Dec 16, 2014

Temporary Closure of National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum, Chankyapuri, New Delhi, is carrying out major restoration and renovation work of the life size exhibits with the help of Railway workshops/units. Additional facilities & activities are being provided in the Museum. 

To facilitate smooth work progress, the Museum has been kept closed for public till 24th December 2014. After 24th December 2014, only outdoor portion of National Museum will be opened for public.

Railway Players Bag Three Medals in 6th WBPF Championship

Shri Shiv Kumar of Northern Railway won Silver Medal in 65 kg weight category and Shri A Bobby Singh of Northeast Frontier Railway and Shri Ram Niwas of South Eastern Railway won Bronze Medal in 75 kg and 90 kg weight category respectively in 6th WBPF World Body Building & Physique Spots Championship 2014 held from 5th – 10th December 2014 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra:

Followings players and Coach from Indian Railways participated as a part of the Indian contingent in the Championship;

1. Anoop Das in 60 KG category from Southern Railway

2. Shiv Kumar in 65 KG category from Northern Railway

3. A Bobby Singh in 75 KG category from Northeast Frontier Railways 

4. Vijay Bahadur in 80 KG category from South eastern Railway

5. Rahul Bisht in 85 KG category from South Eastern Railway

6. Sagar Jadav in 85 KG category from Central Railway 

7. Ram Niwas in 90 KG category from South Eastern Railway

8. Kiran Patil in 90 KG category from Central Railway

9. Javed Khan in 90-100 KG category from South Eastern Railway

10. Anas Hussain in 70 KG category(Reserved) from Southern Railway

11. Balbir Singh, Coach, Indian Team, Northern Railway

Overall, India secured Second Position with 136 points, Thailand secured First Position with 148 points whereas Iran secured Third Position with 134 points.


Railway Minister Directs to Explore the use of Modern Geo-Spatial Technologies for Controlling Accidents at Unmanned Level Crossings

In a significant move to make Unmanned Level Crossings(UMLCs) safer for road users thereby avoiding accidents thereat, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has directed the Railway Board to explore the use of Geo-spatial technologies for this purpose. Under such technologies which combine Global Positioning System(GPS), Geographic Information System(GIS) and Remote Sensing, an alert message will be flashed automatically in the mobile phones of all the road users who are in the vicinity of an Unmanned Level Crossing about the approaching train. With the use of this kind of technologies, the accidents at UMLCs may be minimized / controlled to a large extent thereby saving precious human lives. This step will be in addition to all the ongoing measures being taken by Railways to control accidents at UMLCs 

In pursuance of Railway Minister’s direction, a High Level Meeting was held in Rail Bhawan today wherein the representatives of Safety Directorate of Railway Board, Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO) ( the research arm of Ministry of Railways), Center for Railway Information Systems (the IT arm of Ministry of Railways) and Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) participated. The meeting decided to take expeditious necessary steps and prepare an action plan.

Open market recruitment to posts in Pay Band-1 (GP 1800) - Change in various procedures regarding.. RBE 138/2014

Recognition of qualification for the purpose of employment on Railways RBE 140/2014

Video Conferencing enquiry system in Railways introduced

video conferencing

Railway to setup Medical Colleges for the wards of Railway Employees

ANSWERED ON 01.12.2014
1321 . Ering Shri Ninong
Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:-
(a) the details of medical colleges proposed to be set up by the Railways in the country including North-East, and the present status of each of these projects, location-wise;
(b) whether the Railways have allotted the requisite land for setting up of these medical colleges;
(c) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefor;
(d) the details of funds allocated/released/utilized for the purpose so far, project-wise; and
(e) the steps taken/being taken by the Railways to set up these medical colleges in a time bound manner?
(a) to (e): A statement is laid on the Table of the House.
(a)& (e) The then Hon’ble MR in the budget 2009-10 had announced that Medical Colleges were planned to be established attached to existing railway hospitals through Public Private Partnership (PPP), to give higher education facilities to new generation of railway children at 18 locations i.e. at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bilaspur, Lucknow, Barasat, Bhubaneswar, Mysore, Kharagpur, Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jodhpur, Garden-Reach, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, B.R. Singh Hospital (Kolkata), Bhopal, Jammu and Trivandrum.
To implement the pronouncement, 05 locations viz., Chennai, Guwahati, Kharagpur, Lucknow and Hyderabad were identified for Phase-I.
As per Medical Council of India (MCI) Rules, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Medical College with Government (Railway) Hospital is not permitted. This Ministry have, therefore, dropped the proposal of setting up of Medical Colleges.
(b) & (c) Do not arise.
(d) M/s Rail India Technical & Economic Services(RITES) was appointed and was awarded the work (worth Rs. 187 lakhs + Service tax) of consultancy and preparing bid documents for selection of a private partner for Phase-I. M/s RITES have submitted preliminary reports of feasibility studies of Chennai, Secunderabad and Kharagpur. Till date, Rs. 29.41 lakhs have been paid to M/s RITES.
SOURCE - govemployees .in

