Mar 29, 2014

‘Promise rail link to Kalyan and we will vote for you’

NAVI MUMBAI: Rail commuters that travel to Kalyan from the city are using the Lok Sabha polls as their trump card to get the oft-promised rail link.

The direct rail link, via Airoli, has been delayed after the project got caught in bureaucratic red tape. Commuters have been demanding that the authorities expedite the process to ease the woes of the citizens. Commuters who need to reach Kalyan are forced to go there via Thane, thereby increasing travel time.

"We are not in favour of any political leaders as nobody is compassionate towards our cause. We will vote for the candidate who can promise that he will get the direct rail link between Kalyan and Navi Mumbai," said a Ghansoli resident Anand Godbole.

Commuters believe that since this issue involved two constituencies — Thane and Kalyan — politicians will pay more attention to it as they comprise a big voter base. "If they truly care about the people, they will take up this cause. We promise that whoever supports our cause will get our votes," said Dombivli resident Pawan Gujjar.
Source-times of india

Minutes of the 1st meeting of the 7th Pay Commission Committee (PCC) held on 26.02.2014

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Central Railway has decided to run 52 Tri-weekly special trains between Dadar and Sawantwadi to clear the extra rush of passengers during summer season.

The details are as under:

01003/01004 Dadar - Sawantwadi – Dadar Tri-weekly specials (52)

Train No. 01003 Dadar – Sawantwadi Tri-weekly special will leave Dadar at 07.50 hrs o­n every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from 11.4.2014 to 8.6.2014 (26 trips) and will arrive Sawantwadi at 19.20 hrs same day.

Train No. 01004 Sawantwadi - Dadar Tri-weekly special will leave Sawantwadi at 05.00 hrs o­n every Wednesday, Saturday and Monday from 12.4.2014 to 9.6.2014 (26 trips) and will arrive Dadar at 16.10 hrs same day.

Halts:Thane, Panvel, Roha, Mangaon, Khed, Chiplun, Savarda, Sangameshwar Rd, Ratnagiri, Adavali, Vilavade, Rajapur Rd, Vaibhavwadi Rd, Kankavali, Sindhudurg, Kudal and Zarap.

Composition:8 Second class Jan Chair cars, 2 General second class and 2 General second class cum guard’s brake vans.

Reservation :Bookings for 01003 and 01004 will be opened at all PRS o­n 30.3.2014.

Source - This new comes to you from Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai.


Elections 2014: Rahul Gandhi promises to create 100 million jobs

Kohima: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday promised to create "100 million jobs" for the unemployed youth of the northeastern states if his party again comes to power at the centre.

Rahul Gandhi addresses a Congress Party meet in new Delhi. File pic

"Our party is committed to create 100 million jobs for youth in the region if it retains power," Gandhi said at a huge rally here in the capital of Nagaland.

The Congress leader was campaigning for his party candidate K.V. Pusa contesting the April 9 Lok Sabha polls for the lone Nagaland parliamentary constituency.

Gandhi, however, said the creation of the jobs could only take place if the northeast has good connectivity with the rest of India.

"The next (Congress) government will focus more on road, rail, air and technological connectivity to remove barriers of movement in the region," he said.

He blamed Chief Minister Nephiu Rio, also the Naga People's Front candidate for the seat, for the backwardness of the state.

The Congress leader assured people that his party would look into all possible means to bring development and prosperity to the state.

"I was never taught to give false promises, but whatever I will promise, I will surely fulfill it," he said.

On the Naga insurgency issue, Gandhi said he won't make false promises, but assured the people that the UPA government would work towards peace and harmony in Nagaland.
Source- Mid Day

LS contenders’ debate: The veteran, the messenger, and the rookie

Never before has the Lok Sabha contest in Chandigarh generated such interest and heat. To cut through the noise, potshots and the typical rhetoric, Hindustan Times organised ‘Candidatetalk@ht’ at The Lalithotel here on Friday, where the top three contenders — Congress incumbent Pawan Kumar Bansal, BJP’s Kirron Kher and the AAP’s Gul Panag — came together on one platform for the first time, and shared their vision for City Beautiful and its not-so-beautiful parts.

