Jul 1, 2015

Dearness allowance of the central government employees to be increased

delay in 7th cpc

Government to tighten central government employees on source of funds issue


Railway’s fresh orders if train is cancelled tickets would be considered cancelled

train cancel

Jun 30, 2015

Deputation of rly employees to RCT Nagpur

JOB & CAREER - Deputation of Rly Employees to DFCCIL

JOB & CAREER - Deputation of Rly Employees to RCT Jaipur

JOB & CAREER - Deputation of Rly employees to CRIS

Automatic Refund of Confirmed/ RAC E-Tickets on Cancellation of Trains

Ministry of Railways have decided to grant automatic refund of Confirmed/RAC e-tickets on cancellation of trains similar to waitlisted e-tickets. There shall not be any requirement for cancellation/filing of TDR for refund of e-tickets in case of cancellation of trains. This will become effective very shortly. 

In case of cancellation of trains, PRS counter ticket shall continue to be refunded across the reservation counter as per the existing provisions.

Non-Payment of HRA, Transport Allowance to Trainees appointed on Compassionate Grounds in Railways

No.   E(NG)II/2015/RC-1/Genl./2
                          New Delhi, dated 04.06.2015
The  General Secretary, NFIR,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New  Delhi  –  100055.
Non-payment   of   HRA,   Transport Allowance   etc.,   to   Trainees appointed  on  compassionate  grounds   in  Grade   Pay  1900/-  in artisan   category etc-reg.
The undersigned is directed  to  refer to your  letter No.II-1A/N’FIR/Pt.19 dated 16.10.2014  on  the  above  subject   and  to state  that  the  matter   has  already   been examined   by  the  Board  and suitably   advised  to  All  Indian   Railways  & Production unit.  A copy  has already   been  endorsed  to  GS/NFIR  vide  this office  letter  of  even number  dated 23.04.2015.    (copy  enclosed)
DA: As above.
Yours sincerely,
For Secretary/Railway Board.
Source - govemployees

Railway staff to be benefited from unused land of railway

Railway passengers to get alert message on cancellation of train

sms cancel

Aadhar made mandatory for railway passengers to have e-tickets

Suresh Prabhu’s proactive approach keeps Railway Officials on their Toes

New Delhi: Good days are over for the lazy officials of the ministry of railways. Senior railway officials are “upset” with the pro-active approach of railway minister Suresh Prabhu. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has not only been personally forwarding passengers’ complaints to officials but also making sure that actions are taken on them. In case, follow-up is not satisfactory, Prabhu personally hauls up concerned officials.

“Yes, it has become a bit difficult for us in the past few months. The railways is a service provider that operates at such a huge scale all over India and in this context, it is natural that there will be some deficiencies. The minister has been forwarding us complaints received from passengers fairly regularly, and we do try our best to address them. He has also issued warnings that officials ignoring the complaints will be transferred and demoted,” quoting a senior railway official, who requested anonymity.

Ratnagiri Gas & Power Ltd to ink Power Purchase Agreement with Railways for supply of 500 MW Power

RGPPL has proposed a sale price of Rs 6.15 per unit. Of this, it will charge Indian Railways Rs 4.70 per unit

Mumbai: The Ratnagiri Gas Power Project Ltd (RGPPL) has drafted a comprehensive plan for the revival of the debt-ridden Dabhol power plant, which has been lying defunct for years, and is in the process of finalising a power purchase agreement with the Indian Railways. In an attempt to revive the now defunct 1967-MW Dabhol power project, RGPPL is in final stages of signing a short-term power purchase agreement with the Railways to supply at least 500 MW to Railways.

Google to add Audio & Visual Alerts to warn Train Drivers about upcoming Rail Crossings in US

Washington, USA: Google will add audio and visual alerts to warn drivers about upcoming railroad crossings on Google’s navigation system, the U.S. Federal Railroad Administration announced on Monday.

The agency also asked four other companies – Apple, Garmin, Tom Tom and AOL’s MapQuest – to join similar map partnerships using the agency’s data to pinpoint the crossings, it said. AOL is owned by Verizon.

The FRA said about 270 people died last year in road-rail collisions. With more drivers using smartphone navigation apps to reach their destinations, the agency said they will be safer if they know about rail crossings they are approaching.

Acting FRA Administrator Sarah Feinberg, a former Facebook Inc executive, said the agency’s geographical data pinpoints nearly every rail crossing in the country.

Representatives for Google could not be immediately reached for comment.

Kolkata Rail Recruitment fraud victims were surprisingly ‘trained’,’paid’

Kolkata (KOAA): The detective department made one more arrest in the fake railway and extortion racket with the arrest of one Jitendra Chowdhury from Rishra. What the cops learnt from him has left them wondering on some insider role in running the gang. Sources said the gang used to operate at different levels and had several persons acting as their field agents across four cities in south Kolkata.

According to police sources, the accused used to charge anywhere between Rs 30,000-40,000 for filling up railway interview forms. Once they were convinced by the gang to come to Kolkata, they were lodged at Naihati and Kanchrapara where they were asked to undergo some “basic General Knowledge and Mathematics training.” They would then be asked to sit for a fake exam and some of them “passed.” The gang members were handed over fake TT badges and even a month’s “salary” (from the money paid to the gang as salaami) after they passed “medical exams” from railway hospitals. They would be “assigned work” at non-descript stations and carsheds with hardly any senior railway officer even having any inkling about the gang’s activities. All this same for a price – they had to shell thousands to get the offer letter. Anyone who refused to pay them were immediately kidnapped and around Rs 4 lakh demanded from family members to free him.