Railway has formed a Committee for Grievances of Loco Pilot


Many Railway Employee will be benefited from LARSGESS now


Promotion Order of JE/W for the post of SSE/W Payband -II GP 4600

Selection for promotion from Group "C" to Group "B" for the post of AME/AWM/NR against 30% quota vacancie for the assessment year 01.12.2013 to 30.11.2015 in the Mechanical Engineering Department Northern Railway Written test on 20.12.2014

The Motive behind Reducing Retirement Age for Central Government Employees – An Analysis

The Motive behind Reducing Retirement Age for Central Government Employees – An Analysis
For a few weeks now, reports have been surfacing that the Centre is giving serious thoughts about reducing retirement age of Central Government employees from 60 to 58.
The truth behind these series of rumours couldn’t be found yet. There is no official stand on this either.
The news was first published by popular English daily newspaper. Without any official source to confirm it, the article analyzed the issue from various perspectives. It was presented in a manner that was acceptable by most.
This was followed by an order of the Railway department that was released on Facebook. In the order, the Railway Board had demanded an explanation from their zonal railways over the number of retiring employees (safety category) if the age of the retirement is reduced to 58.
Another event that gave credibility to the issue was the reduction of retirement age of state government employees from 60 to 58 in Haryana, a state ruled by BJP.
When the news of reducing the retirement age first surfaced, it caught employees by surprise and shock, because, for a while now, there were talks of actually raising the retirement age from 60 to 62! The current talks of reducing the retirement age have created a palpable sense of panic among employees over the age of 55.
There are many who are for and against the news, the strongest opinion in favour of age reduction being that it would help ease the unemployment problem.
Those who are looking for their first jobs would be happy to support any kind of age reduction – be it 58 or even 50! This is simply because they are desperate to get into a job. But the truth is – the attitude will definitely change once they get a job.
Each year, about 1.75 lakh employees retire from Central Government services. The claim that if an additional 3.5 lakh employees retire in a particular year, the country’s unemployment problem could be solved is unacceptable.
After reducing the retirement age, the number of new retirees is going to stabilize again. Will the Government resort to such tactics of reducing the retirement age again and again?
Moreover, it is also true that handing out retirement benefits to 5 lakh employees at a time is going to drain the Government’s financial resources.
Another important reason to support the reduction of retirement age is the claim that it would bring younger blood into the various central government organizations.
The fact is – in the past eight years, the number of central government employees all over the country has continued to be around 30 lakhs. Supporters of the “younger blood” theory couldn’t possibly know that nearly 50% of these employees are youngsters. To be accurate, the employees who had joined the central government services after 01.01.2000 now account for nearly 70% of the central government workforce.
Another argument in support of this move claims that it is the Government’s attempt to cut down unplanned expenses.
In the past few years, the Government had implemented a number of cost-cutting measures. It is not clear why the Government, that had remained blind to this fact, has suddenly seen the light. Ironically, such a move would only worsen the economic crisis.
Finally, what is the motive behind circulating such stories?
Is it to simply wipe out talks about increasing the retirement age from 60 to 62?
One has to wait and watch.
There is a hope that Modi Government wouldn't risk weakening the Central Government offices’ functioning by sending home 5 lakh experienced and trained personnel all of a sudden.
And, let us hope that the Government recognizes the importance and value of 30 years of work experience of each of these employees before discarding them.
SOURCE - 7thpaycommissionnews

Thoughts about retirement age 58-Must read it

Thoughts about retirement age 58-Must read it

Thoughts about retirement age 58-Must read it
Thoughts about retirement age 58-Must read it
Some days ago, we published a post titled “Can Early Retirement Solve Unemployment Problem?” We had cited a popular newspaper article indicating a possibility of reducing the retirement age of central government’s employees from 60 to 58. We received many comments on the post. We sincerely thank our readers for sharing their valuable views. 
I like 60 58
It is not a solution to fill the eager ness of youth by fiilluping the vacant posts as it is if implemetd and vacancis created or available .