With the two actresses, who have been taking potshots liberally at each other, pitted against the political veteran, barbs did fly. But that wasn’t all. As the election is being fought on the promises of corruption-free, good governance, they came prepared with agendas.

Slum rehabilitation and housing for the poor, health and education infrastructure, a robust public transport system including metro rail, and safety of women formed the crux of their promises, though their approaches defined their politics.
Source-hindustan times

Opting for 'Scratch' Vote as a Mode of Protest

The Sabari Railway Action Council, Kothamangalam, set up for the speedy implementing of the proposed Sabari Railway Project, has decided to wield the option of negative voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls in protest against the apathy of authorities in resolving their issues over the last 15 years.

According to the office-bearers of the council, over 250 families whose plots were identified for land acquisition for laying the viaduct of the Sabari Railway will take the option of none of the above (NOTA) this time. Gopalan Vellukuzhi, convener of the action council, said that it was high time that the proposed project was turned into a reality. This was a fitting way to mark their protest against the politicians and government who have turned a blind eye towards the issues of the families whose land was identified for Sabari Railway project. Even after 15 years, the authorities have not taken any step to tackle the issue.

As per the new alignment, the viaduct of the Sabari Rail will pass through two villages, Kothamagalam and Eramallor, in the area where nearly 23 hectares of land have been identified for acquisition. After the developments, the families are caught in the uncertainty over the implementation of project. They have been prevented from selling or handing over their land. They could not even take a bank loan against the land. The families are going through a financial crisis when it comes to meeting the expenses of their children’s education or marriage.

The convener added that the irony is that when land acquisition in other areas is becoming a hurdle for the authority due to local people’s protest, here, all the families are ready to hand over the land for the developmental activity. They only have one demand, that is the land be acquired immediately, he said. Even after a series of protests and requests the political leaders or the authorities concerned are yet to take effective steps in this regard.

With the new decision, nearly 1,000 voters from over 250 families, being represented by the council will cast the scratch vote. We will opt for NOTA in all elections untill the politicians and authorities address our issue, he said.

He further said there is no plan for mass campaign to attract more public to their movement.

We'll throw Aadhaar into the dustbin: H N Ananth Kumar

H N Ananth Kumar

Bharatiya Janata Party’s national general-secretary H NAnanth Kumar, trying for a record sixth continuous term from the Bangalore South constituency, is in a tough battle against Congress candidate Nandan Nilekani. In an interview with Mahesh Kulkarni & Bibhu Ranjan Mishra, he says his basic opposition to Aadhaar is that citizenship of a country should be by determination and not by declaration. Edited excerpts:

What is the mood among voters this time?

There is a tremendous wave in favour of BJP in Bangalore. The BJP is going to win not only in all the three seats in Bangalore but it may also provide surprise results outside Bangalore in places like Chikkaballapur and Kolar.

In 2009 elections, the BJP was ruling in Karnataka and you won 19 seats. Now, your party is not in power. Do you think it will affect your chances of retaining as many seats?

First you need to understand that in Karnataka people have definitely voted differently for the Vidhan Sabha and the Lok Sabha. In 1991, when we first won four seats, we only had four MLAs and that was the biggest ever swing in the annals of Indian democratic history. From 2.6% in 1989, we became 28.6%. Same thing happened in 1996. We got six seats and in 1998 that became 16 with Lok Shakti of Ramakrishna Hegde. I think, on the Narendra Modiwave it will be 20 plus seats.

There is a tremendous wave of Modi this time. There is a huge anti-Congress wave similar to 1977. This time it will be a full time BJP government under Narendra Modi. He has become the icon.

How many seats do you think BJP will win at the all India level?

At the all India level, BJP will win more than 272 seats on its own and form the government.

What is the basis for your confidence?

What is the biggest debate going on in India today? The biggest debate is two-fold. The choice is between good governance, bad governance and no governance. People feel good governance means Narendra Modi, bad governance means Manmohan Singh and no governance means Arvind Kejriwal. Therefore, the choice is good governance and secondly, when the choice is Narendra Modi for good governance, why we should not give him a clear mandate.

