rail budget in February.

States such as Karnataka and Haryana have offered the Railways free land to set up rail lines and factories. The national transporter is willing to even offer equity to government-owned entities for projects in these states.

In the 12th Plan, the Railways has an ambitious target of R1 lakh crore under its PPP initiative but there are apprehensions that the private sector or multilateral agencies would not invest in projects such as the high-speed rail corridor.

“Only port connectivity projects have attracted private investment, and other projects such as the high-speed corridor and Rs 20,000-crore Mumbai elevated corridor have not been able to find investors,” the official said.

According to railway ministry officials, Dhamra Port, a joint venture of Tata Steel and L&T, Rewas Port of RIL, Balaji Infra Projects' Dighi Port and Astaranga Port of Navayuga Engineering, among others, have received the Railways' nod to build rail links under the participative policy of rail connectivity, which for the first time allows





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