Just think the finacial status of the staff of age run 58 to 60 and their plans to do repaymt of loans marriages education etc
better to watch and keeping an eye on neglesim and slow motion of office run and activate the staff with latest technology and keep profits with freqnt analysis and taking suitable remidiable action to avoid loss and expentire contros
we voted b j p for happy run the familys of all not only genl public but also the staff of all wings conduct all exams as transparent and fill the gunine vacancies as merit basis without favaoursm So keep age limit for all staff as 60 and drive the govt as profit ways by keeping the same age and cultivate the neglesm to get fruitful results by b j p
Thank u sir sbhaskar rao tirupathi

These is the good decision sir
Bbhanwar singh
Dear, when court is declared decision they also give the opportunity to defend but modi govt. Taking harsh decision to reduce retirement age 60 to 58. Which is not in favour of employees as wel as government or public also. In indian railway previously 16 lakh employees now about 12 lakhs .the solution of unemployment is not only reduction in retirement age only.if govt. Will set a policy for fitment/ medically or mently that will be beneficial to all. When modi sir u are 61 years old man can run india why govt. Employees not work in their reconsider the case otherwise after 2019 no more further no experience staff will available 
Plz rduce retirement age to 58 and increase the employment for young people
Thanks to mr prime minister who is keen to generate more opportunities to unemployed people. But it will be a very fatal idea to reduce the retirement age limit to the employees who are on the verge of superannuation because they neither are mentally prepared nor financially planned. There are many liabilities on the shoulders of such employees; mainly many of them are to finish the home loans; wards education; their marriages etc. If this idea comes up; many of them may face hardship.
If at all mr pm wants to give opportunities to the unemployed or to come up with financial crisis they should wisely find out some other way or should be awarded with an optional vrs choice so that those who do not have liabilities shall happily quit voulentarily.

I shall remain thankful for kind consideration.
Please don’t do my brother condition is not gud and my family is depending my father income so its not gud plan mr.modi i requested u my parents are warried for family plan its not gud n we r not agree
When world over retirement age is increased to 65 years why than modi wants 58 years.suddently if you decrease than many people will suffer.
M.a.nimal raj
By reducing the retirement age from 60 to 58. What will happen ? Only thing is the employers will suffer a lot because they would have plan for their financial expenses for their family. By studies, marriages & many financial problems. By taking loans or by barrowing money because of knowing that their retirement is 60. But now it reduced to 58 what they would do. And if they retired what job they will get after retirement. Because anyway they should run their famly. And by this reducing the retirement age they will suffer a lot.. So its not a good plan
Renu ahuja
Earlier we used to get only rs.20 as increment every year and great stagnation, got promotions after 16-17 years. Even my seniors went the same post as they entered in service, this is a limit of humiliation. It is only after 6th pay commission that we are getting a respectable salary and increment on percentage basis, but still there are so much anomalies pending to be heard. Now we are hopeful of getting better prospects in the 7th cpc and after that a little period left to get those perks. But retirement at 58 will leave us surrounded by so many problems – that many have planned their financial liabilities according to 60 as retirement age. Also many other enjoy the retired life after 62 or till 65. Govt has to sort unemployment problem also, so it should come with the solution of tackling this problem in a smarter way.
Hemant chouhan
Good idea, more jobs ,early promotions
Rediculous ,,,,politicians, scientists judges are fit to work till 65 and even at 70 but the central govt employees are made to go at 58 in such a country as india…..people want to better the condition of all govt employees….instead of talking about increase they talk of reducing the age….what are the financial implications of payouts and in other words this is forced mass redundancy…in a democratic country …..bizarre
Raj kumar arya
The employees entered in supernution zone there retirment age should be upto 60 years. Because he made his retirements planning within the age of 60 years.
J d patel
Retirement age 60 to 58 is the good idea of the govt
(we are also fed up with shortage of manpower)
Excellent move. Bringing down the retirement age to 58 is a welcome move. It will boost the employment for unemployed youths and dynamic new blood will come.
Then the govt should also reduce the retirement age of proff why the physical strenght becomes more powerful with the wge or what if an young fresh blood are applying for age post of proff fresh knowledge wil be served ok
When one cant increse the age of retirement one should also not reduce when bjp during atal bihari vajpayee increased the retirement age and on modi rule the proposal for reducing the age is coming wah wah
Soni santosh
It’s very good proposal and by implmenting this lacs of youngsters will get the job and unemployment problem will be solved automatically with the goons.
M muruganandam
Suitable mechanism to get services and inputs of trained older employees need to be included in the new retirement plans. Because, technical efficiency and wisdom of the senior employees can no way match match with younger employees, who need to be trained to take up challenges,..
Rk mahindra
It is a known fact that after having job in india, during the age of 55-60 everybody, everybody is committed to pay heavy installments towards house building advance, auto loan, education loan and marriage of his/her children.
First of all pm modi must take action to provide employment to youth and decide whatever age of retirement because everybody will make future plans according to retirement age.
If government wants to roll back 58 years from 60 years, then one unemployed family person of retiring employee should be given employment as per qualifications in the same organisation/ govt. Office from where he/she will be retiring.