The enlightened citizens of this country have seen the 1989 experiment, 1996 experiment and 1998 experiment of the 24 party coalition government of Atal Behari Vajpayee. They know the limitations of each of these experiments and therefore they feel this time we will give a clear mandate to Narendra Modi.

So, you will not require the help of NDA partners in forming the government?

I have clarified this earlier. In my earlier press conference in Delhi as the general secretary of BJP, I said that BJP, despite attaining clear majority, will form the government with the help of NDA partners. Further, we are for the extension of NDA and we want further extension of NDA because we realise that this country cannot be governed only by majority, it can be governed by consensus or near consensus.

In this election, what do you think will be Karnataka’s contribution to the BJP in forming the government?

There are three happening states in the country in this election. One is Uttar Pradesh, another is Bihar and third is Karnataka. Therefore, these three states will make the BJP government. In UP, if you are winning 40+ seats, 20+ seats each in Bihar and Karnataka, it will make our government.

In Karnataka, you took some hasty and desperate moves like inducting Pramod Mutalik and dropped him immediately? Do you think voters will still vote for the party?

I have already said that was a mistake and within two hours that mistake was corrected. Mistakes do happen. Nobody can afford such mistakes, but when mistakes happen, whether you correct it or not.

But, Mutalik is contesting against your candidate in Dharwad?

We are in democracy. Anybody can contest from anywhere. In 1991, Prof Venkatagiri Gowda, the noted economist, contested and became MP from BJP in Bangalore South. In 1996, he was removed from BJP for his anti-party activities and he contested as an independent. He got only 3,000 votes. Therefore, people are going to vote for BJP and against BJP. They are not going to waste their votes.

Your opponent Nilekani says the people of Bangalore South are looking for a change..

There is a tremendous amount of fatigue against the Congress. The congress candidate should understand that this is not a municipal election, this is national election. People are not going to vote for municipality issues and they are going to vote for national issues like price rise, governance, and national security among others.

I entirely agree with him that people are looking for change at the national level. They want to throw out the Congress government at the Centre. There is a tremendous amount of fatigue over price rise, bad governance for the last 10 years of Manmohan Singh government, about economic recession, stagnation, inflation and about insecurity on the borders and inside the borders and at the first ever opportune moment, they are going to pack this Congress government at the centre. When they are packing the entire party that includes individual candidates also.

What are the main issues in the high-profile constituency?

I have already explained, people look at national issues. The people are also questioning Nilekani's new found love for Bangalore in the last 18 days. He came to Bangalore 18 days ago and started loving Bangalore. But here is an MP who has been serving with great commitment for 18 years. Ananth Kumar has been tried, tested and trusted five times. People of this constituency know me as their family member. In each locality, mohalla and gulli, I can call many people by their names. I can call not less than 10,000 people by their first name.

While you claim that the internal democracy is stronger in BJP than other parties, why is the information going out through social media?

We are not a political party like the Congress or family ruled parties like Mulayam Singh Yadav's or Lalu Prasad Yadav’s parties. In BJP,  there is a large amount of internal debate and discussion. Because of this free atmosphere, sometimes, this seeps into social media also. You are asking about party’s internal debate. For example, in Karnataka on March 8, we cleared 20 seats with almost no discussion. But for the remaining 8 parliamentary segments, we took three weeks. It is natural for any political party. Because, where leadership is clear there you can easily do it. And where it is not clear and where there are more than one contestant or claimants, you need to pursue and convince them.

In Bangalore South you are facing an IT industry veteran as your opponent in this election. He claims to have created thousands of jobs when he was in IT industry. Could you explain what was your contribution to the IT industry?

First of all, the entire electronics city came during our period. Number two, you see that major roads connecting the main city to the electronic city was started during Vajapayee’s tenure and completed by the BJP government in the state. It is well known to the world that if there is one government which has provided wherewithal to the IT industry with tele revolution, power reforms and all the sops for software and hardware companies, it is the A B Vajapayee government. I can give you a list of what all the NDA government did between 1999 and 2004.

What are your achievements as MP in the last five terms and what is your contribution to Bangalore South voters?

First of all, I brought Kempegowda international airport to Bangalore. We acquired 3,500 acres land and formed a special purpose vehicle to implement the project. We went for global tendering and laid the foundation stone to the first ever Greenfield international airport for Bangalore.

