Jul 2, 2015

Pensions Regulator Keen to Attract NRIs to NPS

delay in 7th cpc

Indian Railways to build executive lounges on 16 railway stations


Railway to organize trips abroad for its passengers

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Works on Kochi Metro Rail project inching towards Completion

Kochi: Despite heavy rains and other obstructions, the works of the Rs 5,537 crore Kochi Metro Rail project are fast progressing and inching towards completion. While it took six years to complete the first 10-km stretch of the recently inaugurated Chennai Metro, the 18-km stretch of the Kochi Metro from Aluva to Maharaja’s will be ready in three years, by June, 2016, which will be a national record.
“More than 70 per cent of civil works along reach one — the Aluva -Maharaja’s corridor — has been completed. Despite the delays in land acquisition, adverse climate and other obstructions, the works are being carried out as per schedule,” said sources at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Tata Projects Ltd receives formal Letter to start Works on 300 Km Western DFC project

Mumbai: Tata Projects-led consortium has bagged the contract for two phases of Dedicated Freight Corridor (Western Region) for a stretch of 300 km beating others in a competitive bidding. The company has received the final letter from the government to start the work on the project.

The project would help India to have an infrastructure to run rail freight at more than 100 km per hour with 32.5 tonne axle load capacity of the tracks. This is on par with the best in the US, Russia and China. At present, the freight runs on passenger tracks with axle load bearing capacity of 22.5 tonnes.

Traction Transformer market in APAC to Grow at CAGR 8.08 percent during 2015-2019

The Global Traction Transformer Market 2015-2019, a new industry report says an increased implementation of high-speed lines is the one of the latest trend and market driver. Research Beam adds a report titled “Traction Transformer Market in APAC 2015-2019” that provides detailed information of the Traction Transformer

The Global Traction Transformer Market 2015-2019 report analyst says vendors are in the process of manufacturing more efficient traction transformers to differentiate their products from competitors. For instance, ABB, a major player in the global traction transformer market, has developed a traction transformer, PETT, which uses power electronics instead of the conventional inverter and transformer combination. This makes it more energy efficient compared to conventional transformers. Many other vendors are shifting their focus to lighter, smaller, and more efficient transformers. The growth of the market is directly proportional to the increase in adoption of electric trains worldwide. Rising fossil fuel prices and greater concern over air pollution have encouraged more countries to opt for electric trains, discarding diesel locomotives.

Predatory Pricing in Tenders a Worrisome Trend in India’s fast growing Rail Business: Dolat Capital

With the Indian Railways looking to overhaul its networks, analysts see greater business emerging in Infrastructure, Communications, Rolling Stock, Safety, Services & Products. However the trends to win the Bids by certain OEMs encountered by the nominated members of the Tender Committee Proceedings were aghast on the pattern, however to remain lip locked due to the framework and the rules

In a tender for 2015-16 in which Technical and Financial Bids were opened, the L1 price quoted by one large but new company for BOXNHL Wagon was Rs.10.80 Lakh, whereas the aggregate cost of materials alone for the said wagon is around Rs.13 Lakh. Adding to it the conversion cost including labour, consumables, power, finance charges, and other overheads, the cost (without profit) would be substantially higher. The department has just come out with one order, but in an unprecedented development, almost all the major wagon makers have refused to produce the wagons for the price quoted by L1 manufacturer. The industry has described the price as predatory as it is even below cost of material.

China competes with Siemens AG, Bombardier and Kawasaki for Global Rail Contracts

Shanghai: China is competing with Germany’s Siemens AG, Canada’s Bombardier Inc and Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd for global rail contracts – the same companies that helped it build a high-speed rail network that is now the world’s longest at 16,000 kilometres.

China began testing the first bullet train completely made from locally produced parts this week as part of a big government-led push to export railway technology.

China is also home to the world’s largest train maker by sales, CRRC Corp Ltd , which was formed when the government merged its two biggest train makers in June.

Thailand treads delicate path between China and Japan on Rail projects 02/07/2015

Renowned Thai Economist and Dy.Prime Minister of Thailand Mr.Rajawongse Pridiyathorana Devakula

China is “one to two years” ahead of Japan in helping Thailand upgrade its outdated rail network, Thai deputy Prime Minister Pridiyathorn Devakula said in Hong Kong on Thursday.

He denied reports that a Japan-backed project is to be the country’s first high-speed rail line, and noted Thailand is a “small country” which has to be friendly to both China and Japan.

