June 5, 2017, 2:23 PM

Railways have decided to continue to run weekly express special train between Kacheguda – Krishnarajapuram on special fare to clear the extra rush of passengers with existing timings and stoppages. This train will run on every Sunday with effect from 04thJune, 2017 to 25th June, 2017 (4 Trips) from Kacheguda end and on every Monday with effect from 05th June, 2017to 26th June, 2017 from Krishnarajapuram end (4 Trips).

Train No. 07603 Kacheguda – Krishnarajapuram weekly express special departs from Kacheguda at 18.00 hrs. on every Sunday and reaches Krishnarajapuram at 06:00 hrs. the next day. Enroute the train arrives/departs Jadcherla at 19:40/19:41 hrs., Mahabubnagar at 19:48/19:50 hrs., Gadwal at 20:54/20:55 hrs., Kurnool Town at 21:50/21:52 hrs., Dhone at 22:48/22:50 hrs., Gooty at 23:35/23:36 hrs., Anantapur at 00:39/00:40 hrs., Dahramavaram at 01:38/01:40 hrs., Satyasai Prasanthi Nilyam at 02:03/02:05 hrs., Penukonda at 02:18/02:20 hrs., Hindupur at 02:58/03:00 hrs., Yelahanka at 05:00/05:05 hrs..

In return direction Train No. 07604 Krishnarajapuram – Kacheguda weekly express special departs from Krishnarajapuram at 22.30 hrs. on every Monday and reaches Kacheguda at 11:15 hrs. the next day. Enroute the train arrives/departs Yelahanka at 22:58/23:00 hrs., Hindupur at 00:28/00:30 hrs., Penukonda at 01:08/01:10 hrs., Satyasai Prasanthi Nilyam at 01:28/01:30 hrs., Dahramavaram at 02:18/02:20 hrs., Anantapur at 02:50/02:51 hrs., Gooty at 04:00/04:01 hrs., Dhone at 05:10/05:15 hrs., Kurnool Town at 06:02/06:04 hrs., Gadwal at 07:03/07:04 hrs., Mahabubnagar at 08:20/08:22 hrs., Jadcherla at 08:40/08:41 hrs..


                                                    Railway has decided for closure of Kotegangur halt in Shivamogga -Talaguppa section and Dudda halt in Hassan – Arsikere section with immediate effect. In view of the above, the stoppage of train no. 56265/56266, Arsikere – Mysuru –Arsikere Passenger at Dudda halt, Train No, 56275/56276, Talaguppa – Mysuru – Talaguppa Passenger and Train No. 56217/56218, Talaguppa – Mysuru – Talaguppa Passenger at Kotegangur halt is withdrawn with immediate effect.


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