Aug 31, 2014

Commerce ministers to hold talks ahead of Xi’s visit to India

Nirmala Sitharaman had held talks with Gao Hucheng when she visited China with vice-president, Hamid Ansari in June this year. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint Beijing: Ahead of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s forthcoming visit to India, commerce ministers of both the countries are set to hold talks to finalize multi-billion dollar package of Chinese investments in India. Commerce minister, Nirmala Sitharaman is due to arrive in Beijing on Monday to take part in the India, China joint economic working-group (JEG) headed jointly along with her Chinese counterpart Gao Hucheng. The two ministers would meet on 2 September to discuss a broad trade agenda which includes China’s plans to address India’s concerns of mounting trade deficit which is currently averaging around $35 billion per annum. India’s trade deficit with China mounted to $8.84 billion in the first three months of this year out of total trade volume of $21.98 billion. The bilateral trade amounted to $65.47 billion in 2013 with trade deficit totalling $31.42 billion. This is Sitharaman’s second visit to China after she took over as commerce minister. She held talks with Gao when she visited China with vice-president, Hamid Ansari in June this year. The commerce ministers talks would focus on the broad package of Chinese investments that were expected to be announced during Xi’s visit New Delhi expected to be in the third week of September, officials told PTI. High on the agenda of investments are the Chinese industrial parks in India, which was expected to be announced by Xi during his visit. A Chinese delegation is currently in India visiting three different locations, including New Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The two sides have already signed an MOU outlining a broad frame work for the parks. India wants China to set up four such parks, while China wants to make a beginning with one. Discussions were expected to be focused on the products China wants to manufacture in the parks while Chinese officials maintained the quantum of the investment would be announced by Xi during his visit. Considering the rapport established between Xi and Narendra Modi during their meeting in Brazil on the sidelines of the recent Brics meeting, the extent of Chinese investments would be discussed during their meeting in New Delhi. Yet another area of discussions would be China’s involvement in India’s plans to modernise its railways. China is keen to construct the high speed rail network on build, operate and maintenance basis while India currently prefers China to modernise the existing tracks to improve the speed as well as modernising the railway stations. mint

Feds want nuclear waste train, but nowhere to go

ATLANTA — Federal officials are looking for train cars to haul nuclear waste toward its final resting place.

Too bad they have no idea where that train will actually go.

Officials at the U.S. Department of Energy asked commercial firms this spring for ideas on buying or leasing specialized train cars to haul radioactive, used fuel from nuclear reactors to an interim storage site or a geologic depository. Those railcars will carry 150-ton casks of fuel up to eight times annually.

U.S. officials began charging electricity customers years ago for handling the disposal of nuclear power waste. Plans for a disposal site have repeatedly bogged down.

The waste will likely move by rail because it's too heavy for trucks or even normal railcars.

Officials warn of transient rail riders in Nebraska, say they communicate online

NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska — They are a common sight in North Platte. Often appearing haggard and worn, homeless travelers, can be seen walking down streets or sitting on corners — especially during the summer months.

Many times, they carry signs appealing for handouts. Other times, they are simply passing through, The North Platte Telegraph reported ( ).

Whatever their intentions, transients end up in the community for the same reason many other visitors do.

"We're centrally located," said Roland Kramer, chief deputy for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. "Interstate 80, Highway 83 and Highway 30 bring them in."

Not all transients travel the roadways, however. Some hop a train.

"We do have security in and around Bailey Yard," said Mark Davis, director of corporate relations and media for Union Pacific Railroad. "On the main lines, away from the yard, we still have security, but it's not as concentrated. Railroad dispatch gets calls daily of people on trains, which is extremely dangerous."

Unlike the homeless people of days gone by, there's not much romance associated with today's illegal rail travelers. An internal communication system still exists among them, but it's more sophisticated than it used to be.

"They don't draw symbols on buildings and trees anymore," Kramer said. "Much communication is online."

One such group that uses the web to communicate is the Freight Train Riders of America, a dangerous gang that has been linked to everything from drug trafficking and thefts to brutal assaults and murders over the years.

According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, the Freight Train Riders of America was established in 1984 by a group of Vietnam veterans in Montana.

The reference service describes the group's members as "predators who will do whatever it takes to survive and they do not mind killing people in the process."

