46 trees coming in the way of Railway project trans-located

October 15, 2017, 10:25 AM

BENGALURU: As many as 46 trees that were coming in the way of a railway project near Devaragudda have translocated and not being cut.

Devaragudda is a crossing station at about 369 km from Bengaluru in Bengaluru- Hubballi route. Construction of South Western Railway is executing doubling works in Tumakuru-Arsikere (95 KM) and Chikjajur-Hubballi (194 KM) sections in this route. Devargudda is a two line station in Mysuru Division and on account of doubling, this station is to be developed into four line crossing station.

 There are 46 trees of various varieties such as, Nemalinare, Neem, Delbargia, Sisso, Pumgamia, Albizzia, lebbeck which are of varying girth size from 60 cm to 290 cm girth in the proposed alignment of new lines. In normal course these trees are cut and Railway works are done. Interestingly, the government has taken up the work of translocating all the trees. Between October 11-14, all the 46 trees have been translocated, said an official release from the South Western Railways.
 Keeping in view the vision of Indian Railways, ‘to promote green environment and green energy while making the Indian Railways a global leader in sustainable mass transports’, it was decided to transplant the trees, said an official release from the Railways.

The government has taken the assistance of agencies excelled in the task of translocation/transplantation of trees. “After deep search, an agency Green Morning Horticulture Pvt Ltd was found, who agreed to execute the work at least possible cost while ensuring the survival at 70-80%. Senior officers of Railways are monitoring the entire work. This is a small beginning in South Western Railway for saving the trees and protecting the environment. Railway is also planting trees alongside the tracks even up to Hubballi,” the spokesperson said.
The work was done under supervision of Horticulture experts who have transplanted many trees in past at various places. The process involved uprooting the trees with surrounding soil after duly protecting the roots, shifting to new location using crane, transplantation to required depth and further providing manure and fertilizers, pesticides etc. After completion of transplantation work, regular watering is to be done for 6 months and horticulture experts have to visit to see the growth of transplanted trees.

Source-Times Of India


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