Oct 10, 2015

Railway to close its pay office, cash handling will be done by banks

railway pay office
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More loan on flat costing upto Rs. 30 Lakh

USEFUL INFORMATION CENTER: More loan on flat costing upto Rs. 30 Lakh: SOURCE - GOV EMPLOYEE

15000 के बारे में अनुसूचित जाति / जनजाति के कर्मचारियों को आरक्षण में पदोन्नति पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट के फैसले के बाद पदावनत

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: 15226 अनुसूचित जाति / जनजाति के कर्मचारियों को आर...: SOURCE - JAGARAN

Reminder regarding memorandum of dt-02/09/15 given to Hon.DRM/SPJ since none of my demand entertained by administration till now.

Govt clears bonus for rail employees

NEW DELHI: Ahead of the festive season, government on Wednesday cleared a proposal to give productivity linked bonus to about 12 lakh railway employees

The proposal was cleared at the Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sources said. 

Railways had proposed to give 78 days wages as productivity-linked bonus, the same as the last three years, despite the financial crunch. This could mean that the employees will get Rs 8897 as bonus for this month. 

The burden on railways is estimated to cost more than Rs 800 crores. 

In 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 also,78-day wages were given as PLB to railway employees. 

Productivity-linked bonus is paid to railway employees each year.
Source - Times Of India

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu to launch new mobile app

Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu

Under the ‘Digital India’ programme, Union Minister for Railways Suresh Prabhu is likely to launch a new platform named ‘JUMBO Bonanza of UTS on mobile’ on October 9. Passengers can download a mobile application called ‘UTS on mobile’, which would not only save time, but also avoid the usage of paper for tickets.

With this, Central Railway commuters can also cut down on long queues at ticket windows or ATVMs.

“On Friday, Prabhu will inaugurate the mobile app for passengers of the Central Railway division of Mumbai. It has already been launched in the Western Railway division of Mumbai from Churchgate to Dahanu. With add-on facilities for commuters, the new paperless mobile ticketing application UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) will enable them to even renew their monthly passes on their mobiles,” said a CR official.

Railway revenues rebound 4.3% in September 2015

Overall revenue rises 9% in April-September 2015
The Indian Railway (IR) has posted 4.3% rise in revenues to Rs 12259.13 crore in September 2015 over September 2014, while snapping only decline in revenues of 2.3% recorded in August 2015 since we have data for last ten years. However, the revenue earnings continued to be below budget estimate of Rs 13812.14 crore for September 2015.
The passenger earnings improved 7.9% to Rs 3622.25 crore, while the earnings from other coaching moved up 8.7% to Rs 344.01 crore in September 2015. The goods revenue, accounting for 64.9% of the total revenue, rose at subdued pace of 3.3% to Rs 7958.26 crore. The revenue from sundry activities dipped 11% to Rs 334.61 crore in September 2015.
In April-September 2015, the revenue earnings of IR has increased 9% to Rs 78950.65 crore driven by 10% rise in goods revenue to Rs 52541.85 crore. The passenger revenue moved up 8.5% to Rs 22479.2 crore, while other coaching increased 5.1% to Rs 2058.39 crore. However, the sundry earnings dipped 6.9% to Rs 1871.21 crore in April-September 2015.
Ordinary working expenses
The ordinary working expenses of IR dipped 9.9% to Rs 11808.4 crore in September 2015 over September 2015, while it were below budgeted level of Rs 12491.04 crore. The ordinary working expenses of IR stood at Rs 59419.23 crore in April-September 2015, up 0.4% over April-September 2014.
The operating ratio of IR, expenses as percentage of revenue, stood at 97.81% in April-September 2015, which is much above the budget target of 88.5% for 2015-16.
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इलाहाबाद से जम्मू के लिए मिली सीधी स्पेशल ट्रेन