According to the reference service, most of the members carry knives. Some also carry large sticks, ax handles or guns to threaten and bludgeon victims.

Because they travel by train, they can quickly leave the scene of a crime and be miles away by the time law enforcement obtains suspect information.

Kramer said the majority of transients who jump off trains around North Platte aren't dangerous. However, there's no way to immediately tell who is or isn't.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 46 percent of homeless adults live with a severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

Data from the American Psychological Association indicates the homeless have higher rates of tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS than the general population. Sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent among some subgroups.

For safety reasons, Kramer recommends not making contact with transients or providing them with handouts.

Davis asks that people hitching a ride on trains be reported to the UPRR dispatch center at 888-877-7267.
Source..tri btown

Government to increase dearness allowance to 107%, up from 100%

Government is likely to approve a hike in dearness allowance (DA) to 107% from the existing 100%, benefiting around 30 lakh Centre's employees and its 50 lakh pensioners including dependents.
"The average rate of retail inflation for industrial workers from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 works out to be 7.25%. Thus the Central government will hike dearness allowance for it employees by 7%," an official said.
He said the Finance Ministry will now put a Cabinet proposal for approval of 7% DA hike from July 1 this year as the revised Consumer Price Index-Industrial Workers data for June was released by Labour Ministry yesterday.
With increase in DA, the pensioners will also gain as the benefit provided to them as dearness relief will be hiked to 107% of basic pay.
The previous UPA government had increased DA to 100% from 90% with effect from January 1, 2014, on February 28 on the basis of agreed formula for revision of the allowance.
However, the central government employees' union is not very enthused by the 7% hike in the dearness allowance as their long pending demand of merger of DA with basic pay has not been given heed by 7th Pay Commission and the government.
"The erosion of value of wages is unbearable at 50% dearness allowance. Now it will be 107%. It is high time to merge DA with basic pay to provide relief to employees," Confederation of Central Government Employees' President K K N Kutty told PTI.
"We had summited our memorandum in this regard to 7th Pay Commission. They forwarded it to Central Government. We have apprised about the issue to the newly elected NDA government. But no decision has been taken so far," he said.
With merger of DA with basic pay, the salary and allowances paid in proportion of basic pay are increased. As per earlier practise DA was merged with basic pay once it breached 50% mark. But 6th Pay Commission has disallowed that.

Rail Heritage Museum to Offer a Trip Back in Time

The erstwhile running bungalow on the Kozhikode railway station premises, where the Calicut Heritage Forum proposes to host the rail heritage museum | t p sooraj
The age-old Railway Institute, which is the recreation centre of the Railways, to be conserved as part of setting up the rail heritage museum

KOZHIKODE: On March 12, 1862, the first train ran between Tirur and Chaliyam, kickstarting the first rail traffic in British Malabar.

Later, after a gap of 26 years, Kozhikode was linked to Madras - the then Presidency capital - by rail on January 2, 1888. Kozhikode’s railway chronicle goes on. And, if things pan out as per plan, you will soon have an opportunity to walk through this railway heritage.

The Calicut Heritage Forum (CHF), a collective of history enthusiasts, is preparing a detailed plan to set up a

rail heritage museum at the Kozhikode railway station, which once served as the western terminus of Madras Railway.

A K Kasturba, associate professor with NIT, Kozhikode, and Shinoy Jesinth, faculty of the History Department, Government Brennan College, Thalassery, have been entrusted with the work under the supervision of historian M G S Narayanan, also the president of CHF, and former northern regional director of the Archaeological Survey of India, K K Mohammed.

The team has found that the 100-year-old building adjacent to the present railway quarters that was used as the ‘Running Bungalow’ of the Railways is an ideal location to host the museum. It has been built in a colonial architectural style and the space around it is being utilised for exhibiting train compartments, locomotives and huge cranes.

Currently, a portion of the nearly-dilapidated building is being used as the office of the senior section engineer (carriage and wagon).

The railway institute, which was set up in 1888 itself as a recreation centre will also be conserved.

Says C K Ramachandran, convenor of CHF, “Despite possessing such a rich rail history, Kozhikode lacks a centre to admire and preserve the remnants of the glorious past of rail traffic. Various technological devices and gadgets used by the Railways during the colonial period, models of locomotives and bogies, old buildings once used as offices, quarters and recreation centres resembling the colonial structure are still in Kozhikode, demanding conservation and preservation. What the CHF has undertaken is a mission to preserve this cultural heritage and to transfer it to the coming generations.”

