KNOW ABOUT – Special Kinds of Leave in Indian Railway


Special Kinds of Leave  551.  Maternity Leave- (1) A female railway servant (including an apprentice) with less than two surviving children may be granted maternity leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a period of 180 days from the date of its commencement. (2) During such period, she shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave. (3) Maternity Leave not exceeding 45 days may also be granted to a female Railway servant (irrespective of the number of surviving children) during the entire service of that female Railway servant in case of miscarriage including abortion on production of medical certificate

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KNOW ABOUT – Rules For Luggage Booking in Railway
March 29, 2017

Luggage which is not fully and legibly addressed in English or Hindi will not be accepted for booking and carriage by train. Luggage which is not securely packed will not be accepted for booking and carriage unless the sender or his authorized agent executes a forwarding note and record there in such defects or improper packing. Luggage which is

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