Oct 27, 2014

4 new trains for Chhath, yet South Eastern Railway fails to cope with rush

RANCHI: As many as four special trains are being run from Jharkhand by the South Eastern Railway (SER) to manage the rush to Bihar during Chhath. Every train headed towards Bihar is full and special trains that have been pressed into action to manage the swelling crowds have already run out of tickets. 

If railway stations across the country are brimming with passengers heading home to Bihar to observe Chhath with families, so are stations across the state. 

18626 UP Hatia-Patna Express, 12366 UP Ranchi-Patna Janshatabdi Express have long ago ran out of tickets and long wait outside Tatkal ticket counters ended in despair. So is the situation with every other train that is heading to Bihar. 

"There is no booking at all. We have attached extra coaches in each one of them, but we are still unable to manage the rush," said Neeraj Kumar, the divisional commercial manager (DCM) of Ranchi rail division on Sunday. "We are being requested to add more coaches to the trains, but there is a technical constraint to it as well," Kumar added. 

The tickets for the special trains introduced for Chhath, 08629 New Jalpaiguri-Ranchi Express, 02083 Mumbai-Hatia Express, 0883 UP Gondia- Hatia Express have already run out. To make matters worse, the absence of the latest Premium Tatkal scheme offers little help to those who are willing to pay extra to get home early. 

"All the trains are full and there is no room in Tatkal service. The premium service would have come in handy but unfortunately that is not available in Ranchi," said Bhagalpur based student Shailaja Kumari at Ranchi railway station. 

While every Bihar bound train is full, similar picture prevailed over the bus stand. As many as 100 buses, both state owned and private had no room on Sunday. "The rush becomes hard to manage every year during Chhath. Today being Sunday, the rush is all the more . The seats are full, but many are willing to pay extra to travel the distance standing," said Mohit Kumar, a bus driver headed towards Bhagalpur, at the Khadgarha Bus stand. 

Tickets for Chhath 
special 08629 New Jalpaiguri-Ranchi Express, 02083 Mumbai-Hatia Express, 0883 UP Gondia- Hatia Express have already run out. The absence of the latest Premium Tatkal scheme offers little help.
Source-times of india

British government backs east-west England high-speed rail link

Oct 26 (Reuters) - The British government will back the development of an east-west high speed rail link between cities in northern England, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday.

The link, dubbed High Speed 3, was among options highlighted in a report on improving rail links across the midlands and north of England published on Sunday by the chairman of Britain's north-south High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project.

"Improving connectivity and reducing journey times between our great northern cities is a crucial part of our long term economic plan for the north to boost businesses and create more jobs and security," Cameron said in a statement.

The proposed link could cut the journey time between the cities of Leeds and Manchester to as little as 26 minutes, from an average of 55 minutes now.

An interim report looking at the options, costs and a timetable for the east-west high-speed rail connection will be produced in March next year, the government said.

HS2 Chairman David Higgins said reducing journey times between major cities was a "strategic necessity" for the future of the British economy that applied equally to east-west links as to those between the north and London.

"Faster, more reliable, less congested services will make it easier for individual cities to pool the skills, talent and other elements they need to thrive ... Connectivity equals jobs," he said in his report 'Rebalancing Britain'.

The 43 billion pound ($69.2 billion) HS2 project has divided opinion in Britain because of its cost and the possible impact on the countryside.

The first phase of HS2, between London and Birmingham, is due to open in 2026 with the second phase extension to Leeds and Manchester due from 2033. Earlier this year Higgins recommended this second phase be built by 2027.

Higgins' report on Sunday looked at whether there were alternatives to building this second phase of the HS2 route, such as upgrading existing lines, but said they did not offer the same level of capacity, connectivity or economic benefit.

Higgins, who oversaw the building of London's Olympic Park, said Britain should seek to learn lessons from how high-speed rail links have been built faster and for less money elsewhere in the world, learning from design and construction techniques.

In response, the government said it would launch a review which would draw on international experience to find ways to bring down the cost of both the second phase of HS2 and future high-speed rail projects in Britain.

Metro rail completes its first tunnel in Anna Nagar

CHENNAI: A tunnel for the Shenoy Nagar-Thirumangalam metro rail stretch, the first underground line likely to be commissioned by mid-next year, is ready. The first tunnel which is 2.797km long, was completed when a boring machine breached a concrete wall at Thirumangalam a few days ago. A second parallel tunnel will also be ready in a few days; the boring machine has covered 90% of the distance. 

