A’bad-Rajkot route trains to run late on Saturday

January 12, 2018, 1:43 PM

Rajkot: The Rajkot Railway Division’s engineering department will take six hours mega block on Saturday. As a result, moment of several trains between Ahmedabad and Rajkot will be affected.

According to official release by the division work to provide limited height subway and eliminate unmanned level crossing between Than and Lakhmanchi stations will be done on Saturday.

As a result, movement of Bandra-Jamnagar Saurashtra Express, Jamnagar-Surat intercity, Madgaon-Hapa Superfast, Okha-Ernakulam Express, Saurashtra Mail and Delhi-Sarai Rohilla Express will be affected and these trains will run late by two to four hours.

Source – Times Of India


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