इलाहाबाद (ब्यूरो)। फेस्टिवल सीजन में इलाहाबाद से जम्मू जाने वाले यात्रियों की सुविधा के लिए उत्तर मध्य रेलवे (एनसीआर) प्रशासन एक स्पेशल ट्रेन चलाने जा रहा है। स्पेशल ट्रेन 13 अक्तूबर से 30 अक्तूबर के मध्य प्रत्येक मंगलवार एवं शुक्रवार को इलाहाबाद से एवं 14 अक्तूबर से 31 अक्तूबर के मध्य जम्मू से प्रत्येक बुधवार एवं शनिवार को चलेगी। ट्रेन दिल्ली होकर जम्मू की ओर रवाना होगी।
इलाहाबाद से गाड़ी संख्या 04113 अपराह्न 3.20 बजे चलेगी। जो फतेहपुर, कानपुर, इटावा, टूंडला, अलीगढ़, गाजियाबाद, दिल्ली, पानीपत, अंबाला कैंट, लुधियाना, जालंधर कैंट, पठानकोट होते हुए अगले दिन अपराह्न 3.30 बजे जम्मूतवी पहुंचेंगी। वापसी में गाड़ी संख्या 04114 जम्मूतवी से रात 10.10 बजे चलने के बाद अगले दिन रात 10.50 बजे इलाहाबाद पहुंचेंगी। एनसीआर के पीआरओ अमित मालवीय के मुताबिक जम्मू स्पेशल में सामान्य श्रेणी के 12, स्लीपर के चार, एसी थ्री के दो एवं एसी टू का एक कोच रहेगा।
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Train Enquiry Mobile Application on iOS platform – IT Enabled Passenger Services Launched by Indian Railways

