Serious complaint – Against Sr Dom

April 10, 2017, 10:34 PM

Letter No 14 No : AITCA/DRM BB CR Date: 25th MARCH 2017 To, Divisional Railway Manager Mumbai Division. Central Railway. CST Mumbai.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Serious complaint against Sr Dom BB Shri Anil Patke by the Controllers of BB DIV.

The Association has received series of complaint from the Controllers of BB Div regarding the arrogant, humiliative and insultive language used by Sr DOM BB against all the Controllers of BB DIV, including the senior most CHC who are on the verge of retirement and who had put up exemplary service in Control office and who are stalwart’s of operations. The pressure created by Sr Dom is unbearable. Sr Dom BB does not have much knowledge of practical operations and Control working. Due to faulty Promotional policies Officer become Sr DOM without any basic knowledge and then they feel that only way to extract work from Control cadre is to shout, yell and use un parliamentary and derogatory language and also put Control cadre into constant stress and unbearable pressure. The recent example of the death of a CHC from JHS DIV due to similar unbearable pressure by Sr DOM JHS is very fresh. In the past also many such deaths have happened but were never reported and taken as natural deaths under pressure from local administration. It is high time that these Officers are given a psychological training and taught how to behave with the senior most Controllers of their father’s age and who are due for retirement after putting 35/40 years of service. It takes minimum 10 -15 years of practical working as Controller on all seats of control office to have some basic knowledge of Control working, whereas theses Officers think they know everything within few years of administrative experience but without any practical operation knowledge. Over and above this nowadays the senior operating Officers working as CFTM/COM do Conference directly with CHC In charge and CHC gds as they know the limitation of these Officers and hence they are bypassed during planning. This practice has further blocked the learning process and exposure of these Officers. Hence Board should now issue instructions that all Conferences should be done by Officers only, without any CHC and accordingly instructions should be given to CHC In charge and the Hq Officers should also take feedback and position from Sr DOM / DOM instead of CHC. In this manner these Officers will be able to learn some practical operations. Regarding Sr DOM BB as reported above, does not have even basic knowledge of operations, over and above this he is always in high spirits especially on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. After getting into high spirits he does not know what he speaks, what instructions he gives and many times he does not even attend the important calls from control office and when he is reprimanded by higher Officers he targets the CHC and humiliates them. He has humiliated and badly insulted almost all the senior most CHC including CHC In charge. There is immense mental torture on the CHC and there is all the possibility that the JHS incident may be repeated in BB control also. If he does not change his style of functioning we will be forced to advise our Controllers to retaliate in the same tone and language which would then be very embarrassing for him. The Controllers have always been a disciplined force and we respect our seniors and Officers and shall remain disciplined but not at the cost of our self-respect and lives of our colleagues. Thanking you. Yours truly, Anil K Bharda Secretary General AITCA Copy to COM / GM CR.

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