Jun 30, 2014

Expected Rise in Dearness Allowance of 7% for Central Government Employees from JULY 2014

Calculation based on All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100

For all the Central Government Employees there would be a rise in DA to 7 %, which would result in the overall rise to at-least 107 % from 01.07.2014.

How to get refund from Indian Railways?

You can easily get refund of a train ticket bought through the Railways passenger reservation system or PRS, either online or through a ticket window. There may be some delay in refund for tickets bought from private re-sellers

If there is one technology based product in India, which showcases domestic Indian skillsets as well as has a history of being able to very deftly and adroitly avoid falling into the trap of lop-sided foreign solutions, then it has to be the Indian Railway's Passenger Reservation System, or PRS for short. Handling between 1.5 to 2.25 million separatetransactions per day, each transaction being for anything from one to six passengers, covering over 2,500 trains with over 50 different classes of travel and no count on quotas, concessions and more - the PRS has set a benchmark all over the world, which some of us who have worked on databases as well as other technologies can only begin to understand.

But surely do we appreciate and feel proud of as Indians. Just imagine the complexities? I wish Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and Aadhaar had been handed over to Indian Railways, it would not have been the mess it is now, and the information would have stayed on in India.

That it gets stick from a variety of segments, from passengers to competitors to simply jealous entities, is par for the course when something is Indian and successful. Especially from Indians, and very especially from ex-pat Indian origin types, sadly, but true. Very bluntly, I do wish the Indian Railways would take time out to propagate this one aspect of technology, if for not only blowing their own bugle, but then also to be able to build some self-confidence in millions of other Indians who are daily subjected to all sorts of perception management tricks on forcing Indians to believe that they can not compete with the world.

Having said that, there are multiple problems faced by people using the PRS, not all of which are the fault of the service provider Indian Railways. Fact remains, things have only become better, and given the pace of lack of change mostly elsewhere, this is like being able to send a manned space mission to Mars from India.

Which does not in any way reduce the reality that yes, many people appear to and do have problems when seeking refunds, though here again, Indian railways score better than most other cash-handling utilities and services in India. Try getting a refund from an airline, for example? Also, for the 700-1000 million transactions per annum, refunds are a very small number.

Still, you bought a ticket, and now want a refund?

Obviously, when the numbers are so vast, this is not going to happen without checks and balances. We are assuming here that you want a refund in most cases for cancellations done well before departure time, at least four-six hours. What happens, then, when you need a refund for a railway ticket bought using the PRS?

1) Ticket bought for cash over the counter - refund is as fast as the queue will permit, subject to the complex rules regarding cancellation of refunds. It is good to learn about the rules before heading for a refund. They can be found written on the wall, in time-tables, and online.

2) Ticket bought online from IRCTC - My experience has been that for dozens of bookings a year, and about half of them resulting in cancellations, I have not had a single bad experience. Few times that there was some confusion, due to missing a train or other issues, there was nothing that a couple of emails did not resolve. Every paisa paid online is refunded, subjected to the rules prevailing - including service tax refunds.

3) Tickets bought through other private websites - These are the complicated and troublesome episodes, because here we have additional rules and fine print from theprivate website. I will be very frank, but the fine print with these private websites appears to keep changing all the time, and there is not much that an external agency can do to help since these terms and conditions are seldom available in printed hard copy form anywhere.

Which, in a way, is the solution we would expect from Indian Railways too - that they incorporate terms and conditions from private re-sellers on Indian Railways pages, both online and hard-copy. And that these terms and conditions, especially for refunds, be changed only after due information to the Indian Railways.

At the end of the day, I, as a railway passenger, am a customer of the primary vendor, Indian Railways. Any problems created and not resolved by their intermediaries with us as customers will only reflect badly on them.

And that is why many of us appear to blame Indian Railways when the real issue often lies with other vendors or providers. From crowds outside railway stations to sanitation to food to ticket refunds.

Clarity and accountability set by Indian Railways for all issues pertaining to PRS would be of great help not just for customers but also for the name and fame of Indian Railways too.

PS: What about refunds for tickets unused because of missed trains and connections?

Fear not, Indian Railways have pre-empted pretty much every contingency here, and from "Ticket Deposit Receipt" system both online and across the counter, to writing a letter, there is a rule and there is a refund. Look for it, send an email, ask around - and it will happen. Some extreme cases that I have resolved in my own experience include -

# child chewing up tickets before boarding the train.
# child floating the ticket away as "boat" in water gutter near platform.
# fell asleep on platform bench and train departed without me.
# whole group of school-children penalised for misspelling names.