“Japan hadn’t said that they will do high-speed or medium-speed yet. We always say ‘up to high speed’,” he said, noting Japan will do a feasibility study before deciding the speed with Bangkok.

Vijayawada Division runs 128 DEMU Trains for Godavari Pushkarams

Vijayawada (BZA): South Central Railway will run 128 DEMU Un-reserved Special Trains for Godavari Pushkarams from Machilipatnam, Rajahmundry, Narsapur and Bhimavaram Junction from July 12 to 26.

Train Nos. 07834/07835 Machilipatnam-Rajahmundry DEMU Specials:(28 Services):

Train No. 07834 Machilipatnam-Rajahmundry DEMU Un-reserved Special Train will depart Machilipatnam at 4.15 a.m.from July 12 to July 25 (14 Services) (Daily One) and arrive in Rajahmundry at 9.30 a.m. the same day.

In the return direction, Train No. 07835 Rajahmundry-Machilipatnam DEMU Un-reserved Special Train will depart Rajahmundry at 6.10 pm. (14 Services) ( Daily One) and arrive in Machilipatnam at 11.30 pm, the same day.

ECOR conducts Trial Run on Puri-Khurda Railway Track

Puri: Railway engineers conducted trial run on the Puri-Khurda Road track on Wednesday. Double-tracking of Puri-Khurda Road was completed recently. Necessary safety certificate was issued by the safety engineers after the trial run allowing the authorities to commence regular train service on the new tracks. The 44 kms distance covers upto Sakhigopal and 18 kms line was laid on war-footing keeping in view the Nabakalebara of the deities during which about 30 lakh devotees are expected to attend.

Puri-Durg and Puri-Ahmedabad trains would run on the new tracks, informed station manager. However East Coast Railway (ECoR) authorities has extended schedule adjustments of trains running on the route up to July 2 because of the ongoing line doubling work between Sakhigopal and Puri railway station. As a result, some of the trains will be short terminated at Khurda Road and Cuttack and cancelled to and from Puri.

Financing Model for Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode Light Metro opposed

Thiruvananthapuram (TVC): The Kerala Finance Department has opposed the financing model mooted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. to approach Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to fund the Rs.6,728 crore Light Metro for Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode with Special Terms for Economic Partnership (STEP) loan.

The Finance Department warned the Public Works Department (PWD) that agreeing to the procurement conditions for goods and services specified for JICA STEP loan would mean that the State would have to “purchase a sizable portion of the equipment from Japanese firms.” “For a major project of this nature, the dangers of agreeing to such a condition are evident. The State loses substantial control over prices and even quality and would be limited in its choices in selection, inviting price rigging, and potentially corrupt practices,” the Finance Department said.

Digital India: Cisco aims to propel Digital Revolution in Indian Railways with 15 New Products

The Cisco Way in San José, California, USA
The Cisco Way in San José, California, USA
New Delhi:  Cisco – a Information Technology giant has launched its Internet of Things (IOT) system based on six technology pillars which, when combined together, should help to reduce the complexity of digitalisation for the railway industry.
Within the six pillars, Cisco has also launched 15 new products. These include the IW3702 wireless access point to connect mass transit systems and city WiFi networks, the IR 909 and IR 908 series industrial routers with WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity, the Mobile IP Gateway for connected rail solutions, and a range of cameras with 360o view for situation awareness and audio and digital sensors.
Cisco estimates that 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the internet by 2020, even though today more than 99% of objects in the physical world remain unconnected.  Digitalisation is complex, and devices and objects are being connected and unrelated networks converged at an increasingly rapid pace.  Cisco says that the benefits of these connections can only be realised through the application of advanced data analytics, which often requires the creation of intelligent applications capable of accelerating new business models or increasing productivity.  Cisco’s new system is designed to address these challenges. The six pillars comprise:
  • network connectivity including purpose-built routing, switching, and wireless products
  • fog computing to enable data to be analyzed and manage locally
  • security to unify cyber and physical security
  • data analytics
  • management and automation, and
  • an application enablement platform offering a set of APIs to enable users to design, develop and deploy their own applications based on internet of things capabilities.