Dr a thayumanavan
Reducing the retirement age to 58 is not a good idea. By way of sending experienced and knowledgeable employees in total, government machinery would come to a standstill. Moreover, govt. Has to sell out a huge amount by way of settling their retirement benefits at a time for all employees. Govt can recruit youngsters and trained them properly by exploiting the knowledge and wisdom of senior members for one or two years,rather that creating a vacuum and making the new entrants directionless.
I think older employees health wise issue create and no interested job work . This time country unemployment problem so 60 years retirement age less than 58 age year good idea and young blood chance more job ……….. I am welcome 60 year age to reduce 58 years idea shri indian prime minister think .
Retirement age needs to be reduced to 58 so that, the youngsters will get a more job opportunity. Atleast five youngsters payment will be accomodated in one old age employee’s salary. Any oranisation will be benifitted by having more young blood as there will be more entho & health wise capacity to carry out the jobs campare to old age employee/officers etc. At the same time person is well settling in his life at the age of 58 & no more need to stretch out till at the age 60 with all sorts of health problem. Live peasfull life on pensions n pf and have a fun of going for outings etc as long as heath is good to do these kind of activities and at the most they can work on fixed pay if required.
After all who is stopping govt. To infuse the young blood in govt. Service? When lakhs of vacant posts are not filled up deliberately, retired employees and young people are deployed on contractual services, where is the need to enhance or reduce the retirement age? Instead, govt. Should spend more on training & skill up gradation of existing work force to increase the productivity, so that to enable its staff to compete with changing world. An inflated workforce and expenditure is purely for political reasons. Either think professionally or politically, choice is yours; why to make competent people suffer?
I don’t think it’s good idea to reduce retirement age to 58 for elder people. Youngsters are capable to get jobs in various fields like it, marketing , banking, business industries, where on the other hand life becomes miserable for those who are having plans for daughter marriages, financial planning, loans, health issues, education etc
Youngsters are having plenty of options and age, where many old people completely depending on their jobs and they are not in age to get out of home to start working in private sectors even after having many years of experience.

Jayram bhide
Retirement age needs to be reduced to 58 so that, the youngsters will get a more job opportunity. Atleast two youngsters payment will be accomodated in one old age employee’s salary. Any oranisation will be benifitted by having more young blood as there will be more entho & health wise capacity to carry out the jobs campare to old age employee/officers etc. At the same time person is well settling in his life at the age of 58 & no more need to stretch out till at the age 60 with all sorts of health problem. Live peasfull life on pensions n pf and have a fun of going for outings etc as long as heath is good to do these kind of activities and at the most they can work on fixed pay if required.
Retirement age reduction is a bad idea to tackle unemployment. Employee who planned for retirement at age 60-years, get a shock to his plans of children education, their marriages, retirement financial planning etc.
Vajpayee govt has increased the retirement age from 58 to 60. Will it be reversed ? In many countries the retirement age is 65-years due to improvement in health standards.