Paperless Unreserved Tickets, Season tickets, Platforms tickets, CoTVM, Train Enquiry Mobile App
IT Enabled Passenger Services Launched by Indian Railways
Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu Launched these Services Through Video Conferencing from New Delhi. The Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu launched following IT enabled passenger services through video conferencing from New Delhi:
1. Paperless Unreserved Ticketing through Mobile Phones on suburban stations over Central Railway
2. Paperless Platforms tickets at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Dadar Central, Panvel, Thane and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Andheri, Mumbai Central, Borivali, Dadar Western, Dadar Central, Vasai Road, Bandra, New Delhi and Nizamudding stations on Northern Railway, Western Railway and Central Railway
3. Paperless Season tickets on suburban sections of Western Railway, Central Railway and New Delhi-Palwal Section of Northern Railway.
4. Currency, Coin – cum – Card operated Automatic Ticket Vending Machines at various suburban stations on Central Railway and Western Railway.
5. Train Enquiry Mobile Application on iOS platform.
On this occasion ,Chairman Railway Board, Shri AK Mital and other Board Members, Additional Member(C&IS) Shri Mohd. Jamshed, MD CRIS Ms Vandana Nanda were among those present at the programme.
Speaking on the occasion , Minister Of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhu said ­“Moving ahead in the direction of making Digital India, today, I am happy to inaugurate the System for Paperless Unreserved Tickets, Paperless Season Tickets and Paperless Platform Tickets through Mobile Phones, in the Mumbai Suburban system of WR and CR and Delhi – Palwal section of Northern Railway from today.
About 50 Currency-cum-coin-cum-card Ticket Vending Machines (CoTVMs) are now functional over various stations.
I am also happy to inaugurate the Currency and Coin Operated Ticket Vending Machines (CoTVMs), being installed at various stations of Central and Western Railway. All these initiatives were promised in my Budget Speech this year.
Another initiative that is being launched today is the Train Enquiry Mobile App on the iOS that is Apple platform. This app has been working very well on the Android and Windows based mobile phones and now will give good facilities for Apple phone users also.
The paperless Unreserved Ticketing System is a boon for passengers traveling in suburban areas, since it will drastically reduce the time a passenger takes at the station, waiting in queue to buy a ticket. It will enable “Mission 5 minutes” (not more than 5 minutes to buy a ticket) to become a reality. Railways will also benefit from this innovation because they will be able to cope with higher ticket sales with lower investments.
The Paperless Ticketing service is already running in some sections of Mumbai Western Railway and Delhi. With the latest launch, this service will be available across all of Mumbai’s suburban sections on both Central and Western Railways. This system is based on the “UTS on Mobile” app, which has a “Railway Wallet” feature. While this system has been introduced to increase passenger convenience, a few safeguards have been built-in to prevent misuse of the tickets. Firstly, the tickets cannot be forwarded from one phone to another. Second, one cannot buy the ticket after starting one’s journey. A system of distinct daily colour codes, embedded QR codes, and sync feature has been devised to ease the work of the ticket examiners, while providing unparalleled convenience to the users.
A very useful feature added today is that of buying Paperless Season Tickets and Paperless Platform Tickets through the Mobile App. The Paperless Season Ticket feature will be particularly useful for the suburban passengers, large numbers of whom travel on Season Tickets.
Another innovative system being introduced for Mumbai suburban section of Western Railway and Central Railway is the Cash/Smart Card operated Ticket Vending Machine (CoTVM), which is a self-service kiosk for passengers to buy their own unreserved tickets. It has a user-friendly graphical interface that can be used by all passengers. The machine takes currency notes and coins in addition to smart cards for payment. This will save the passengers’ precious time, and will ease the pressure on the Railway administration as well, enabling them to give better service to the passengers. Again, security features”
Procedure for booking of Paperless Unreserved Journey tickets, Season tickets and Platform tickets
Download the Mobile application from Google Play Store or Windows Store.
Register by providing Mobile Number, Name, City, Train Type, Class, Ticket Type, Number of Passengers and Frequently travel routes.Payment has to be made using R-Wallet. Upon successful registration, R-Wallet will be opened with Zero Balance.Value can be topped up in R-Wallet by tendering cash across the nominated counter and also online on website “utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in”.Passenger can book single Journey ticket, Platform ticket as well as season tickets by choosing appropriate option in the App.The Smart Phone should be GPS enabled to book single journey ticket and Platform ticket.
Functioning Of CoTVM
Cash/Smart card operated ticket vending machine (CoTVM) is a self-operated kiosk, which can be used by passengers to buy unreserved tickets through currency/coins/smart cards and to recharge smart cards. These kiosks have easy graphical interface for ticket transaction so that the user can operate these machines themselves. The kiosk accepts currency/coin of all glued/taped/coloured notes and accepts currency notes of Gandhi series. CoTVMs will reduce queue lengths at existing ticket counters by providing an alternate unmanned ticketing solution and mode of payment.
CoTVMs have the following functions
Issue of non-concessional second class journey tickets for non-suburban section and second/first class journey/return tickets for suburban section.Issue of platform tickets.Renewal of non-concessional season tickets.Recharge of smart cards in denominations of Rs. 20/-, Rs. 50/-, Rs. 100/- and Rs. 500/-.
CoTVM consists of:
1. Thin Client
2. Thermal Printer
3. Touch screen
4. RFID reader
5. Cash Validator with 15 notes escrow
6. Coin Validator with 10 coins escrow
7. The cash box has the capacity to hold 25,000 notes and 3,000 coins.
The basic difference between automatic ticket vending machine (ATVM) installed upto now and CoTVM is that ATVM can issue tickets through smart cards only whereas CoTVM can issue tickets using cash (notes & coins) and smart cards. It can also be used for recharging these smart cards.
Security of CoTVM
The machine has two access doors, both at the front side of the machine and is equipped with mechanical & electronic locks. One door is used for maintenance activity by the service engineer. The second door is for accessing the cash box and is integrated with an alarm system. The alarm will go off whenever the door is opened by any unauthorized person. The machine has a cash box with electro mechanical lock at the bottom. Whenever the authorized supervisor wants to open the cash box to takeout shift cash, he/she will gain access to the machine by using a supervisory smart card and his password. After entering the password, machine will print the Daily Trains Cash-cum-Summary Book (DTC) for accountal of the collected cash.
Commissioning of CoTVM
On 01.09.2015, 6 CoTVMs were inaugurated at New Delhi of Northern Railway and 08 CoTVMs at Sealdah & Howrah stations of Eastern Railway. So far, total 48 CoTVMs have been commissioned over Northern Railway and Eastern Railway.
Train Enquiry Mobile Application on iOS platform
Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS), the IT arm of Indian Railways, has enhanced the train enquiry system by developing mobile apps. Mobile app for Windows 8 and Android were launched earlier and are widely used by rail passengers. Now one more step ahead, mobile app for iOS platform has also been developed and ready for launch. It has now become easier for the rail passengers to track information on expected arrival and departure timings of a particular train and other information.
National Train Enquiry System (NTES) is the base system which provides information to public about train running on near real time through various interfaces like nationwide unique rail enquiry number 139, website (www.trainenquiry.com), mobile interfaces, Touch Screens, Face to Face enquiry and Display Boards at stations.
One of the best features of the app is ‘spot your train’ which provides information such as its current position, expected time of arrival and departure at a particular station. Other features are ‘train schedule’, ‘train between station’, ‘live station’, ‘information on cancelled, rescheduled & diverted trains’. ‘Live Station’ query provides list of trains expected to arrive at/depart from any station in next 2 or 4 hours.
Thus, CRIS has made available train enquiry app for three most commonly used mobile platforms viz. Windows, Android and iOS.
The NTES app is available as a free download from App store.
Source: PIB News

Government do have proposal for hiking bonus ceili...

EMPLOYEE NEWS CENTER: Government do have proposal for hiking bonus ceili...





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