Cisco Connected Rail solutions help achieve a wide range of Safety, Mobility, and Efficiency objectives:
  • Keep passengers and employees safe
  • Provide onboard passenger Wi-Fi, entertainment, live scheduling, high-speed voice and video, and more
  • Converge multiple networks into a single IP network for greater interoperability, improved communications, simplified management, and lower costs
  • Meet governmental and industrial safety compliance requirements
Connected Rail
As rail operators like to introduce new business models and value-added services to increase ridership, one can count on Cisco to deploy highly secure, flexible IP networks. Cisco’s ruggedized routers, switches, access points, and video cameras are being deployed at trackside, in stations, and on trains.
Cisco IOx: Real World Benefits for Railway Industry
Whether it’s a passenger train in a bustling city or a freight train slithering through the mountainside, news of derailment is a tragic story. You may have heard about the fatal train accident in New York City’s Bronxor the recent incident in Philadelphia where a train hauling crude oil was dangling over a river. The US federal government has seen more oil spilled in rail incidents in 2013 than was spilled in the nearly four decades since it began collecting data. The demand for preventative measures is greater than ever.
Cisco IOx Improved rail systemsTrain derailment is typically due to equipment failure, specifically in the ball bearings of a wheel. Today, train operators have routine schedules to swap out wheels and engines without fully knowing if the equipment is used beyond repair. Or in worse case scenarios, damaged equipment is not replaced in time to prevent failure and accidents. In addition to performance, train operators face fierce competition from alternative transportation providers and must find ways to offer better amenities and services to retain and attract new passengers.
With Cisco IOx, an 819 router sitting on a freight train can monitor the ball-bearings and monitor the utility of bearing to let you know if its overheating or has worn down to a lower-threshold of useful material. An alert can be sent to the train operator notifying him to pull over at the next available station or to stop and repair the wheel.
Cisco Transportation Smart Solutions for Railways
Cisco Transportation Smart Solution (TSS) for Rail is the underlying architecture for a set of highly secure validated network designs. Cisco’s building-block approach means one can start with any combination of solutions, and add others later. Validated network designs minimize deployment risk and speed time to market. TSS includes Cisco and third-party network products, and Cisco Services designed specifically for rail and mass transit. Today, TSS includes Cisco Connected Rail and Premium Mobile Broadband.
Cisco Connected Rail Resources
  • Cisco Transportation Smart Solution At-a-Glance and Solution Overview
  • Cisco Services for Transportation Smart Solution
  • Cisco Connected Rail At-a-Glance and Solution Overview
  • Cisco Positive Train Control At-a-Glance and Solution Overview
  • Cisco Premium Mobile Broadband At-a-Glance and Solution Overview
  • Cisco Validated Design (CVD)
  • Cisco Connected Rail Network Architecture
Key Products
Network Connectivity for Rail – Switching
  • IE 2000 Series Switches
  • 3000 Series and 3010 Series Switches
  • Embedded Service 2020 Series Switches
  • 2520 Connected Grid Switch
Network Connectivity for Rail – Routing and Mobility
  • 819 Integrated Services Router
  • Connected Grid Router 2000/2010
  • Embedded Services Routers – ESR 5915, ESR 5921, ESR 5940
  • ASR 900 Series Aggregation Services Routers
  • ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
  • Connected Mobile Experiences
Wireless Access Points for Rail
  • Aironet 3500 Series Access Points
Connected Safety and Security for Rail
  • Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras
  • Video Surveillance Manager
  • IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS)
More Cisco Solutions for Rail
  • Digital Signs for Stations and Trains
  • Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)
Debuting the Autonomic Train at Cisco Live
At Cisco Live, the train includes our Cisco IE2000 industrial switches (IP67 and non IP67 versions), Cisco-819 M2M router, our target application hosting server-PC with VSMS and an even smaller application hosting server – a Raspberry PI.
Cisco LiveEvery car also hosts our ruggedized Cisco-IPVSC-6050 cameras and a demo version of a passenger information system (PIS) with both outside-train LCD and top-of-seat LCD panels. This is built on a Arduino/Linux prototype platform. Cameras and PIS-devices are PoE powered from our switches.
This setup shows how Cisco IOS networking infrastructure can provide an agile platform for in-train convenience applications – PIS, Surveillance, Internet, Media Streaming, etc. With IP connected client devices, these business applications can be built as easily as web applications – and they can equally easily be expanded and adopted to changing requirements. Given how most train operators already use Web development for outside-train applications such as eCommerce/business-process/web presence/ticketing, this makes it easy for them to build out such convenience application in their trains.
Cisco Live2A key component of making these business applications work automatically in a train environment is topology awareness of the train: Every time train cars and engines are being put together to form a train, the business applications need to adopt to the new train topology.
The PIS shows on every car the right logical car number and directions where the beginning and end of train are.  The surveillance application is able to display the right camera for every car. Online seat reservations are equally enabled with this IP connected train technology. PIS display shows how many seats are free in each direction on the train – which is different on every car.
Cisco Live3When trains are known to drive in reverse order, renumbering of seats can take place. This renumbering could be intelligent and allows passengers to book a seat in or against the direction of the train, so the seat is guaranteed even when cars are turned around because seats will automatically be renumbered when this happens.
Most of these use case workflows are being shown at Cisco Live with the written demo/prototype application: purely web based, browser on a tablet as the user interface for passengers and train personnel.
To make the development of such convenience applications easier, we leverage a new common cross-market segment software architecture in IOS that is today unique to Cisco.
Autonomic Networking (AN). AN is already shipping on Service Provider IOS platforms and is currently being integrated into the IE and enterprise switch platforms to ship later in 2014/early 2015. Autonomic Networking is bundled within Cisco’s overall “Plug & Play” Software architecture. The core benefits of our Autonomic Networking infrastructure software are secure zero touch device/network bootstrap and automatically built reliable connectivity for ongoing provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting. AN also enables intelligent autonomic network wide services.
Cisco Live4The Autonomic Topology service is one of the first intelligent network-wide services that we plan to ship: Talking only to a single device in the network, a business application can retrieve the full topology of the (train) network including all the relevant information about connected client devices such as cameras or PIS client devices. This topology information is even available when parts of the network are either configured incorrectly, or not configured at all.