During the last tenure of bjp govt.tried to sell out all the public sector units through disinvestment method and in election they got the lesson and stayed out for 15 years. But ,now again trying to repeat the similar type of mistake to reduce the retirement age of govt.employees from 60 to 58 years instead of increasing 60 to 62 years. Reducing the retirement age of govt.employees is a suicidal attempt of modi govt. Recently,all the bjp govts.have increased the retirement age from 58 to 60 years. But the haryana khatara govt.has repeated the last mistake of bjp govt. This will definitely be reflected in the ensuing delhi election. Achhe din agaye for all govt.employees”.
D k madan
This is a very good decession which is going to be taken by bjp govt that they are going to reduce the retirement age to 58 yrs this is going to benefit the young generation, but before this i want to give one suggesstion that govt should give job to one children of retering employee at 58 yrs as per the qualificationof child as per his exprencie.
Hira karki
Anyone tell me that what happen with those employees who are running age between 58 to 60 years. If it’s apply…
Surender sharma
This is good for every young indian
Su kumar sinha
Kindly ask modi to allow central govt employee to hold quarters even after retirement …while they keep on paying the usual rent/some increased rent which they were paying before …this will ..send positive vibe for the employees who might need to vacate govt houses earlier due to this reduction of age ..if this happens i hope it won’t happen ….kindly take a second thought on this decision gonna be affecting lots of people ….
Already image of bjp/modi govt is it is anti elder party as it has done with advani and murli manohar joshi ….types leaders …don’t forget you are also senior citizen ….
Moreover why not the same criteria for mlas/mp …

Suresh sawant
First apply to mp&mla
A recognized political party has promised to increase the retirement age of center government employees from 60 to 62. Why? Only for taking votes. What will the results? I think it is last chance for nda govt….. Modi ki man mani nahi chalgi ………
S. Rangarajan
It will be good, if implemented.
Ln verma
It is a good decision of bjp govt
Retirement age should be reduced to 50 years by giving employment to one dependent family member according to his/her qualification.
Kumar kashyap
Its good for nation health and growth
Shashi sharma
His will be a very terrible decision. It should ideally be increased to 62.
C.k.mansoor rahman

Sir all senior most who reaches 60 years are submitting their pension papers for settlement and those who standby for next promotion as per seniority list and accordingly vacant posts will be fill up and managing accordingly in the respective department . Further employment for freshers will be depends upon requirement of work progress and it also depends of profit & loss of the particular project.
It is very difficult to say that after retirement of all over aged employees unemployment problems will be solved?
Retiring age of employee if reduced suddenly then employee is not able to sustain himself and his most cases the person try to build their own home by the time of his or her retirement i.e 2-3 years ago. Also in most cases his son and daughter are still studying or searching for the job. In that case how that family will survive only in that pension amount.
We want full employment scheme from the govt of india.

If not then don’t do such thing so that seasonal or disguised unemployment will increase.
Venkata rao
Sir retirement age 60 to 58 unemployment problem will be solved and at present so many employees retired in that place new retuitment comes it is better and unemployment problem will be solved. At present thousands of employees be retired so new personnes comes means every body problem solved. V.v. Rao
C.k.mansoor rahman
Sir please focus on this comment and decide how to solve unemployment .
Example:- i have a big ice cream factory maintaining by my own 10 brothers and i am investing rs.50000/ per month and my total monthly profit is rs.60000/ but my brothers are taking any salary from me but due to their neglegency & their daily fighting i am spending rs.50000/ towards payment of court cases fees & other penalties .

Just think how i appoint my own friends on full payment basis ? My father is pressing me to give job to friends …

Thanks mr.s bhaskar rao. I am with u. I fully agree with what u have suggested. Govt. Can take action against the lazy workers . Time is nearing after installation of bio metric machines for attendence everything will be clear automatically. Reduction of age to 58 is not the solution, no. Of asylums will have to be increased , today both working parents are sufferers,
C.k.mansoor rahman
Yes yes yes its a good idea .