Phase-III Delhi Metro stations to push seamless transit

New Delhi: Congested Delhi Metro stations are set to make way for well-planned spaces that allow smooth integration between vehicular, pedestrian and Metro traffic in Phase III of the network.

In thewww.directoryplus.in design of 39 of its 91 stations in this phase, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will incorporate the principle of multimodal integration. According to the plan, skywalks and arcades will be built in and around stations to allow passengers to travel seamlessly and decongest routes around these stations.

“The objective is seamless transition and interchanges between different modes to complete the trip. Access to options to make travel cheaper, faster and more comfortable will be ensured,” said a government official.

As part of multimodal integration, an effective spatial allocation of various para-transit modes will be done so that convenience of public transport users is maximized. The plan, which has been approved by UTTIPEC, the umbrella transport body , will also improve walkability .

Mithibai College adopts Ville Parle Railway Station

In first such partnership between a college and Western Railway, students will sweep all six platforms, install garbage bins, display educational artwork

Mumbai: Mithibai College has assumed responsibility of maintaining and beautifying Ville Parle station. Beginning July 1, groups of 25 students will take turns every month to sweep each of its six platforms, install garbage bins and mount artwork on its walls. This is the first instance of an educational institution adopting a city railway station.

“Our students have been using this station for many years now and we would all like to help make it look better,” said Dilip Kamath, principal of Mithibai College – the station is located 1.5 km from the educational institution.

Freight loading by IR grew a dismal 1.22% in April-May, far from 7.7% increase projected for full fiscal

New Delhi: Freight loading by the Indian Railways grew a dismal 1.22% in April-May, far from 7.7% increase projected for the full fiscal, as the tonnage of cement, foodgrains and iron ore declined, reflecting a stuttering economy.

Loading of coal, which makes half of the railway tonnage and slightly less than that of freight earnings, grew 5.45%; though this was stronger than the growth in the loading of the fuel in recent years, it was still shy of the highest ever incremental increase projected in the budget presented by railway minister Suresh Prabhu in February.

That the slow increase in tonnage was not a seasonal phenomenon but a sign of weak core-sector activity (the core sector expansion hit an 18-month trough of -0.4% in April) was evident from the fact that tonnage achieved in April-May was 9.2% less than the transporter’s internal target for the period.

However, thanks to steep hikes in tariff — 6.5% last June and upon that another 5.5% in the latest budget — the railways managed to register a 16.5% increase in the revenue from goods transportation in the first two months of the current fiscal year, compared with 13.5% budgeted. Freight earnings for April-May stood at R19,117 crore compared with Rs 16,405 crore in the year-ago period.

Indicating that the transporter is milking transporters of bulk commodities, the average earnings per million tonnes of goods carried stood at Rs 104.6 crore in April-May, compared with R91 crore in the corresponding period a year ago.

The immediate prospects, however, don’t look that bright for it as the lean season (July-October) is now set to commence and another increase in freight rates looks difficult given the state of the economy, analysts said.

Freight rates for 10 commodities were hiked in the range of 0.8-10% (weighted average 5.5%) in the last Budget.

The loading target for the current fiscal is projected to be 1,186 million tonnes, up 85 million tonnes from last year, the largest annual incremental tonnage ever.

According rail ministry data, the loading in April-May was 182.72 mt, compared with 180.52 mt in the year-ago period.

The tonnage shrank in the case of cement (-9%), foodgrains (-24.2%) iron ore (-4.2%).

According to Rajaji Meshram, Director, Advisory Infrastructure, KPMG, the reason why the freight loading target for April-May was missed by a wide margin is because it was too high. “The budget target for April 2015 was 99.33 mt, while the actual was 88.53 mt.

China opens Most Beautiful Hefei-Fuzhou High-Speed Rail Line built thorough Scenic Mountain Regions

The High Speed train leaves Fuzhou bound for Hefei on June 28. More than 85% of the new railway through mountainous terrain is made up of bridges and tunnels

Hefei, Anhui Province: With a top speed of 300 Km/h, China ran a high-speed train between the capitals of Anhui and Fujian provinces, thus kick starting commercial operations on Sunday, cutting the travel time between a number of cities.

With a top speed of 300 km/h, this is China’s first high-speed railway across mountainous areas between Hefei (Anhui Province) and Fuzhou (Fujian Province).

Passengers enter the Huangshan north station to take a Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed train in Anhui province on June 28, 2015

The railway will cut travel times between Fuzhou and Hefei from eight hours to four, according to railway authorities.

Threading through many of popular tourist destinations including Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) in Anhui, Sanqing Mountain in Jiangxi and Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, the railway has been called the “most beautiful high-speed railway” in China.

The Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway was the most difficult to build in terms of topography, with 85.8% of the track built on bridges or in tunnels, Ye Bingcheng, chief designer of the Hefei-Fuzhou Railway.

A train on the Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway rides across the mountains in east Jiangxi province on June 28, 2015

As part of the longer high-speed railway between Fuzhou and Beijing, it cuts the travel time between the two cities from the original of more than 10 hours to under eight hours.

The Wuyishan east railway station makes it much easier for people to travel to the famous Wuyi Mountains in east Fujian province

Crossing or running parallel to 16 other railways, the new railway will help cut travel time between Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province, and Hefei from seven hours to four hours, cut the travel time between Nanchang and Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, from the original 18 and a half hours to five hours.

After China’s first bullet train shot from the assembly line in 2008, high-speed rail has expanded prodigiously with over 16,000 kilometers of fast track in operation and another 10,000 kilometers under construction.



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