The underground stretch will link to the elevated line from Koyambedu to Alandur and St Thomas Mount which is due for commissioning by March next year. Residents of Anna Nagar will be able to use metro rail to reach Koyambedu, Alandur and St Thomas Mount when the Shenoy Nagar-Tirumangalam stretch is commissioned. 

As the tunnels are being completed, metro rail is simultaneously building underground stations along the stretch. There are four underground stations planned - Shenoy Nagar, Anna Nagar East, Anna Nagar Tower and Thirumangalam. A metro rail official said work on Thirumangalam station, Shenoy Nagar and Anna Nagar Tower is progressing fast. "Roof, concourse level and base of the underground station have been completed at Thirumangalam station while roof and concourse slabs are being built at Shenoy Nagar," he added. The station room work is going on at Thirumangalam. Work is also on to excavate soil to build entries and exits to the two stations. 

Construction of underground stations is a time consuming and tedious process because the stations are located in the middle of busy neigbourhoods. "We had to convince residents that it was safe as we had to dig close to the base of multi-storey residential buildings to build diaphragm walls which support the edges of the station buildings when soil is excavated and base, concourse and roof of the stations are built," he added. Metro rail made many presentations to residents at different locations explaining the project, construction details and benefits. 

However, the corporation is struggling to open the Koyambedu-Alandur elevated line which is behind schedule after a contractor failed to meet deadlines. 

Metro rail officials are hopeful that the underground section will be completed on time as more than 60% of the tunneling work, which adds up to 36.308km, has been completed. The Central-Thirumangalam stretch of the underground line is progressing fast.
Source-times of india

In 2006, DMRC suggested bus service!

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC), which has now found light metro feasible, had once rejected not just light metro, but all mass rapid transit systems for Thiruvananthapuram! The study conducted by DMRC for the state government in 2006 to explore the need for rail-based mass rapid transit system in the city and suburbs has stated that the city did not require even a light capacity metro rail system (LRT). The study had recommended memu services between Kollam and Neyyattinkara as a solution.

Eight years later, the same DMRC has found a mass rapid transit system in the form of light metro 'feasible'. Interestingly, the general consultancy agreement signed by DMRC for the monorail project two years ago had also ruled out light metro as not feasible.

As per DMRC's 2006 finding, city traffic could be managed by proper bus service. In the conclusion of feasibility study for mass rapid transit system in Thiruvananthapuram, Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic (PHPDT) in 2030 was found to vary between 3,080 to 7,231. "Since the level of PHPDT can be easily handled with bus traffic, introduction of metro services has not been found justified. Need for metro rail system on Sreekaryam-Pappanamcode corridor has also been explored. The maximum PHPDT on this corridor is only 5,475, even in 2030, and therefore, even light capacity metro rail system (LRT) is not justified," the report stated.

The solution for future traffic woes suggested by DMRC is introduction of memu type suburban trains. "Memu type suburban trains of six coaches each should be run at half an hour interval during morning peak period (7am to 9am) and evening peak period (5.30pm to 7.30pm). During the rest of the day, frequency of memu train should be one hour. Thus the total number of memu suburban trains will be 15 between Quilon and Neyyatinkara and 15 between Neyyatinkara and Quilon," the report said.

DMRC had assessed the cost of improvement to commuter rail system at Rs 176 crore. It suggested Railways and state government to equally share the cost similar to the multi-modular commuter transportation system between Railways and Andhra Pradesh government.

Cabinet to look into contradictory reports

Following TOI expose of the contradictory reports from DMRC regarding feasibility of light metro in the state on Saturday, PWD minister V K Ebrahim Kunju said cabinet will look into the matter. TOI has unearthed the general consultancy agreement of monorail between DMRC and KMRL, where the former stated that light metro was not feasible for Thiruvananthapuram due to its topography. "The issues raised by TOI will be discussed in the cabinet. Cabinet has not decided on giving the general consultancy to DMRC," he said.

When asked about the credibility of DMRC which gave contradictory reports, the minister said that it was not an occasion to criticize DMRC. "Everything will be executed in a transparent manner," he said.

