Jun 5, 2014

Before power shift, 13 ‘confidential’ files go missing from Rail Bhawan

The officials have been given time till June 16, after which they will have to formally communicate the result of the search.
Just days before the BJP-led government took charge, 13 “confidential” files were found to be missing from Rail Bhawan. After carrying out unofficial searches for days, the Railway Board on May 23 termed the files “untraceable” and sent a note to all its branches to look for them.

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“Section officers, in-charges are requested to make a thorough search in their branches/ officers’ rooms,” says the note, which has been accessed by The Indian Express. The officials have been given time till June 16, after which they will have to formally communicate the result of the search.

The files are said to have gone missing either from their respective sections or from the offices where they were sent for consideration. The files are on varied subjects with different degrees of importance, containing notings, deliberations and internal decisions by the bureaucracy at all levels.

Among these are:

Confidential Cell’s files on shortlisted candidates for the appointment of senior joint secretary grade post of division railway managers across India for 2008-09, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

The CAT bench has stayed the appointment of new DRMs over alleged wrongdoings in the process.

* Files containing correspondence with the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI).
* A crucial safety related file containing a proposal to set up “emergency response rooms” at all major stations.
* A file pertaining to senior-level transfers and postings.
* A file on the maintenance charges of four level crossings serving the Bhilai Steel Plant.
* A file on incentive packages offered to employees deputed to Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation Limited.

* Files on out-of-turn promotions to sportspersons and proposal for ad hoc promotions.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior Railway Board official said the missing files could be reconstructed if the file notings are saved in the department computers.
Source-indian express


 901.  Running Allowance for staff performing running Duties 
1. Running Allowance Rules are called "The Rules for the payment of Running and other Allowances to the running staff on the Railways" coming to force with effect from 1-8-1981. 
902.  2. In the provision of these rules, the following terms shall have the meaning assigned to them   for the purpose of payment of Running and other Allowances to the running staff :
(i) "Competent authority" means the President of India or any authority to whom the power to amend or interpret these Rules may be delegated or any authority in whom powers are vested by or under these Rules. 
(ii) "Day" means a calendar day beginning at midnight of a day/date and ending at midnight of the following day/date. The concept of "Rostered Day" as existing hitherto shall be abolished with effect from 1-8-1981. 
(iii) "Running duties" mean duties directly connected with the movement of trains and performed by running staff while employed on moving trains or engines including shunting engines. 
(iv) "Running staff" performing "running duties" shall refer to Railway servants of the categories mentioned below :
(a) Drivers, including Motormen &  Rail  Motor Drivers but excluding Shunters.
(a) Guards
(b)  Shunters
(b) Assistant Guards
(c)  Firemen, including Instructing Firemen, Electric Assistant on Electric Locos and Diesel Assistant/Drivers. Assistants on Diesel Locos.

(v) "Running   Allowance" means an allowance ordinarily granted to running staff in terms of and at the rates specified in these rules, and/or modified by the Central Government in the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board), for the performance of duties directly connected with charge of moving trains and includes a "Kilometrage Allowance" and "Allowance in lieu of kilometrage" but excludes special compensatory allowances. 
(vi) "Terminal" means station/yard from which trains start after formation or the station/yard at which they terminate and does not include Roadside stations. 
(vii) "Shunting (Section or pick-up) train" means a scheduled goods train regularly run for picking up and detaching wagons, either loaded or empty, at roadside stations. 
(viii) (a) "Emergency shunting" includes attaching/detaching of all wagons which have developed hot axles or wagons which are not fit to run. 
(b) "Occasional shunting" includes all attaching/detaching of inspection carriages. 
(ix) "Through Goods Trains" means a train which is scheduled to run from one terminal to another (including those stabled enroute and stabled trains which are picked and cleared) and which ordinarily has shunting planned at only one station/point with one emergency or  occasional shunting, with provision for shunting at one or more station/point in exceptional circumstances. It includes light engines run on traffic account.  
(x) "Tranship (van) train" means a scheduled goods train regularly run for picking up and delivering consignments of smalls at stations. SQT/ASQT services which were hitherto covered under this category shall be discontinued with effect from 1-8-1981. 
(xi) "Shunting/Van Goods /Works train" means a goods train which is run to perform scheduled sectional work and which is required to do shunting at more than one station/point and which may also be required to do  emergency/occasional shunting.  
(xii) "Ballast, Material and Crane, Specials" means trains working on departmental account for the carriage of ballast or material or for the haulage of cranes,
(xiii) "Breakdown and Medical Relief train" means train working on departmental account on breakdown duties or for Providing medical relief on account of accidents etc. 
(xiv) "Light engines on mechanical account" means light engines proceeding for repairs to shops/sheds after repairs in shops to sheds and after temporary repairs to shops when they are unfit to work a train. 
(xv) "Departmental train" means a train working on departmental account and includes ballast trains, Breakdown relief trains, material trains and light engines on mechanical account. It also includes the following services  
(a)   unloading coal or pump boiler at the pump houses while working light engine or train; 
(b)  light engine ordered with engineering representatives to certify the track; 
(c)  light engine ordered with water tender from one station to another. 
The following services are to be treated as ordinary services :
(a)   Inspection specials or   specials with Railways Officials in cases of emergency e.g. GM's Inspection specials, Divisional Inspection  Specials; 
(b)  "Damaged rake specials and trial rake specials". 
(xvi) (a) "Stationary posts" refers to all posts excluding those specified under item (iv). 
(b) "Stationary duties" refers to duties performed other than running duties specified under item (iii). 
(xvii) "Regulations" means the Hours of Employment Regulations in so far as they apply to running staff. 
(xviii) "Signing on" and "Signing off" shall have the same meaning as in Hours of Employment Regulations. 