There are good human beings at Indian Railways, it is just that they expect you to take some time out to read and understand their rules and regulations, too. Fair enough?

(Veeresh Malik started and sold a couple of companies, is now back to his first love—writing. He is also involved in helping small and midsize family-run businesses re-invent themselves.)

Indian Railways ruined by populist Budgets

On the morning of the railway accident near Chhapra last Wednesday, TV news anchors, especially on the Hindi channels, went slightly nuts. They connected the accident, which may have been an act of Maoist terrorism, to the recent rise in the price of railway tickets and freight transport announced by the new Minister of Railways. They charged the Minister with betraying the ‘common man’. Here I quote verbatim what a lady anchor said, “The Government has raised the price of tickets by 14 per cent on the grounds that passengers will be provided with better services and better security but this accident is a proof that the burden of paying more should not be imposed on the common man. He now pays almost as much for a railway ticket as he pays for an air ticket and he cannot even be guaranteed safety.”
Source-niti central

ONE Executive Chair car added in 12009/12010 Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad shatabdi Exp

12009/12010  Mumbai Central – Ahmedabad shatabdi Exp
One Executive Chair car coach will be temporarily added in Train No 12009/12010 Mumbai central – Ahmedabad shatabdi Exp  w.e.f ex Mumbai central from 01/07.14 to 30.09.14 (except Sunday) and ex Ahmedabad from 01/07/14 to 30/09/14 (except Sunday) . With this, the train will run with 17 coaches. 

(Sharat Chandrayan)
Chief Public Relations Office


Ashadi Fair is being held at Pandharpur during the period from 3.7.2014 to 12.7.2014 with main day o­n 9.7.2014 i.e. Ashadi Ekadashi. It is anticipated that about 1.5 lakh to 2.0 lakh pilgrims will visit Pandharpur by railway during the fair period. Railways for the convenience of pilgrims are making the following arrangements.

* Provision of additional booking windows at important stations like Pandharpur, Latur, Kurduwadi and Miraj to issue tickets round the clock.

* Availability of drinking water with provision of additional taps round the clock.

* Availability of snacks, eatables especially milk based items round the clock at important stations.

* Running of additional special trains and also attaching extra coaches to scheduled trains.

* Provision of sheds for waiting of pilgrims.

* Provision of additional lighting arrangements.

* Provision of Public Address systems.

* Provision of temporary urinals and toilets.

* Deputing of additional safaiwalls at stations and o­n trains to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

* Deputing additional security personnel to maintain bandobast etc.

Source - This news comes to you from Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai.

(Narendra A Patil)
Chief Public Relations Officer

Monsoon Time Table on Konkan Railway - Timings of Mumbai Area Trains from Konkan Railway


Railways have decided to implement Mansoon Time Table o­n Konkan Railway with effect from 1.7.2014 to 30.9.2014. Due to this implementation the departure timings of following trains will be postponed / preponed as mentioned from the origination station.


Train Name

Departure timings from originating station
Madgaon-Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Mandovi Express
Sawantwadi Dadar Rajya Rani Express
Madgaon-Dadar Janshatabdi Express
Manglore-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
Matsyagandha Express
Madgaon-Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Kokan Kanya Express
Manglore Jn.-Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Sawantwadi – Diva Passenger
Ernakulam – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
Duronto Express

Passengers o­n this route are requested to please take note of these changes to avoid any inconveniences.

Source - This news comes to you from Public Relations Department, Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai. 
(Narendra A Patil)
Chief Public Relations Officer

A rail delight for disabled children

With the new coach are, from left, Ken Parker (black cap), Derek Linford (driver), Graham Stubbs, David Bound, Lewis Ashbolt, Chris Vaughan, Dave Jenner, Allan Wells

A BRAND new coach custom- designed to meet the needs of disabled children was unveiled yesterday to the delight of little ones at Coate Water Miniature Railway.

Following a four-year campaign led by the North Wilts Model Engineering Society, which runs the local attraction, to secure the £5,000 necessary for the specially commissioned carriage, Swindon mayor Teresa Page officially inaugurated the wheelchair-friendly train.

The club launched a fundraising appeal in 2010 after a visit from Brimble Hill School pupils. While many of the children enjoyed rides, their wheelchair-bound classmates were unable to join in the fun.

Unveiling the train, Coun Page said: “It’s great that young people and older people can come here regardless of their abilities and ride a train.

“Now everybody is equal when they come here.

“I am absolutely delighted to open something new like this in our own town. And I am hoping to come back when Brimble Hill come here.”