On Thursday, DMRC principal adviser E Sreedharan had stated that light metro had not been an option before the DMRC which was contradicted by its own general consultancy report.
Source-times of india

रेलवे लाइन के लिए भू-अर्जन शीघ्र

पन्ना। ललितपुर, सिंगरौली रेलवे लाईन का कार्य पन्नाा जिले में प्रारंभ होने की तैयारियां शुरू हो गई है। इसके लिए रेलवे विभाग ने प्रयास शुरू कर दिए हैं। इस संबंध में कलेक्टर आरके मिश्रा ने बताया कि पन्नाा जिले को ललितपुर, सिंगरौली रेलवे लाइन का लाभ देने के लिए लगातार हो रहे प्रयासों को अच्छी सफलता मिल रही है। रेलवे विभाग के पश्चिम मध्य क्षेत्र के डिप्टी चीफ इंजीनियर ने 18 अक्टूबर को पत्र भेजकर पन्नाा जिले के 23 गांव में भूअर्जन के लिए आवश्यक नक्शे तथा खसरे की प्रति उपलब्ध कराने का अनुरोध किया है। इस पत्र पर तत्परता से कार्रवाई करते हुए एसडीएम पन्नाा को देवेन्द्रनगर तथा पन्ना तहसील के शामिल 23 गांव के खसरे नक्शे तत्काल रेलवे विभाग को उपलब्ध कराने के निर्देश दिए गए हैं। इस कार्य की मानीटरिंग की जिम्मेदारी एडीएम पन्नाा को सौंपी गई है। कलेक्टर ने बताया कि रेवले विभाग ने पन्नाा, विक्रमपुर कलॉ, गोविन्दपुर, जमुनहाईकला, बसारी, देवेन्द्रनगर, राजापुर, रतगवां, सुन्दरा, बांध, बसतरा, अतरोराखुर्द, कटरा, देवपुर, जमुनहाई खुर्द, मुटवाकला,
बड़वारा, गुखौर, कलपा, मढ़ा, खमरेही, सुकुलगवा तथा इटौराखुर्द गांव के खसरे एवं नक्शे की मांग की है। इन गांव में होकर पन्नाा से सतना तक की ब्राडगेज की रेलवे लाइन का निर्माण किया जाएगा। इसके साथ साथ पन्नाा से खजुराहो तक की रेलवे लाइन का निर्माण होगा।

Centre convenes meeting on new India-Bangladesh rail link

Agartala: The External Affairs Ministry has convened a meeting in New Delhi on Wednesday to finalise the pending issues relating to proposed Agartala (Tripura)-Akhaura (Bangladesh) new rail link project, official said here on Monday.

"Various pending issues relating to new Agartala-Akhaura rail link project would be discussed and expected to be finalised in Wednesday's meeting in New Delhi," Tripura Transport Secretary Samarjit Bhowmik told reporters.

The much important fourth inter-ministerial steering committee meeting was called by the External Affairs Ministry, and officials from the Railway Board and other ministries would be present in the meeting.

Bhowmik said: "Funding of the rail project would be discussed at the meeting and a modified DPR (detailed project report) would be chalked out."

"The new railway connectivity between the northeastern state and Bangladesh would boost the socio-economic, trade and business ties between the two countries," he added.

Centre plans to build rail network on Delhi's Ring Road

NEW DELHI, OCT 27: In order to decongest the national capital, the Centre today announced plans for a rail network on Delhi’s lifeline Ring Road linking various areas in the city.

“There is a lot of traffic jam in Delhi everyday. We are considering to bring ‘Ring Road Train’, which will help us decongest roads in the national capital,” Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said here.

The Centre also has plans to construct several flyovers, elevated highways and ring roads across the city.

“In the upcoming days, many new flyovers, more ring roads, expansion of Metro lines and elevated highways will come up in Delhi following which congestion will be reduced in the national capital,” Naidu said at a function here.

The Minister said that to suggest necessary measures for these projects, he has constituted a committee led by the Urban Development Secretary.

“This committee will submit its final report within 45 days and thereafter, the Centre and Delhi Government will work on these projects,” he said.

“We are also working on a project which will allow vehicles coming from Haryana and wanting to go to other states to bypass national capital, and such vehicles don’t need to enter the city due to which there will be no congestion in Delhi,” Naidu said.

The Central Government has already set a deadline of three years to complete the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressway, which aims to decongest Delhi roads.

The two expressways — each about 135 km long — were planned in 2006 following a Supreme Court order to form a ring road outside Delhi for channelling non-Delhi bound traffic bypassing the national capital.