Reluctance of UP, Bihar and WB to avail Subsidized Foodgrains from FCI inflicts a loss of Rs.300 Crore to IR

New Delhi: Reluctance of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal to avail subsidized foodgrains from the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has put the railways in a spot.

The national transporter is suffering a loss of around Rs 90 crore every month as FCI has drastically cut down the loading of foodgrains after the three states reduced off-take, sources said.

The substantial cut in loading target is due to the food ministry and FCI’s failure to take up the issue with the these states, which have the maximum number of poor and have been the biggest taker of subsidized foodgrains, said a top government source.

China proposes Trilateral Economic Corridor, Railway Line to link Tibet with India, Nepal

The India-Nepal-China Corridor is a major initiative to promote the connectivity in the region especially between China and India and help quake-hit Nepal, said Huang Xilian. The proposal was discussed in the recent meeting between External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on the sidelines of an international conference on Nepal reconstruction in Kathmandu last month

Beijing: China has proposed a trilateral economic corridor with India through Nepal and a railway line linking the three nations via Tibet besides undertaking of joint reconstruction of projects to rebuild quake-hit Nepal.

(From left) External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj, Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, US Ambassador to Nepal Peter W Bodde, State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Minoru Kiuchi, Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao and World

The India-Nepal-China Corridor is a major initiative to promote the connectivity in the region especially between China and India and help quake-hit Nepal, said Huang Xilian, Deputy Director General of the Asian Affairs departs of the Chinese foreign ministry.

Polo Towers Group ties up with IRCON ISL; sets up Hotel in MFC Allahabad

Allahabad (ALD): Shillong based Hotel Polo Towers Group has launched Hotel Polo Max and Food Court in Allahabad railway station compound. The group has entered into a PPP with IRCON Infrastructure & Services (IRCON ISL) under ministry of railways, GoI to set up the hotel in Allahabad. IRCON ISL is developing Multi-Functional Complexes (MFCs) in identified stations for providing rail users facilities like shopping, book-shops, medicine, variety stores, food plazas, budget hotels, underground parking facilities, etc.

Out of the 50 identified stations for the development of MFCs, the Railway Board has proposed to take up work at 24 railway station premises in phases serving places of pilgrimage, industry and tourist interest through IRCON ISL and Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA). Land on long term lease basis is arranged by RLDA.