Many such old equipment are lying scattered between Kuttippuram and Kasargod railway stations. “We have to conduct a field-level study to identify and collect materials of historical importance. Those who are proud of our rail heritage can also join the exercise,” says Shinoy Jesinth.

Once drafted, the report will be submitted to Kozhikode MP M K Raghavan, the Southern Railway authorities and V Venu, who is the director-general of the National Museum and joint secretary with the Cultural Affairs Ministry.

Though informal discussions were held with senior railway officials, a formal talk will be held after preparing the detailed proposal.

The idea to set up a rail heritage museum at the Kozhikode railway station originated during the 125th anniversary celebrations held in January, 2013.

The CHF had also organised a history exhibition on the station premises as part of the celebrations. india nexpress.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation got Rs 9 crore for monorail consultancy

Picture for representational purpose
kochi:Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, the consultant for monorail projects in the state, has received Rs 9cr, the first tranche of the consultancy fee for the project now abandoned by the state government. According to the agreement, the state government had to pay DMRC Rs 179 cr or three per cent of the estimated project cost of Rs 5,990 cr as consultancy fees, a source said. 

The government was scheduled to pay the consultancy fee every three months from the date of commencement of the agreement, the source added. Although the agreement was signed in June 2013, the government has so far paid only one quarterly installment of Rs 9 cr. 

The government delayed further payment citing the financial crunch faced by the state, the source said. The financial crunch turned out to be a blessing for the government as it has only paid Rs 9 cr out of the Rs 179 crore obligation, he added. 

On the possibility of DMRC insisting on full payment of the consultancy fee, the source said that it was unlikely as DMRC itself had advised that the project be abandoned. The monorail projects in Thiruv-ananthapuram and Kozhikode, touted by the government as the panacea for the traffic problems in these cities, were abandoned by the state government on Thursday. The main reason for abandoning the project was the prohibitive cost quoted by the single bidder for the project.

The decision to abandon the project was taken on the advice of DMRC, the consultant for the project as the bidder quoted over Rs 10,000 cr for the project, which was nearly double the amount worked out by DMRC for the venture. Instead of the monorail, DMRC has advised the state government to opt for the Light Metro System. The government has now directed DMRC to study and submit a report about the Light Metro System.
Source..deccan chronicle

Member of Parliament's meet on East Coast Railway

Vizag MP K. Haribabu speaks during a meeting on the demand of separate railway zone for Visakhapatnam at Public library in Visakhapatnam on Saturday. Araku MP Kothapalli Geeta and Anakapalli MP Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao are also seen. (Photo: DECCAN CHRONICLE)

Visakhapatnam: Three north Andhra (NA) politicians of different political parties in a united display of unconditional support to making Vizag as headquarters of the proposed new railway zone of Andhra Pradesh came together on Saturday. Vizag BJP MP K. Hari Babu, Anakapalle TD MP Muttamsetti Srinivas and Araku YSRC MP K. Geetha organised a public meeting of various union leaders and former employees of the East Coast Rail-way and general public at Visakha Public Library.

The meeting was organised to gather issues that ECoR has been facing directly from the people so that the three MPs along with Srikakulam MP, Rammohan Naidu, can list these in their meeting with ECoR general manager at Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) meeting at Bubhaneshwar on September 2. Vizag MP Hari Babu, along with the other two MPs said that it is not necessary that headquarters of the proposed new railway zone should be in the capital city and that wherever the capital is the headquarters should be only in Vizag. ECoR Shramik Union general secretary C.S. Gandhi said at the meeting,

“Many new trains were introduced from Bubhaneshwar since the headquarters of ECoR was established there. Vizag will face many issues in future with increasing number of people travelling from and to Vizag, AP’s largest city if headquarters is not established here. It will just keep getting special trains on temporary basis but no regular trains.” The measures the three MPs decided to propose to ECoR, GM at the ZRUCC meeting include development of satellite stations in Pendurthi and Duvvada, doubledecker trains between Vizag and Vijayawada/Guntur, glass top tourist train to Araku, etc.
Source.deccan chronicle

Technical panel to pick DPR consultant for Vizag metro rail

VISAKHAPATNAM: The much-anticipated Vizag Metro Rail (VMR) project finally seems to be gathering pace with the state government on Saturday announcing the constitution of a technical committee to scrutinise and evaluate the bids received by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) before July 23 this year. 