Memorandum to 7th Pay Commission on merger of Dearness Allowance and Interim Relief

Forwerding letter of Interim relief
Source - http://ncjcmstaffside.com

During peak summer rush, touts rule the roost

Summer is the busiest season for touts.

You may stand in the queue at the booking counter or try it online to buy Tatkal tickets of the Indian Railways, but you can't beat the touts.

The nation's lifeline is reeling under the organised rackets of touts across cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Lucknow, and in the smaller towns of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It's no more the Tatkal you can trust; it's the 'Toutkal' that rules the roost.

Millions of Indians, who depend on the railways to travel long distances, find it almost impossible to buy Tatkal tickets during the peak seasons of summer and festivals. It leaves them with no other option but to fall back on touts who charge hefty premium for the tickets. For a reality check, I recently travelled between New Delhi and Patna and got to know about the new tricks employed in a dirty old business. A lot of insight was provided by the agents themselves who operate from their shoddy offices near the railway stations in New Delhi and Patna.

The first thing that struck me was that despite the much-publicised crackdown on touts by the railways and Delhi Police, nothing really has changed. In fact, the touts have become much more organised.

There are more than a dozen trains that ply between Delhi and Patna. But even then, most passengers cannot get a 'confirmed' ticket through the Tatkal system. Touts have hijacked the ticket booking counters in connivance with certain railway officials. To make matters worse, the online system does not work properly because of heavy traffic.

A copy of the reporterâ train ticket.

With demand for tickets soaring during summer, one can easily spot ticket agents at the railway stations, offering tickets to hapless passengers. When I spoke with scores of passengers during my journey, more than 50 per cent of them admitted that they had bought the tickets from touts or agents.

In my case, no sooner had I reached the Delhi station a tout approached me and enquired: "Where do you have to go?" Following the initial conversation, he took me to an office in the Paharganj area in Delhi. "An AC III Tier ticket for Rs.3,000 and an AC II Tier ticket for Rs.4,000... you need to submit a photocopy of your identity card," said an agent who was surrounded by four to five customers. When asked, one of the agents replied: "Brother, we don't keep all the money. We have to pay at least two persons. Tell me, if you want a ticket or not."

Having no other option, I gave in.

Meanwhile, I continued my conversation with another tout there and soon he began to reveal the tricks of his trade. "We have stopped deploying men at the counters in Delhi. There are CCTV cameras. We have people in cities like Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Bareli and other smaller cities. They get the tickets easily from booking counters there with hardly any vigilance,"said a Delhi-based agent.

After reaching Patna, I hoped of getting a 'confirmed' ticket for my return journey. But my hopes were dashed and I had to contact an agent at Exhibition Road near Patna railway station. Once again it was the same story but there was a difference this time: I was not required to provide any identity document to get the ticket. "You will be one of the many passengers travelling on the single railway ticket," said the agent.

When I asked the reason, he replied, "We give the list of passengers to the booking clerk even before booking of tickets starts. He keeps all the names typed on his computer screen and the moment booking begins, he presses the 'Enter' key," he added. While the ticket was booked on Monday morning, I got the photocopy of the ticket on Tuesday afternoon.