Ten changes that indian railways will see from today

published in nayee duniya paper:-

Source - GOV employees


Central Government Employees DA from July 2015 will be based on our calculations given below – All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers) for May 2015 released by Labour Bureau – Two Point increase in AIPCI(IW)

DA from July 2015 – As estimated and posted through our earlier posts, Dearness Allowance for Cental Government Employees with effect from July 2015 will be increased by 6% thanks to two point increase in All India CPI (IW) for May 2015.
Except CPI for June-2015, all data for calculation of Dearness Allowance from July 2015 areavailable now.
MonthActual AICPI-IW
Dec- 2014253
Jun-2015To be released
Now AICPIN for the month of June remains for the DA of JULY-2015, We have to take the assumed value for CPI-IW only for June 2015. It is found that even for increase of 6 points in June 2015 from the existing CPI of 258, DA from July 2015 will be 119%. Only when CPI is increased to 265 from the existing level of 258, DA from July 2015 will be increased to 120%.
DA from Jul 2015=[(252+253+253+253+253+253+254+253+254+256+258+265)-115.76]*100/115.76
=120% (7% increase in DA from July 2015)
On the lower side, we found that only when Consumer Price Index fell down to 250 i.e when CPI (IW) is getting decreased by 8 Points, Central Government Employees DA from July 2015 will be fixed at 118%.
DA from Jul 2015=[(252+253+253+253+253+253+254+253+254+256+258+250)-115.76]*100/115.76
=118 % (5% increase in DA from July 2015)
From the above, it is clear that chances for decrease of 8 Points in CPI in a single month or increase of 7 points in same period are very remote. So, we can very well conclude that DA from July 2015 will be 119%.
Also check the following articles on estimation of DA from July 2015 for Central Government Employees and Pensioners
Full text of Press Release issued Labour Bureau on release of All India Consumer Price Index for the month of May 2015
No. 5/1/2015- CPI
DATED : 30th June, 2015
Press Release
Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) – May, 2015
The All-India CPI-1W for May, 2015 increased by 2 points and pegged at 258 (two hundred and fifty eight). On l-month percentage change, it increased by 0.78 per cent between April, 2015 and May, 2015 when compared with the increase of (+) 0.83 per cent between the same two months a year ago.
The maximum upward pressure to the change in current index came from Food groupcontributing (+) 1.96 percentage points to the total change. At item level, Rice, Arhar Dal, Gram Dal, Masur Dal, Moong Dal, Urd Dal, Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Fish FreshGoat Meat, Poultry (Chicken), Onion, Vegetable items, Electricity Charges, Petrol, Tailoring Charges, etc. are responsible for the increase in index. However, this increase was restricted by Wheat, Wheat Atta,Gourd, Torai, Lady’s Finger, Mango, Sugar, Bus Fare, etc., putting downward pressure on the index.
The year-on-year inflation measured by monthly CPI-1W stood at 5.74 per cent for May, 2015 as compared to 5.79 per cent for the previous month and 7.02 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year. Similarly, the Food inflation stood at 5.99 per cent against 5.68 per cent of the previous month and 7.66 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year.
At centre level, Mercara, Bokaro, Coonoor, Belgaum and Madurai reported the highest increase of 8 points each followed by Tiruchirapally (7 points). Among others, 6 points increase was observed in 4 centres, 5 points in 5 centres, 4 points in 12 centres, 3 points in 9 centres, 2 points in 10 centres and 1 point in 15 centres. On the contrary, Srinagar and Rangapara Tezpur centres recorded a maximum decrease of 3 points each followed by Darjeeling (2 points). Among others, 1 point decrease was observed in 4 centres. Rest of the 10 centres’ indices remained stationary.
The indices of 37 centres are above All India Index and other 40 centres’ indices are below national average. The index of Tiruchirapally is at par with all-India index.
The next index of CPI-1W for the month of June, 2015 will be released on Friday, 3 lst July, 2015. The same will also be available on the office website www.1obourbureau. gov. in.
(S. . NEGI)
Source: Labour Bureau
Source - GOV employees

Requirement of taking prior permission for leaving station/ headquarters from going abroad while on leave

F. No. 11013/8/2015-Estt.A-III
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment A-III Desk

North Block, New Delhi — 110001
Dated June 29th, 2015

Subject: Requirement of taking prior permission for leaving station/ headquarters from going abroad while on leave.

Undersigned is directed to say that a need for further streamlining the procedure for grant of permission for going abroad on private visit has been felt. A draft of instructions and the formats for grant of permission are attached. Comments/ views, if any, in this regard may be sent to the e-mail address www.directoryplus.in latest by 10th July, 2015.

(M. P. Rama Rao)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Tags: DOPT Circulars, DOPT Orders

Source - GOV employees

Wards of Railway employees to get job in railways through LARSGESS scheme






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