The coach was ordered in 2013 and had been used on and off since last December for training. A special coach house had to be designed for the new train.

Each of the carriage’s sides fold down, allowing chairs to be wheeled straight in.

“We finally got the coach last year and we’ve been checking it out and trying it to make sure it was okay.Hilary Foley, North Wilts Model Engineering Society secretary, added: “We were able to do it through fundraising and it was a good cause. We were pleased to unveil it.

“It all started about four years ago when Brimble Hill School came and two or three of them were in very big wheelchairs and there was no way we could get them on the trains. “You could see how disappointed they were.

“They will be back in July now so it will be nice for them.”

To find out more about Coate Water Miniature Railway, visit http://northwiltsmes.wix.com/ coate-water-railway
Source-this is wilt shire 

Is it time to sell or buy railway infrastructure stocks?

Rising railway infrastructure stocks could see a fall after the railway budget is tabled. Those looking to enter should wait for market corrections.

Railway infrastructure sector tops the chart when it comes to extraordinary returns. During the last three months, the Sensex has generated 15% returns. For the same period, rail infrastructure stocks posted returns of more than 100%. So, should investors buy these stocks and participate in the rally, or exit them to book profits?

First, let us understand why these stocks have rallied the way they have. Just like other stocks from the infrastructure sector, rail infrastructure stocks h .. 

Read more at:
Source-economic times

India to have world’s tallest girder rail bridge in Northeast

At present, the Malarijeka via-duct in Montenegro, Europe, with a height of 139 metre is the highest such rail bridge, the official said.

The much-delayed railway link to Manipur’s capital Imphal is set to get the world’s tallest girder rail bridge on the 125-km-long Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal route.

First included in the 2003-2004 central budget, the Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal project has seen many delays and construction is not even one-third the way through, but the Railways says it has so far completed seven of the 46 tunnels on the project, with the NF Railways saying it will complete five more in the current year.

“Last week we completed Tunnel No 14 that passes under the Silchar-Imphal National Highway-37, with which we have so far completed 19.5 km of the 39.4 km of total tunnel-length that the Jiribam-Imphal track will have,” a senior NF Railay official said on Sunday. The longest tunnel on this route will be 10.7 km in length, he said.

But the biggest feat the Railways has been working on is Bridge No 164, which will have a proposed pier height of 141 metre and would make it the tallest girder rail bridge in the world.

At present, the Malarijeka via-duct in Montenegro, Europe, with a height of 139 metre is the highest such rail bridge, the official said.

Declared as a National Project in 2012, the Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal project has already missed two deadlines, with the revised target for completion now fixed at 2022.

“We however want to complete the Jiribam-Tupul 84-km section by March 2016 in the first phase. This portion will require 1,310 hectares of land out of which work is in progress in 1,263 hectares. There will be 112 minor bridges and six major bridges, out of which 52 minor bridges have been already completed,” the NF Railway official said.
Source-indian express

CBI busts railway exam scam, 15 arrested

The Central Bureau of Investigation carried out surprise searches in two residential flats at R.T. Nagar and Dinnur here early on Sunday and arrested 13 candidates who were in possession of question papers for the Assistant Railway Loco Pilot exam scheduled later in the day.
The aspirants from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, besides a few from North Indian States, were busy preparing for the exam with the help of the leaked question papers in the apartment when the CBI sleuths knocked on their doors.

The candidates had begun preparations on Saturday, a day in advance, said a CBI official, who was part of the team that carried out searches based on a tip-off.

The aspirants had allegedly paid Rs. 5 lakh each to get the question papers in advance from a few Railway officials, who had also arranged their accommodation at an apartment in R.T. Nagar and Dinnur to not only help them prepare for the exam, but also avoid further leakage, sources said.

Based on the information provided by the candidates, the sleuths also raided the houses of Divisional Personnel Officer of South Western Railways Shivanna, who had allegedly played a key role in the racket. However, Shivanna managed to escape.

The officials raided the house of Chief Vigilance Inspector of South Western Railways Mahesh and arrested him along with his associate Shivaramaiah, a city-based advocate.

Efforts are on to arrest Shivanna, a senior CBI officer said.

The officials have recovered a few documents and Rs. 1.5 lakh in cash from these two. A case under Sections 120B and 420 of the IPC and under various sections of Prevention of Corruption Act have been registered against them, a senior officer said.

Meanwhile, the Railway Recruitment Board conducted the exam as per the schedule. Senior officials of South Western Railways feigned ignorance about the raid when they were approached for their comments.

Source - THE HINDU





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