Secondly, I also brought, as a minister for urban development, the Bangalore Metro project. I appointed Shreedharan and DMRC as the consultant for Bangalore Metro and I gave the money to prepare the DPR, conducted soil test and also had a tie up with JICA for equity and finance.

Thirdly, the Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BMP) was bleeding in 2001, they were not having money for projects. HUDCO was under me and I gave Rs 10,000 crore credit line to state government and Rs 1,000 crore to BMP for creation of more than 250 parks and 57 water reservoirs and tanks. A number of flyovers, underpasses and grade separators were built. We also provided money for construction of 100 Nirmal Shouchalayas (toilets).

Fourthly, I also gave Bangalore two more things, which are on the anvil. Like Mumbai, Bangalore should have a suburban rail. It will have four radials towards -- Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune-Mumbai and Mysore.

We commissioned RITES for conducting detailed project report, which was approved by BJP government in its last budget before 2013 assembly elections. We are the first ever state, which has proposed it to the Centre under the 50:50 joint venture under K-RIDE (Karnataka Railway Infrastructure Development Enterprise), which is a special purpose vehicle created only between government of Karnataka and government of India. That proposal is pending before the Central government.

My recent proposal for Bangalore city is setting up a dedicated power plant at Bidadi with a capacity of 1,250 Mw. I persuaded GAIL to lay the gas pipeline, which is already ready and the DPR is ready for the power project. The government would be floating global tenders very soon for the project.

I have also brought additional 500 MLD water through the Cauvery water 4th stage project for Bangalore despite Jayalalitha’s opposition. I provided Rs 800 crore through HUDCO for the project.

If NDA returns to power, what are your programmes for Bangalore in the first 100 days?

I will take up three projects like, suburban rail, Bidadi power plant and thirdly, rejuvenation of tanks and a metro rail link to international airport.

Six-point Action Plan for UMTA

A two-day workshop on the Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) that concluded on Thursday suggested a six point action plan for the effective implementation of UMTA in the Greater Kochi region by the time the Metro Rail project is commissioned. The workshop was conducted by KMRL.

The six point action plan includes providing statutory backing for UMTA, floating an administrative structure, rationalising transportation network, setting up of a digital monitoring network, establishing monitoring quality and promotion of non-motorised transportation.

UMTA is expected to introduce the city as a single transportation network with seamless interchange, a single ticketing system and a unified transportation network management, command and control. The workshop pointed out that statutory backing for UMTA would mean dedicated enactments or rules or operating procedures for it. The administrative structure for UMTA is necessary for an effective machinery for coordinating all forms of urban transport, including bus, rail, waterways and other public modes of transport, opined the workshop.

The rationalising the transportation network will have to stress particularly bus and waterway network. The transportation monitoring and control system will have to be IT-enabled with seamless interchange between various modes of transport and single ticketing. The workshop observed that various operators in the city have to be standardised by establishing quality-monitoring standards. Non motorised transport are promoted across the world against the backdrop of increasing fuel price and depleting non-renewable sources of energy. In Kochi, observed the workshop, other forms of non-motorised transport like bicycles needs to be promoted. The avenues for improving and ‘repairing and maintaining’ for these should also be given a facelift.

The workshop was conducted in association with CODATU, an international non-profit making organisation, on Wednesday and Thursday to finalise measures to realise the UMTA for Kochi. A three-member team from CODATU- Julien Allaire, Managing Director of CODATU, Etienne Lhomet, director of the company Cities and Men, Laura Cornelis, Master student Land Use Planning for Sustainable Development, led the discussions. Representatives of different stake holders such as Cochin Corporation, GCDA , municipalities and panchayats included in the area of possible jurisdiction of UMTA, KSRTC, Railways, State Water Transport Department, Vyttila Mobility Hub, NGOs like CPPR, C-HED and other key organisations involved in urban transit development actively participated in the discussions. Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD), one of the funding agency of the Kochi Metro Rail project, representatives Xavier Hoang, senior transport expert and Gautier Kohler also participated in the workshop. It was decided that a detailed action plan would be evolved after extensive consultations with stakeholders.
Source-new indian express





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