Eastern Peripheral Expressway envisages providing signal-free connectivity between Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gautam Budh Nagar (Greater Noida) and Palwal, while the Western Expressway connects Kundli to Palwal via Manesar in Haryana.
Source-the hindu business line

Australia may finally embark on high-speed rail project

Fast train on the line

Japan’s shinkansen, the bullet train, celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. Source: Supplied

ARE the stars finally aligning for Australia to signal a green light for high-speed rail, after decades of dithering around the platforms on offer?

Relations between Canberra and Tokyo, which is eager to export its famous shinkansen— bullet train — technology, could hardly be closer, with prime ministers Tony Abbott and Shinzo Abe working as closely in sync as any leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

31 से चलेगी बठिंडा - नई दिल्ली शताब्दी

अबदिल्ली दूर नहीं, महज साढ़े चार घंटे में ही दिल्ली पहुंचा जा सकेगा। रेल मंत्रालय ने 31 अक्टूबर से बठिंडा-नई दिल्ली शताब्दी एक्सप्रेस चलाने की मंजूरी दे दी है। इसी दिन रेलमंत्री सदानंद गौड़ा बठिंडा से इस ट्रेन को हरी झंडी दिखाकर दिल्ली के लिए रवाना करेंगे। शताब्दी एक्सप्रेस शुरू होने को लेकर रेलयात्रियों खासकर व्यापारियों की खुशी का ठिकाना नहीं है। हालिया बजट में रेलमंत्री सदानंद गौड़ा ने इस ट्रेन की घोषणा की थी। उद्घाटन के मौके पर रेलमंत्री के साथ साथ नॉर्दर्न रेलवे के एडिशनल जीएम प्रदीप कुमार एवं रेलवे बोर्ड के अधिकारी भी पहुंच रहे हैं। बठिंडा-नई दिल्ली शताब्दी एक्सप्रेस का स्टेट्स सितंबर महीने में पब्लिक रिजर्वेशन सिस्टम(पीआरएस) पर भी अपलोड कर दिया गया था। जिसके बाद इस गाड़ी के सितंबर के पहले सप्ताह में शुरू होने की संभावना बनी थी। लेकिन किसी कारणों से इसके परिचालन को कुछ दिनों के टाल दिया गया। 

सजरहा स्टेशन : रेलमंत्रीके स्वागत की तैयारियों को लेकर स्टेशन को सजाया-संवारा जा रहा है। विंग के कर्मचारियों को ड्रेस-अप होकर आने की हिदायत दी गई है और अपने रिकॉर्ड को मेंटेन रखने के भी निर्देश हैं। आरपीएफ पोस्ट कमांडर राजेश कुमार के नेतृत्व में सुरक्षा व्यवस्था चाक-चौबंद की जा रही है। 

28 को आएंगे डीआरएम 

रेलमंत्रीसदानंद गौड़ा एवं एडिशनल जीएम प्रदीप कुमार के आगमन को लेकर बठिंडा रेल प्रशासन में भी आपाधापी है। पूरा अमला उनके स्वागत तैयारियों में लगा हुआ है। डिविजनल रेलवे मैनेजर अंबाला अनिल कठपाल 28 अक्टूबर को जायजा लेेने पहुंच रहे हैं। 

13 साल पहले भी चली शताब्दी 

लगभग13 साल पहले 2002 में तत्कालीन रेलमंत्री नीतीश कुमार के कार्यकाल में भी बठिंडा-नई दिल्ली के दरम्यान शताब्दी एक्सप्रेस चलाई गई थी। सप्ताह में पांच दिन चलने वाली इस ट्रेन में यात्रियों की तादाद कम रहने की वजह से एक महीने के अंतराल में इस गाड़ी को बंद कर देना पड़ा। शाम के समय शताब्दी चलाने की मांग पिछले लंबे समय से की जा रही थी। 

दिल्ली का 4.45 घंटे का सफर 

ट्रेननंबर 12047 अप 12048 डाउन शताब्दी एक्सप्रेस का बठिंडा से नई दिल्ली का रनिंग टाइम 4.45 घंटे का रहेगा। बठिंडा से यह ट्रेन शाम 4.15 बजे दिल्ली के लिए रवाना होगी, जोकि वाया जींद-जाखल होते हुए रात 9 बजे नई दिल्ली पहुंचेगी। यही अगले दिन सुबह 9 बजे नई
source - bhaskar





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