It was revealed that the ticket was booked at Bihia in Bhojpur. "The original ticket is with another person and he will meet you on the train," the agent said.
SOURCE - indiatoday

GOOD NEWS: ट्रेन रहेंगी अब साफ-सुथरी, TTE रखेगा हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ पर नजर

 GOOD NEWS: ट्रेन रहेंगी अब साफ-सुथरी, TTE रखेगा हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ पर नजर
ट्रेनों में साफ सफाई पर अब ट्रेवलिंग टिकट इंस्पेक्टर (टीटीई) नजर रखेंगे। ट्रेन में उन्हें जहां भी गंदगी दिखाई देगी वे उसमें मौजूद हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ को इसकी सूचना देकर साफ करवाएंगे। रेलवे ने ट्रेनों में सफाई व्यवस्था में सुधार करने के साथ ही हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ के काम की निगरानी की जिम्मेदारी टीटीई को सौंपी गई है। रेलवे बोर्ड ने सभी 16 जोन मुख्यालयों को इसके निर्देश भेज दिए हैं। इसके साथ ही टीटीई हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ के काम की समीक्षा भी करेंगे।

रेलवे ने ट्रेनों में सफाई व्यवस्था पुख्ता करने के लिए ऑन बोर्ड हाउस कीपिंग (ओबीएचसी) व्यवस्था की है। इसके तहत ट्रेन के शुरुआत से अंतिम स्टेशन तक ट्रेन में हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ उपलब्ध रहेगा। इन कर्मचारियों की जिम्मेदारी शुरू से अंत तक ट्रेन में सफाई व्यवस्था की रहेगी। कई मौकों पर ये कर्मचारी सफाई नहीं करते। इस कारण यात्रियों को परेशान होना पड़ता है।। यात्रियों से मिले खराब फीडबैक के बाद रेलवे ने यह नई व्यवस्था की तरह इस पर नजर रखने की जिम्मेदारी अब टीटीई को दे दी है।

GOOD NEWS: ट्रेन रहेंगी अब साफ-सुथरी, TTE रखेगा हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ पर नजर

इसलिए करनी पड़ी व्यवस्था:
दरअसल ट्रेनों को साफ सुधरा रखने के लिए रेलवे ने सफाई व्यवस्था ठेके पर दी है। इसके तहत ट्रेन में हाउस कीपिंग स्टाफ भीतर ही मौजूद रहेगा, ताकि किसी भी कोच में गंदगी होने पर तुरंत यात्री सफाई करवा सकें। बीते दिनों रेलवे ने देशभर में चल रही ट्रेनों में हाउस कीपिंग का फीडबैक लिया था। इसमें अधिकांश यात्रियों ने ओबीएचसी सुविधा होने के बावजूद कोच में गंदगी की शिकायत की थी।

Kacheguda-Guntur & Kacheguda-Tirupati Double Decker Trains not to run between 5th and 10th August, 2014


It is proposed to conduct trial route clearance study o­n new routes for running of Double Decker trains. Towards these trial runs, the Double Decker train rakes being used for the services at present between Kacheguda-Guntur and Guntur-Tirupati will be put to use.
     In view of the above, Double Decker train services will not be run and no booking of passengers will be made o­n the dates mentioned below:-
1.Train No. 22118 Kacheguda-Guntur Double Decker train will not run o­n 5th and 8th August, 2014.
2.Train No. 22117 Guntur-Kacheguda Double Decker train will not run o­n 5th and 8th August, 2014.
3.Train No. 22120 Kacheguda-Tirupati Double Decker train will not run o­n 6th and 9th August, 2014.
      4.   Train No. 22119 Tirupati-Kacheguda Double Decker train will not run o­n 7th and 10th August, 2014.

(K.Sambasiva Rao)
Chief Public Relations Officer

IRCTC offers Special Six Day Rail Tour Package from Hyderabad to famous Temples in Tamil Nadu

IRCTC offers Special Six Day Rail Tour Package from Hyderabad to famous Temples in Tamil Nadu

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), in its continuous efforts to offer new and attractive rail tour options, has designed a Special Five Night and Six Day tour package from Hyderabad to various popular Temples in Tamil Nadu. This tour package will start o­n 11th June, 2014 from Kacheguda railway station (Hyderabad) and terminate o­n 16th June 2014. The details are as follows:-
·         Day 1 / Wednesday :-
Starting from Kacheguda by Train No 16734 Rameswaram Express at 5:55 pm (11th June 2014)
·         Day 2 / Thursday :-
Arrival at Rameswaram at 7:45 pm, transfer to hotel and night stay.
·         Day 3 / Friday :-
Visit to Dhanushkodi, Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agni Theertham, Pamban Bridge and Ramar Badam. Departure to Kanyakumari by road at 11:00 pm.
·         Day 4 / Saturday :-
Arrival at Kanyakumari at 5:00 am, transfer to hotel, Visit to Sunrise Point, Kumari Amman Temple, Three Seas Mingle Point, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Mandapam etc. Departure to Madurai by road at 11:00 pm.
·         Day 5 / Sunday :-
Arrival at Madurai at 04:00 am. Visit to Meenakshi Amman Temple & Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal. Boarding Train No. 17616 Kacheguda Express at 12:50 pm at Madurai.
·         Day 6 / Monday:-
Arrival at Kacheguda at 02:05 am (16th June 2014).
This package comes in different options. For details the following phone numbers can be contacted - Secunderabad: 040 27702407; 040 23400606; 9701360701; Vijayawada: 9701360620; Tirupati: 9701360675. Website:- www.irctctourism.com
SOURCE - K.Sambasiva Rao, Chief Public Relations Officer