GVMC had called for global bids to select a consultancy firm for the preparation of feasibility studies and detailed project report (DPR) for a rail-based mass rapid transit system in the city. The consultancy that is finally selected will have to prepare the feasibility study and DPR. 

Confirming this, principal secretary to the state government, D Sambasiva Rao, said the department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development released an official Government Order (GO number 714) on Saturday announcing the details of the technical committee for the VMR project. 

The committee will comprise a chief engineer or official of equivalent cadre from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, a professor from the Vijayawada-based School of Planning and Architecture, an urban transport professor from the Ahmedabad-based Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University, a public private partnership (PPP) expert suggested by the AP government, chief city planner of GVMC, chief urban planner of Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority and chief engineer of GVMC. The committee will scrutinise and evaluate the bids and give its recommendations to GVMC, which in turn will submit it to the state and central government, Rao added. 

According to Rao, the government took the decision to form the technical committee following four letters from GVMC and the Centre over the project in the last couple of months. From the GVMC side, GVMC commissioner MV Satyanarayana urged the state government to constitute the committee for scrutiny and evaluation of the bids, both technically and financially, Rao added. 

"Six firms from across the globe submitted their bids for preparing the feasibility study and DPR, which will cost nearly Rs 1.6 crore. The technical committee will now scrutinise these bids to select the best consultant for the purpose. This process will take another two to three months. Though we have suggested four corridors, the committee will select one of them for which a detailed study will have to be taken by the consultancy," said a senior GVMC official, who is associated with the project. 

As per the suggestions made by GVMC in its letters to the government, the four corridors include the 10-km stretch along National Highway-16 from Maddilapalem to NAD Junction, the 14.73 km stretch from the city railway station to Gajuwaka via Scindia, Tagarapuvalasa to Hanumanthavaka along the NH-16 (14 km) and NAD Junction to Gajuwaka (8.5 km).
Source..Times Of India

Rail passengers seek protection from touts

SURAT: Members of the Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) in the Diamond City have demanded beefing up of security arrangements at the passenger railway reservation system (PRS) counters at the railway station and Athwagate. They have also sought installation of closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) to curb the menace of touts during the vacation season.

With the Diwali vacation round the corner, touts have become active in black-marketing of the railway tickets by increasing their presence at the PRS centres. ZRUCC members complained that genuine passengers coming at the centres are being harassed by touts and they are even not allowed to fill the reservation forms for the railway ticket.

A member of ZRUCC Rakesh Shah has written a letter to the divisional railway manager (DRM) of the Western Railway (WR) and other senior officials in the Railway Protection Force (RPF) seeking more security at the PRS centres.

"Athwagate PRS centre has literally become the second home for the touts. Since morning the touts take the PRS centre under their control and more than half of the people standing in the queue are the touts and their men. The genuine passengers arriving at the centre are being harassed and sometimes beaten up by the notorious characters. The unarmed RPF personnel deployed at the centre are just mute spectators," said Shah.

Another member Mahendra Katargamwala said, "It is necessary that the illegal activities at the PRS centres are kept under control. The local RPF officials should be given strict instructions to nab the touts spotted at the PRS centre."
Source..Times of India


To clear extra rush of rail passengers during Puja/ Dashahara/ Diwali festival season-2014, Railways have decided to run festival special train nos. 09627/09628 Ajmer- Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Ajmer (27 trips from both side), 04735/04736 Bikaner-Haridwar-Bikaner Weekly Express (09 trips in each direction) & 04733/04734 Sriganganagar-Jammu Tawi -Sriganganagar Weekly Express Express (09 trips in each direction) as per the following programme:-

09627/09628 Ajmer- Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Ajmer Festival Special (27 trips from both side)

The 09627 Ajmer - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Tri- Weekly festival Special train will depart from Ajmer at 05.45 a.m. to reach Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 11.30 a.m. the same day. In the return direction, the 09628 Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Ajmer Tri- Weekly festival Special train will depart from Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 04.00 p.m. to reach Ajmer at 10.05 p.m. the same day. The special train will originate o­n every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday from 15.09.2014 to 15.11.2014 from both ends (27 trips in each direction).