But on this web site the question reaised about unemployment of youth ??
So we need to increase vacancy quota only for defence & police department since india needs more security to prevent terrorism.
So india needs young hero’s to protect our mother land.
“defence & police department is the key to proctect our country”

jai hind

Dr. J.sarkar
There is a strong need of reducing the number of govt. Employees. For this one need not throw out govt. Employee by reducing retirement age which will destabilize their retirement plan. Let them retire as it is. But put a total ban on new recruitment in govt. Sector. Govt. Employees are mostly corrupt, unproductive and are huge burden on the govt. Retiring some of them by suddenly reducing the retirement age by two years and then making new appointments whom govt will have to pay salary and parks for the next 35 years and thereby committing huge and recurrent expenditure will be the most foolish thing to do. So retirement age must not be reduced and instead there should be a ban on new recruitment govt. Sector. Create climate for growth , let gdp increase and people get job in private sector.
in the age between 58 to 60 so many staff plan their balance career after retirmnt and soft family run without burdens ie repaymt of loans education marriages of childrn etc
it is not possible to solve the unemploymnt since the govt plan to beat the liabilitys expenditure cost of maintanence with higher technoloy with a limited employees and no chance to fill by youth as it is the to be retired staff of all caategories
we pray the god and bjp rulers to think the past decesions by congress and bjp then and now and decide to save the general public of all familys of all categories age reduction is not a solution and keeeping an eye on lazy workers and slow movemt of files even good applications and solation of genl public as transparency mode of our modi jee like gurujee and we vote for geniine administration and save the all familys with satisfactory runnings of their routine life atleast the bjp next elections and hope the keep the age limit for all categoris as 60 as old is gold
Ok just think and do good for the nation and trained the general youth to stand on their foot to run the lives with happy mode with faith on god and present jobs and follow the proverb
work is worship and help to man is help to god
long live modi as a good judge and bharath mathaki jai
********* jai hind*********** sbhaskar rao trp

P.k. behura
Dear sir,
at present, it is highly necessary to bring down the retirement age from 60 to 58 years. Reasons are; 1. People working before 20 – 25 years before are not acquainted with modern technology. 2. Younger generation are more efficient than older. 3. Now there is a disturbance between new staff and old staff regarding working procedure. 4. Unemployment problem will be solved. 5. People retire in 58 years will engage their mind in productive way, which is beneficial to the nation. 6. Production will be more from new generation. It must be 58 years.
C.k.mansoor rahman
For revision of all posted comments .
Subject:-“the following reasons are attributed for decreasing the present age of retirement ”
Point no.1. To create more employment opportunities for youth ?
My opinion & answer :- ” most be create more employment for youth in defence dept”.
Point no.2. To increase contribution of younger employees in the government sectors?
My opinion & answer :- ” most be increase the contribution of younger employees in police department”
Point no.3. To compensate the loss of accured due to payment of allowances ?
My opinion & answer is :- “most be utilized the service of all retired employees/ officials on daily remuneration basis upto the age of ,65 yesrs of the retired employees as per extent orders issued by the dopp then only possible to save the national revenue to wards the payment of allowances such as da hra cca annualincrement etc.

Thr r many places whr u gv employment opportunity to the youth…..if gov wan t reduce the age thn reduce th age every whr…nd my sugstn z tat if gov wan t reduce th age thn reduce th age 4 new appointmnt….so tat they cn plan their future lyf acc t tat…
Surendra pareek
When govt incresing retirement age of scientest due to average life span has incresed, why it not apply for all other govt emplyees.
Raj budhwani
Retirement at the age of 58 is well come move by this govt.but no employee will wish to be under the loss after the service length of 35 has to be ready to sci rife these two years for the benefit of young blood & to accept the proposal of 58 years retirement. I wish that present govt will handle this case smartly by giving handsome amount to the employees by making it this govt is always believing in action & order.
Devendar kumar
The retirement age should be reduced drastically for the following reasons and under the following circumstances:

1. In private sectors employees are loaded with heavy work. One person does the work equivalent to what 3 persons can perform. But in government organisations there are 3 babus to finish a work which a single babu can himself easily manage. The result these babus just while away the time by chit chatting. They often go out for tea, pan, cigarette etc., during office hours. Such people should be shown the door at the age of 50. In lieu of pension , golden handshake scheme should be introduced (say pension equivalent to 20 or 25 years can be given in one lump sum with which they can do whatever they want to eke out their living).
2. There should be 90 percent reduction in class iv staff of mts (multi-task-force) category. Their contribution is absolutely nil. Files can be very well carried by babus themselves to officers chambers. 99 percent of these mts idle away their time without any fruitful work.
3. No revenue is generated by many of the government departments. The employees salary and pensions are met with tax payers money. Such persons should be retired at the age of 50.
4. There are some government departments which themselves generate revenue such as the railway department, the postal department, the income tax department, the central excise, esic, & epf organizations etc. Payment of salary/pension to employees of these departments shall not be a burden. Such employees can be allowed to retire at 58, or 60 or even 62 years also.
5. As rightly pointed out by some readers, the politicians have no moral right to work beyond 60 years of age. The retirement age applicable for government employees should equally apply to the government(cabinet) as well as all the mlas, etc,. How these politicians can be given full pension just for 5 years tenure while there is a prescribed limit of 10/20 years for proportionate/full pension for government employees? These politicians contest elections in the name of doing service to the people and not with the aim of getting fatty salary and pension.
Devendar kumar

it is not to be solved the unemployment even if implemented because we are seeing the latest technology and present copetetion exams for all a littele posts and applying by youth of degree holders too for regular mazdoors as a hungry to get some job first and next for trying suitable educaion jobs and so many departments not giving wide publicity to post the even applications to appear sir
Any how we want transparency of condunting exams notifications and is main requirement for fill up suitable candidates of merit holders so modi sir just think like swatcha bharath gave sucessful fruitful results and try this one also to get happy of youth and parents gurujees of students of trained up poor student s from all castes who are knowledge based and get the semi skilled to skilled and fill up enthusiasm with a smaal fee for super traings for youth atleast to stand on their feet to manage the family after the common human beings marriages for all young at present would be family administrators too like office administrators sir
So keep the staff age for all a common equal age 60 and activate the sleeping section wings to drive as gaining section with selfsatisfaction given by our modijee supreme provisions to get acive staff and reduce neglesim and then automatically we are in faster developers and compare the cost of linving at present since that days are gone as single manned family now a days even 15000/- also not enough to run just a liittle family so do not reduce the age limit but keep an eye on neglesim and fix the responsibiltys on the concenred to run the govt and public on goodways gooddays of b j p rulers sirr thank u just my open mind opend this matter as opeinon and just for thinking for positive lives of exinsting sstaff sir

C.k.mansoor rahman
This is just comments as per own feelings.
But there is a official provision for re-enguagement of retired central government

pensioners on daily remuneration basis & the condition is basic pension plus re-enguagement emoulments does not exceed the last pay drawn at the time of retirement.

So my opinion is if the government wish to utilized the service of retired pensioners on economic measure the pensioner may get only his basic pension (that is 50% of the last pay drawn) only with out dr plus fma. So in such re-enguagement the pensioner may get extra remuneration from daily wages only with out any other allowances .

My suggestions will be justified and this will be a great saving of government revenue towards the payment of other allowances .

And my humble opinion is atleast 40% quota to be fix for retired pensioners and service may be utilized from the pensioners .

This is just for perusal for economical experts of india .

Jai hind “save national revenue”.
Nothing, instead bhrashtachar will go up. I think every month approximately 50000 employees retiring na ? Then why retirement age 58 ? And before passing an order they should ask who are serving in their 58 na ?
Praveen sakhuja
Action if taken will be appreciated by one and all by reduction in age. It is true that this will have ample opportunities for employment, wil reduce burden on government to pay perks and other payments due or those will be due in short period and many more. Simultaneously pm should stick non employment of retired personals who are getting pension from government.
Very good idea, to reduce the age limit. Prime minister office is now only the example. In his office, he selected and appointed all retired ias officials. There is no payment of hra/tpa etc. And also no cry for promotion or macp etc. But he preferred biomatric machines for whom ? He trusted scientists but other office and officials are only waste salaried officials, how can he expects the results from other government officials.
What about the central govt. Employees whose children are still studying and not settled they need six more years to settle in life. There should be cut of year i.e. Those employed during 1st jan”2004 onwards retirement age may be reduced to 55 yrs. Atleast they may get time to think over & get adjusted.
Its an injustice if the retirement age is reduced to 58 especially for ladies.
SOURCE - govtempdiary





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