Press Note No.67 dt. 29-05-2014


North Frontier Railway(NFR) has decided to augment temporarily with one First Class A.C.-cum-2-tier AC coach for Train Nos.12510/12509 GUWAHATI-BANGALORE CITY-GUWAHATI SUPERFAST EXPRESS, as per the following details:--
Accordingly, Train No.12510 GUWAHATI-BANGALORE CITY SUPER FAST EXPRESSwill be attached with one First Class AC-cum-2-tier AC Coach temporarily, from GUWAHATI end on Mondays only, i.e. from 02nd June, 2014 to 07th July, 2014(Total coaches after augmentation : 24 coaches instead of 23 as at present).

In the return direction, Tr. No.12509 BANGALORE CITY-GUWAHATI SUPERFASTEXPRESSwill be attached with oneFirst Class A.C-cum- AC 2-tier coachtemporarily, from BANGALORE CITY end on Thursdays only i.e.from 05th June, 2014 to 10th July, 2014 ( Total coaches after augmentation : 24 coaches instead of 23 as at present).

The revised composition after augmentation with one First Class AC-cum AC 2-tier coach for the above Express,will have total 24 coaches, consisting of One First Class AC-cum AC 2-tier coach,Two AC 2-tier coaches, Six AC 3-tier coaches, Ten Second Class Sleeper coaches, Two General Second Class coaches, Two Second Class cum Luggage cum Brake Vans-cum-Disabled coachesand a Pantry Car.

SOURCE - Office of the General Manager, Public Relations Branch, SWR, Club Road, Hubli- 023,

(Sainath AVRK)
Chief Public Relations Office


hennai Egmore – Puducherry – Chennai Egmore expresses will stop at Tirusulam railway station temporarily for a period of four months with effect from 13.06.2014 to 12.10.2014 o­n an experimental basis.

Train No.16115 Chennai Egmore – Puducherry express leaving Chennai Egmore at 18.10 hrs. will leave Tirusulam at 18.27 hrs. and Train No.16116 Puducherry – Chennai Egmore express will leave Tirusulam at 08.55 hrs.

Source - D. LAKSHMANAN, Chief Public Relations Officer


Always Cross Railway Level Crossings Carefully
            In order to bring awareness regarding safety at railway level crossings among the public, Western Railway will launch safety awareness campaign at all six divisions to educate people about the dangers of crossing unmanned railway level crossings without caution. For the safety of railway passengers as well as road users, it is necessary for road vehicles to always stop before a railway crossing and watch carefully for the incoming train from either sides and then cross the railway level crossing safely.
            India is a member country of 'International Union of Railways' which is celebrating 7th May, 2013 as 'International Level Crossing Awareness Day'. The motto of the union for this year is "Act safely at level crossings".
            With a view to spread awareness in this regard among the target audience, this awareness campaign will be conducted among school & college students and panchayats. In order to target the road users, this campaign will be conducted at unmanned railway level crossings where the vehicle drivers will be made aware of the necessary precautions which are required to be taken before crossing an unmanned railway gate. It is planned to carry out this campaign o­n mass level for effective dissemination of related information.
           Source - (Sharat Chandrayan) Chief Public Relations Officer

Train No.12322 Mumbai-Howrah Mail via Allahabad Cancelled

दिनांक ​5.6.​2014 को छत्रपति शिवाजी टर्मिनस से 21.25 बजे प्रस्थान करने वाली 12322 मुंबई-हावड़ा मेल वाया इलाहाबाद, रद्ध कर दी गयी है। (अप ट्रेन को पूर्व रेलवे ने रद्ध किया है)
12322 Mumbai-Howrah Mail via Allahabad schedule departure CST at 21.25 hrs o­n 
 is CANCELLED (Up train Cancelled by Eastern Railway)
Passengers are requested to note the cancellation.
​June 3, 
Source - This news comes to you from the Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai.





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