Comprising of o­ne A.C. Chair Car & ten Chair Car coaches, the 09627/09628 Ajmer- Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Ajmer Tri- Weekly special train will stop at Kishangarh, Fulera Jn., Reniwal, Ringas Jn., Shri Madhopur, Nim Ka Thana, Dabla, Narnaul, Ateli, Rewari, Gurgaon & Delhi Cantt. stations enroute in both the directions.

04735/04736 Bikaner-Haridwar-Bikaner Weekly ExpressFestival Special (09 Trips in each direction)

The 04735 Bikaner-Haridwar Weekly Express Festival Special train will depart from Bikaner o­n every Friday from 19.09.2014 to 14.11.2014 (09 trips) at 07.45 p.m. to reach Haridwar at 10.25 a.m. the next day.In the return direction, the 04736 Haridwar - Bikaner Summer Weekly Festival Special train will depart from Haridwar o­n every Saturday from 20.09.2014 to 15.11.2014 (09 trips) at 07.50 p.m. to reach Bikaner at 09.10 a.m. the next day.

Consisting of o­ne AC 2 tier, three AC 3 tier, eight Sleeper Class, six General Class and two Second class cum Luggage Van coaches, the 04735/04736 Bikaner-Haridwar-Bikaner WeeklyExpress Festival Special train will stop at Napasar, Sudasar, Sri Dungargarh, Rajaldesar , Ratangarh Jn , Churu, Sadulpur, Loharu , Mahendragarh , Rewari, Delhi Jn. & Shamli stations enroute in both the directions.

04733/04734 Sriganganagar-Jammu Tawi -Sriganganagar Weekly Express FestivalSpecial(09 Trips in each direction)

The 04733 Sriganganagar-Jammu Tawi Weekly Express Festival Special will depart fromSriganganagar on every Wednesday from 17.09.2014 to 12.11.2014 (09 trips) at 02.45 p.m. to reach Jammu Tawi at 02.30 a.m. the next day.In the return direction, the 04734 Jammu Tawi -Sriganganagar Weekly Express FestivalSpecial train will depart from Jammu Tawi o­n every Thursdayfrom 18.09.2014 to 13.11.2014 (09 trips) at 05.30 a.m. to reachSriganganagar at 06.20 p.m. the same day.

Consisting of o­ne AC 3 tier, seven Sleeper Class, six Chai Car and two disabled friendly Second class cum Luggage Van coaches, the 04733/04734 Sriganganagar-Jammu Tawi -Sriganganagar Weekly Express Festival Special train will stop at Abohar, Malaut, Bhatinda, Rampura Phul, Barnala, Dhuri Jn., Malerkotla, Ludhiana, Jallandhar Cantt., and Pathankot stations enroute in both the directions.

Source..indian railways


For the convenience of rail passengers, Northern Railway has decided to increase the frequency of the train nos. 12447/12448 & 22447/22448 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Manikpur/Khajuraho- Hazrat Nizamuddin Utter Pradesh Sampark Kranti express from six days a weekto dailyfrom 03.09.2014 & 04.09.2014 respectively from HazratNizamuddin .

There will be no change in the composition, timings, route & stoppages etc. of train no. 12447/12448 & 22447/22448 Nizamuddin – Manikpur/Khajuraho Utter Pradesh Sampark Kranti express.

Source..indian railways


To clear extra rush of rail passengers during Puja/ Dashahara/ Diwali festival season-2014, Railways have decided to run festival special train no. 05057/05758 Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar T.- Gorakhpur (single trip in each direction) as per the following programme:-

The 05758 Anand Vihar T.- Gorakhpur festival Special train will depart from Anand Vihar T. 03.09.2014 (single trip) at 05.10 p.m. to reach Gorakhpur at 08.00 a.m. the next day. In the return direction, the 05057 Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar T. festival Special train will depart from Gorakhpur o­n 04.09.2014 (single trip) at 08.55 p.m. to reach Anand Vihar T. at 11.00 a.m. the next day.

Comprising of o­ne AC 2 tier, two AC 3 tier, six Sleeper Class, six General Class and two Second class cum Luggage Van coaches, the 05057/05758 Gorakhpur- Anand Vihar T.- Gorakhpur special train will stop at Khalilabad, Basti, Gonda, Lucknow, Moradabad & Ghaziabad stations enroute in both the directions.
Source..indian railways






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