Mumbai: Commuters of Central Railway line were left aghast after a person was mowed down by speeding train

November 10, 2017, 10:08 AM

Mumbai: The commuters of Central Railway line were left aghast when a person was mowed down – literally chopped into bits — by the speeding Pune-bound Pragati Express on Thursday evening. That was not all – the train could not budge an inch after the mishap. This, in turn, caused a major disruption for over one and a half hour, impacting local trains on the Central Railway.

Worse still, the central railway had not identified the mangled victim hours after the mishap. Pramod Kadu, a resident of Karjat and a member of the passengers’ association, who was travelling by the train, said, “We heard a loud noise after the train passed Mulund station and the train came to a grinding halt. After that we were stranded for the next hour and a half.”

According to sources, the incident occurred between Mulund and Thane. The loco pilot tried his best to save the victim, and even applied emergency brakes. In that   attempt, the DC pipe (a pipe which controls the air pressure of the brakes of the train) got damaged. The train could not proceed on its onward journey as it took a while to repair the pipe.

Once the train stopped, initially, the railways made no announcements; it was only after a while they started getting information on social media platforms like WhatsApp. Kadu said passengers saw human pieces, which were strewn around, being retrieved by the Railway employees and being carted away.

Central railway confirmed the accident but were unable to identify the victim. In fact, according to Samadhan Pawar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Railway Police, “Even the gender of the victim is yet to be confirmed’’.  Sunil Udasi, Chief Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Central Railway, explained that the train was inoperative for over one and a half hour and other trains on the route between Thane and Mulund were diverted to the slow track.

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